Yikeshang Comment | Both the Meituan nor Taobao should be used by users, not based on their own interests.

Wang Xing responded that Meituan did not support Alipay: Taobao does not support WeChat payment

On July 29, some users found that when paying the Meituan payment, the payment page no longer shows Alipay payment. In this regard, Wang Xing, the founder of Meituan, responded at the personal rice, “Why doesn’t Taobao support WeChat? There are more active users of WeChat payment than Alipay, and the handling fee is lower than Alipay.”

一克商评 | 无论美团还是淘宝都应用户至上,而不是以自己利益为核心

Feng Qingyang:

What is the essence of the Internet? Open and win. Instead of the current “retreat locking country”. Whether it is Meituan or Taobao, from the perspective of the product, it should be users first. That is, the user is anxious, and the user thinks that everything is facilitating the user, rather than adhere to one side, and take its own interests as the core. Therefore, there is no winner in this debate, but the old man does not think the pig is black.

Suning Tesco Ruddy E -commerce reached a cooperation: full -scale products settled in Douyin shop and opened to anchors

Today, Suning Tesco and Douyin e -commerce have reached a cooperation. According to the agreement, the two parties will carry out a comprehensive integration in terms of supply chain services and live brand IP construction. The specific cooperation projects will officially launch during 818 this year. According to the agreement, Suning Tesco will have the output supply chain service capabilities, the full amount of goods settled in the Douyin shop, and opens all anchors to the Douyin e -commerce platform. Users can complete the purchase without jumping. In addition, Suning Tesco will also output logistics and after -sales service experiences.

Wall Street Fat Cat:

Believe in the authenticity of this data. Suning’s status in the field of home appliances (white home appliances+small appliances) is obvious. The online+online force is obvious. While the offline stock, the online force is formed to form a strong supplement. The double sword is invincible. However, the rise of JD.com cannot be ignored, and the gap between 6.7%is not large. For Suning, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.

The ideal car US IPO pricing is $ 11.5 per share

一克商评 | 无论美团还是淘宝都应用户至上,而不是以自己利益为核心

The ideal car US IPO pricing is $ 11.5 per share, which is a pricing guidance range of $ 8-10 per share. The maximum IPO.


一克商评 | 无论美团还是淘宝都应用户至上,而不是以自己利益为核心

The benchmark Weilai opened at $ 6. After this ideal car was listed, its valuation would exceed Weilai Automobile’s $ 2.2 billion valuation at that time. Obviously, with the example of Weilai Automobile’s successful listing, the current overseas investors are more confident in the new forces of China. However, in the long run, the ideal car still needs to solve the problem of too low current sales.

The actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market in the first half of the year was 139.493 billion yuan, an increase of 22.34% year -on -year

Today, the 2020 China International Digital Entertainment Industry Conference was unveiled in Shanghai, and the “China Game Industry Report from January to June 2020” was released on the same day. Statistics show that in the first half of this year, the Chinese game industry increased against the trend. The actual sales revenue of the game market was 139.493 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 22.34%. Among them, China’s independent R & D game revenue in the domestic market reached 120.14 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30%year -on -year. From January to June 2020, the number of Chinese game users was nearly 660 million, a year -on -year increase of 1.97%.


一克商评 | 无论美团还是淘宝都应用户至上,而不是以自己利益为核心

The epidemic reduces the entertainment project that people can choose. It is also normal for the increase in game market revenue. In fact, not only games, the growth of data on online video streaming media must also have a large -scale growth. More like news, but the activity of this data is held as scheduled. Although there is no large -scale public, it can be seen that Shanghai has strong determination to restore business and entertainment activities. Whether the League of Legends S10 Global Finals can land, perhaps this year’s CJ has given some signals.

Reading CEO response to IPO progress: Cash flow is abundant and listed is not urgent need

On July 29, the co -founder and CEO Yinqi of Kuangxin Technology responded to the progress of the IPO of Kuangxin Technology at a media exchange meeting. He said that from last year to this year, the international environment has changed a lot. Now the company’s cash flow is abundant, and listing is no longer a special need for technology. Yinqi said that listing in Hong Kong requires a suitable time point. After the IPO, Xianxin Technology hopes that the stock price will stabilize, rather than a lot of fluctuations.


一克商评 | 无论美团还是淘宝都应用户至上,而不是以自己利益为核心

This year, Hong Kong, the Internet technology company, is not new to listing. However, for the first share of the artificial intelligence field, after the Hong Kong IPO application failed in February, it is not easy to see that the AI ​​industry went to Hong Kong to go public. The core issues of the continued questioning of the artificial intelligence industry are still being realized and realized. This also requires mineral vision to improve the supply side of the algorithm as soon as possible, and build an industrial value link that links with enterprises and realize economic benefits. The current listing of Hong Kong is in a booming period. When the mining is truly realized, the profit has reversed the loss, and the listing may be logical.

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