Drinking water with electric pots for a long time, not only poisoning but also carcinogenic? You can rest assured after listening to 3 suggestions

Drinking water with electric pots for a long time, not only poisoning but also carcinogenic? You can rest assured after listening to 3 suggestions

Last weekend, Laulin invited friends to drink tea at home. The electric kettle was placed in the kitchen and burned. Lao Lin went to the living room to chat with his friends. Suddenly someone said, “Lao Lin, we have been here for so long, and our mouths are dry, and you don’t know how to pour us a glass of water to drink!” At this time, Lao Lin remembered that it had been more than twenty minutes. Isn’t it good yet?

Thinking about it, a friend said: “Have you smelled a smell?” Lao Lin hurried to the kitchen, and when he walked to the door, he saw a ray of black lines in the electric pot. There was a crackling sound in the chassis. Turn around to the living room to pull off the power gate and cut off the power. Fortunately, it was found in time. If there were no one at home, it might cause a fire.

“Blame me for being cheap, nine yuan and nine free -shiping kettles, I didn’t expect the quality to be so bad!” Friends were comforting. “As long as people are fine, you can see the wires in this chassis. It will burn out, do n’t buy it next time. “Lao Lin nodded again and again, and he would definitely pay attention to the quality of the product in the future and choose a reliable merchant.

The quality of electric kettle is not qualified?

Enter the word “electric heating kettle spot inspection” in the search box. It is a number of “unqualified” information in the eye. This information comes from all over the country, Guangdong, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Zhejiang and so on. After clicking in, I found that these electric kettles are not only niche brands and miscellaneous brands, but also many big brands.

Although the electric kettle is not as expensive as air -conditioning and TV, it belongs to small appliances, but because it is boiled in water, basically every family will buy one.

The frequency of use is very high, and it is very convenient to drink water to drink

Essence After gathered two factors: electricity and water, safety has also become a problem that everyone is very concerned about. No one wants to buy it for two days to buy it by themselves, and even cause themselves to cause trouble.

Is it necessary to use the unqualified electric kettle?

The electric kettle inspected by the General Administration of Market Supervision is usually unqualified projects.

Input power and current, non -normal work, volume deviation, grounding measures, mechanical strength

Wait, then, can’t you use these unqualified electric kettles?

For example, volume deviation, input power and current. The former means

The capacity of the electric pot is virtual high

, Packaging display 1.7L, in fact only 1.5 liters,

Devices are close to 10%


This kind of electric kettle is unqualified.

However, it does not affect daily use, and safety indicators also meet the regulations


Another example is the input power and current, the power burns faster, and the measurement power and current have not reached electrical safety indicators in actual detection. This is also an unqualified product. For consumers, using this electric kettle may feel very slow,

The experience is not good, but there is no problem with safety

In fact, whether it is a volume or power, it is not the most important thing. Consumers are more concerned about health issues, because the electric pot and water are directly contacted.

The material of the electric pot is not good, and there may be metal migration to the water

, Finally drank by the human body.

Drinking water with electric pots for a long time, not only poisoning but also carcinogenic?

In June of this year, the Yangtze River Daily reported the results of 15 electric kettle sampling inspection issued by the Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Jiangxi Province. One of the electric kettles was detected

“Cadmium migration” exceeds the standard

Although the detection value is under national standards, it is still worrying, will it be harmful to the human body?

Chromium is a trace element, which has potential toxicity. It can pass


Water and food

Entering the digestive tract is irritating and corrosive to the human body. because

Metabolism is very slow

, So it is easy to accumulate in the human body when ingesting, so that it appears

Dizziness, nausea

Symptoms, serious ones

Bleeding, pneumonia

Essence It is also damaged to the kidneys, and it will be discharged through the kidneys during metabolism.

There has been a kind of Fuji County, Japan

“Pain disease”


People are painful, not even eating normally and walking, because they eat food and water contaminated by chromium.

There are regulations in my country, drinking water chromium

Do not exceed 0.05 mg per liter

Essence For health, it is not recommended that you use electric kettles with cadmium migration for a long time.

Another thing that makes everyone rest assured is

High manganese steel electric kettle

It is characterized by cheap and low production costs. Long -term use may cause manganese to accumulate in the body and increase the risk of poisoning and cancer. It is best not to use it.

After listening to 3 suggestions, you can use the electric kettle with confidence

One: Choose


304 or 316 material

The electric kettle is more safety. In addition, glass and ceramic materials can also be considered. A good product usually has a characteristic, that is, the price is not too cheap, so it only costs a few dollars or a dozen dollars in the kettle to encounter the activity. Don’t be greedy for cheap. Because I do n’t know what materials are used, the hidden dangers have been high for a long time, and the symptoms may be perceived in a few years.

Second: No matter what material it is, it will take a long time to take a long time

With scale, clean up in time

, Prevent uneven heating, waste electricity and explosion risk. In addition, the chassis of the electric kettle should also be cleaned in time. If the amount of water is burned too much, the amount of water overflows. If the line is frequently soaked in water, the electricity may leak. Do not pour the maximum scale each time.


Maintain a certain distance from the socket connected to the electric kettle

It should not be too close, because there will be a large amount of water vapor when the water is boiled, and the insertion and sockets are invaded for a long time, which will also bring unsafe factors. In addition, people should stay at home when burning water. In case of accidents, the circuit can be cut off in time to prevent the power of the electric pot from being dried up.

In short, there is a electric kettle at home. It is more convenient. Some guests have boiled water and can be better in a few minutes. As long as you choose a reliable product and operate, you do n’t have to worry too much.

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