There are shoes from far away! Clarks its music Varick free men’s leisure leisure shoe open box

Since learning Haitao! Walker Jun is already thin. Since I met Aunt Zhang, the wallet has been killed directly!

In the past two months, there have been many shoes from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. Essence Already close to 10 pairs. I am moving towards 精 正 正

I used to watch others exposure before. Nothing today, come and take a pair of shoes (Pian Jin Bi). It is a pair of enjoyable casual shoes just received today

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

At the beginning, I bought a lot of shoes and paid a lot of tuition. Later, I learned to see all kinds of exposure. Compared with the size of others. I will basically not encounter a size problem when buying shoes now

In fact, every brand, the size is different. And the same brand and shoe style can also cause the deviation of the size

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

In general, foreign shoes are generally low, and the shoes are thinner. It is not in line with the Asian foot type. I basically buy W. Just right

Let’s talk about these shoes. Link here

I also strolled for a long time, I saw the price is good, and I have my size. Then buy it and buy

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

At that time, the price was only more than 40 euros after tax refund, plus the freight of 15 Euros. Counting up to about 400, it is great value, right?

My feet are 26.5-27 Leather shoes wear 41, sports shoes are 42, which is basically the case

This pair of shoes looked at the size table at the time, and then compared the official size

For leather shoes, I usually 41 is just 25.5. I am afraid that the shoes abroad are narrow, so I choose 26cm directly, which corresponds to its fun 41.5 yards

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

So the order is paid, but this is the first pair of fun shoes. Later, I saw others saying that their shoes were large. I have always felt uneasy

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

During this period, I saw this value -friendly list, and I thought it was the same. Essence The result is not

One is Li Yan, the other is Li Gui, I said that I placed an order at the time. Why didn’t I find that this shoe was hairy

Amazon in Germany is efficient. After paying, it seems to be shipped the next day

I have to say that Haitao is the fastest mail to the most direct mail until now. Yi Ke is still very powerful

Single under No. 3. Shipping No. 4. It was received on the 16th. It took only 13 days, and it is expected to receive the speed on the 25th.

Unlike the transfer I used. One bag has to be transported for more than 30 days. Wait until the flower is also thanked

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱3号下的单。4号发货。16号就收到了。只用了13天,预计是25号收到 速度感人

After receiving the phone at noon, I went downstairs to get the package. Take it out for a while

Meiya bought black boxes, and now Germany Italy seems to use this. Essence There are France, Spain, Germany, Italy, British website and QR code

Are these in the same house, because they often crazy about Europe these Amazon and find a lot of shoes. Size and whether it is available. The inventory situation is basically the same

And the delivery is all from the Amsterdam warehouse.

Except for the price. The inventory should be universal. From the last time I bought a pair of shoes in Yingya, I can see that Dia’s packaging bag can be seen

Okay, it’s far away. Keep the box

Foreign packaging is indeed environmentally friendly. Open the box. Add a shoe box plus a shocking artifact (waste paper)

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

I also found such a stuff. Essence It’s all German. No one knows one. But I recognized that 10 Euros. Is it sending money?

How do people know about this 10 Euros, it seems that it is not a gift card

Last time, a pair of shoes also gave 20 Euros, I don’t know what it was. Are foreigners so generous?

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

Did you see a few pose first when you open the box?

But one of the gangs and one low

Love steps, happy steps, all their fun have been bought together

It is found that the skin of love is the best, and its fun is the worst. Essence Local and Ai Bu are almost the same

There is no surprise to tell the truth. Essence In terms of wiring workmanship, is it so unreliable?

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

High -tech insoles. Essence It’s 1825. There should be a bomb in it! I measure it, the insole is 28cm long

Super non -slip outsole, this bottom is very non -slip and is simply exaggerated

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

When I just got the shoes, why is it so big? Open the label. Essence It’s 255. Say a good 26cm, you can’t wear it, right?

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

Hurry up and try. It’s very easy to wear it and say good 255, how big is it?

After trying it on, I found that it was about half yard. Sure enough, buying 41 leather shoes is right. 41.5 Slightly loose. Half -code is not a matter

Tightened the shoe. It turned out that I should buy 41 yards. That’s not corresponding 250

Finally, take a picture. Essence Shoes style is okay

But this shoe is really too big. Essence The measurement is 31cm long, 11cm wide. Looks so big

Forget it, you must buy 41 next time you buy it.

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

To sum up, its fun shoe code is quite standard. Compared with ECCO, its fun shoes are indeed slightly loose. The workmanship is a little worse. Specifically, it has to be durable in the future.

In general, there are not much surprises. Not too much disappointment. Putty feeling

400 yuan should be regarded as worth it. Hope to surprise me in life. After all, compared to the appearance, shoes work and leather are not comparable to love steps and happy steps

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

Although I have summarized a set of shoes in my heart now

ECCO 400-700 Lebu 300-450 Its fun 250-400

More than this price indicates not worth

有鞋自远方来!Clarks 其乐 Varick Free 男士真皮休闲鞋 开箱

I hope this price will change in the future. After all, it is the sperm of the cultivation

I hope the old 拍 来 can come to shoot bricks

There are 7-8 pairs of shoes, so let’s take a moment when you have time

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