Demystify the most expensive school in the world: 4 million tuition a year, and publicized condoms

Grapefruit girl has recently expanded, so that I do n’t work in the second generation of the rich second generation, and I have not moved to marry the news of Hong Kong sisters to live in the first mansion in Hong Kong.

After all, in everyone’s impression, their daily life is that they are rich to uninhabited, and they can’t wait for the children’s diapers to be limited.

Not to mention after the child is in school, which school is expensive.


For example, the most expensive school in the world, Le Rosey, Switzerland, is such a school specializing in royal nobles and top rich.


Looking down, the structure of the ancient castle throughout the school is eye -catching, and it looks like an independent small kingdom.


Its school has been very long, and it can be traced back to 1880. In this hundred years, many high -class social people have been out of this school.

Like the former king of Spain, Huan Carlos I.

King of Monaco, Alberto II.

Prince Alexandro, who used to be the kingdom of Yugoslavia, read books here.

Because there are too many members of the royal family, the nickname of Laurento International School is “Kings School”.

In addition, Egypt’s rich man Fayete, John Lennon’s children, and the lead singer of the hit band were all students here.

It can be said that Laureoso International School brings together the most prominent group of people in the world.

Even if the tuition here reaches more than 4 million yuan each year, many people are struggling to send them in in order to make contacts.

Behind the sky -high tuition, what kind of education do these upper -class children receive?

There are many children from the European royal family, known as Laurento International School, who have the most prominent family.

The school is located in Switzerland, with a tuition fee of 75 million Peso each year, or about RMB 4.875 million.

The tuition fees ensure that students who graduate here will undoubtedly be admitted by world -renowned universities. In addition, they will also have rich network resources.

In such an international school, students will not be restricted by nationality. The opening season of each year, more than 1,000 freshmen who come here to report here, from 65 different countries and regions.

From 2016 to 17 school year, this number has risen to 67, which is a veritable “international” school.


The school is located in the outskirts of the capital of Geneva. Under the international management system, the students who stay here are usually two rooms, but some senior students will choose a single room.


Since the 1970s, the school has begun to recruit students from the United States, Italy, Greece and other countries. By the 1980s, the rich from Japan and Arab countries also began to choose to let their offspring receive education here.

After the 1990s, many Russians with double fame and fortune will allow children to receive the best education here, because the educational concepts and systems here have gained fruitful results.

Children here choose six subjects to learn every year. Even those with good mathematics must study other types of subjects such as art, music, drama, or geography, and economy. In other words, the education that students receive here will cultivate them into a special talent.

The school has countless conference rooms, art centers, multi -functional classrooms, and libraries with rich books, all of which show its background of multi -cultural blending.


The course starts at 8 am every day, and the study of academic content is ended at 3 pm. From 4 pm to 6 pm, it is the time for sports or art courses. All students must take one of them.

In addition to our common sports, they also have many other options, such as golf, equestrian, and shooting. The school’s lectures are mainly English and French, but students can also choose to learn from mother tongue, and even receive multi -language education.


Students get up at 7 o’clock every morning, and then eat buffet breakfast in the restaurant. Various courses and activities will make every day full. It was not until 9 pm that young students ended the schedule. Students near graduation usually rest around 11:30.

The school rules are not strictly required for dressing, but men generally choose to tie their waist, and women will wear suitable skirts. They only wear them on very few occasions. Generally, they are required to wear school uniforms in formal activities. This is the school that the school has always been in the school. tradition of.


Laurent International School may be the only international school in the world with two independent campuses. But don’t underestimate these two campuses. During the academic year, students are required to transfer regularly between the two places. We stay in this campus from September to December. The campus over the mountain, moved back to the mountain in April until the end of June.

The Alps campus is not just a site. It is equipped with the same facilities as the main campus, allowing students to fully enjoy this study time.

This enviable international school can send them in. The school implements small class teaching, and many classes have only 4 to 9 students.

In addition to the high tuition, students who want to enter school must be selected layer by layer. Knowledge, ability and family background are important assessment content. Students who graduate from this school basically go to famous international schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, and other Ivy League schools.


After understanding this school, you must think that the students here are very noble and never cause trouble?


However, things are not so simple.

In the eyes of Swiss locals, the school is chaotic and infamous. It is not reliable to be unreliable.

Xiaoyu, the daughter of Hu Gua (famous in Taiwan), went to school here, and she unveiled the bottom pants of the school in the variety show.

The principal of Laurent International School was entered to the principal’s wife’s house, and the lady’s house was doing business, so the principal has been running the school with the thinking of a businessman.

The commemorative booklet for graduating from Xiaozheng is to advertise for luxury goods. The column of the brand -name directory is selling, selling planes, selling boats … Maybe their purpose is to squeeze every penny of the students.

During Xiaozheng’s study, the most richer and most annoying was the three sisters of South Korea’s richest man. As long as they mentioned their surnames in South Korea, everyone immediately knew who they were.

The three sisters usually wear various famous brands, walking on the road to see people with nostrils, and the famous dogs look low.

When I met a more relaxed classmate on the road, they played directly like encountering any disgusting things, and they looked at others obliquely, and Xiaoyan was also one of the objects they automatically “bounced”.

A male classmate of Xiaoyan was even more amazing. With his own efforts, he left five times. Because someone supported him, he didn’t care about it.

His dad is the boss of Russia’s underworld, and the helicopter at home is bulletproof.

One of the underworld bosss entered the classroom with a pistol and said directly on the teacher’s forehead and said, you hung my son and try it!

Another one that shocked me the most … The school’s public condom is not one by one.

When the students started school, the principal gathered the students to speak together. After a while, the girls disbanded and left the boys.

Then the principal took out a prepared bucket condom and stipulated that each boy who went out had to catch one.


The young girl will be cosmetic, and the style of painting is usually still in class, and there is a sports car to pick her up. Because I want to make up for my nose.


The school not only provides students’ red wine, but also leaves two smoking rooms for those who smoke. It is said that there were still people who had taken drugs in it …

Every time I get to the exam, the students are mixed with the teacher, cigarette to the teacher, and asked the teacher to help write a resume recommendation letter.

Xiaoyan was a classmate with Liu Xiong’s daughter during school, and she almost beaten because of this.


At that time, Liu Xunxiong’s daughter liked a boy, but never caught up. Later, the boy was with Xiao Yan. After they broke up, Liu Xunxiong’s daughter took more than 30 people to find Xiaoyan and threatened her.

After that, Xiao Yan confessed his mistakes and hid for three months before he calmed down.

Laurent International School does not pay attention to education, mainly because the students sent are rich and their family background is strong.

Girls are cultivated as the “lady” as the future. They learn a few forks for dinner and how to do housework.

If the students are in love and support the parent school, the family will be greater and stronger.


At first I didn’t expect that the world of rich people was happy, but now I did not expect that the world’s world is spicy.

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