“Food Story” full types of food soul recommendation rankings

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The game “Food Story” is based on pushing map operations, supplemented by a variety of operating elements to develop card games. The skills of soul food determine the level of combat capabilities. Novice players are often used by many characters and The positioning is confused. This article will introduce to you. The soul positioning and the practical ranking of the soul food soul in “Food Story” are only for personal views. Friends who want to know the soul can refer to it. Help everyone.

At present, in addition to [Seasoning] as a soul -eating breakthrough in the game, other soul souls are divided into [good product] [Shangpin] [treasure] [御 品] four grades according to the level of attributes The better, the higher the bonus provided during farming, cooking and exploration. The souls in the game can be positioned as the following types in combat:

Single explosive model:


Refers to food souls with monomer explosive skills as the main output method, such as [Squirrel Catfish] [Baked Satsuka]. This type of food soul is suitable for playing monomer BOSS or auxiliary heroes opposite the fire.

Group injury (AOE) type:

Refers to the type of harm souls that can cause high damage to the enemy, such as [Buddha jumping wall], [Yipin pot] and other souls. It can improve the efficiency of brushing, but it is not as high as a horizontal single outbreak -out -of -type food soul when the wartime wartime wartime wartime.

Auxiliary type:

Refers to have different auxiliary combat methods, such as purification, dispersion, prohibited, anti -defense, suppression, treatment, attack/crit, but all non -direct attacks, but have wonderful skills. Such food souls are often easily ignored, but sometimes using auxiliary food souls is often the key to determining the victory and defeat. Therefore, do not only cultivate damage -type food souls. The cultivation of auxiliary food souls is also necessary. Such food souls include [Qing Tuan], [Dumplings], [Rock Sugar Gourd] and so on. Among them, the existence of the T0 level [Texas Chicken Chicken] is a special auxiliary food soul. Unlike other auxiliary food souls, his skills are to reset our big move cooling time.

Control type:

Refers to the souls that have dizziness, silence, reset the opposite cooling, etc. The souls that interfere with the enemy’s output skills. Such souls include [fish fragrant shredded pork], [Taiji taro puree] and so on.


Tank type:


Refers to the souls that have excellent souls with taunting skills and attracting enemy fire, their own blood volume and defense are excellent. Such souls include [chicks stew mushrooms] and [Taipa fried], but because the enemy’s attack order does not follow the character location Therefore, the practicality of pure tank type souls is not high, and it is not recommended to cultivate.

Speaking of the general classification of food souls, we will combine my practical experience and the experience shared by some other great players I saw on the Internet. Let me talk about which souls are more useful and worthy of cultivation in battle.

Single output:


[Eight Immortals Cross the Haixue Luohan] There is no one of the strongest monomers


The 15%upper limit of the three skills can be called the first blood cutting blood (invalid for the association BOSS), and the damage multiplier rate is 430%in the full breakthrough state. There are no side effects, so don’t bring too much blood in the early stage of the Eight Immortals. If you want to solve the problem of poisoning, you can cooperate with Dongpo meat (passive purification) to fight together.


: High single output, especially suitable for blood -thick BOSS.


: It is easy to be killed by the adhesive team, and it is automatically poisoned in itself. It is relatively crispy. When there is no nanny, you must make a quick decision. The crit is low. It is recommended to cooperate with the cinema with a crit bonus.




[Lotus Blood Duck] Mad Warrior in the Soul of the Soul

Lotus Blood Duck is an explosive soul. One skill has a chance to improve its supply after attack. The second skill can restore its own life, and cause a crit. There is also a chance to have a mockery effect. And returning blood, if the skill causes the target to die, he can also restore all his life, and it is an eternal motivation.

The first or second skills of Lotus Blood Duck has no skill cooling, which has taken the lead in battle. The three skills are suitable for use when the enemy is dying. It is recommended to use the three skills to maximize the damage and recovery.

: Bring back blood, high injury and high explosion.

: Crispy, very big tricks, you need to match the blood -sucking cooker to reduce the demand for breakthroughs and treatment, and the magic sound of the magic sound during the battle.



[Bakery suckling pig] Two lives

From the perspective of skills, roast suckling pigs are a single output with higher damage and personal battery life. One skill (if the attack monomer is hit, there is a 50%chance to dizzy the enemy) to make it need it. Stacking a certain value of crit, although the second skill is automatically returned, it will be cold if it is banned and the ban is passive. The three skill damage has a high rate of damage and has additional damage. harm. ([Seasoning] in the early stage of the game, it is easy to break him through one star). In terms of growth, the attack of grilled suckling pigs has a higher growth. With a critical strike meal, it can make up for skill damage. of.

: The passive use is better to make it one more life than others.

: The overall output is relatively satisfactory. If the passive is not triggered when it is triggered, it will not be triggered by seconds, and it is often not used when pushing the map, and it cannot be released actively.


[Calling flower chicken] The less blood is threatened to the enemy

Calling chicken can be taunting and returning blood, being able to fight and resistance. Why do you rank fourth because his three skills can cause high damage to the target, the damage value is equivalent to the health he lost, the lower the blood volume, the higher the damage produced by this skill. It is recommended to pile the blood volume to 5000+, and then put the flower chicken in the first one. In the later stage, a big move can cause more than 3,000 damage, but this method also needs to be cautious.

[Squirrel catfish] Civilian God of War

Squirrel catfish is a treasure soul that is easier to start with players in the early stage (freely logged in), very typical single output, a assassin -type food soul, the second skill can enhance its own attack, it is recommended to use the two skills after the second skill, Using three skills, because its basic panel is not prominent (after all, it is easy to obtain) with Sixi Maruko or Qing Tuan auxiliary, reducing the target attack and then using a big trick to get good damage.

If you do n’t have the above food soul, you can try to cultivate [Chuanwei Hot Pot], [Donkey Roll] (easy to break through), [West Lake Vinegar Fish] (Vinegar Fish is actually pretty good to break the defense. It hurts), [claypot rice] (the output is good but the body is too crispy).

AOE output:

[Beijing Baked Duck] Groups of attacking God of War

It can be called the first brother of AOE. The skills are among the best skills, and the second skill group attack. At the same time of having a 165%multiplier rate, the risk of dizziness is attached. The directly increased by 300%, the second highest in the whole game, (the calculation panel bonus is full of 300%, one product is 310%), one flower breakthrough can reach the highest income, and also send the opposite 3 -round forbidden treatment package. The man with the forbidden treatment is the nemesis of the nurse, the nightmare of grilled suckling pigs.

: The damage is bursting, not eating breakthrough, civilian friendship.

The probability of treatment is unstable. If you have to eat forbidden treatment, you need to break through to Sihua.

[Yipin pot] Everyone wants to have

One -made pot with two group attack skills is a good way to push the map, eh! Good hand. Both he and Beijing roast duck belong to the T0 -level group attack soul. I and the Beijing roast duck who put the first and who put the second and second. I have been tangled for a long time. Increasing the skill of the enemy’s target skills is a very bug existence.

High group injuries, the second skill comes with poisoning, the big move makes the enemy uncomfortable.

It is necessary to break through the four flowers to achieve its peak damage. It is difficult and it is not suitable for most civilians and non -chirals, so he is arranged behind the roast duck.

[Buddha jump wall] Beauty is over

The Buddha has always been the soul of my dream (not because he is handsome [○ ・ ` д´ ○ ○])

Buddha jumping wall has always been a satisfactory output. The basic attack of the basic attack, the second skill single to improve the attack, the three -skill group attack has a chance to dizzy, but the chance is not high. However, after the stars, breakthroughs, and assembly of critical strikers, the probability of skill crit will increase, and the injury and field control are excellent. After the breakthrough, the percentage of the general attack will increase from 3%to 5%. Pushing the map is also very practical.

High damage, dizziness and practical, handsome people can be stunned, and breeding seafood is a good hand! (25%bonus)

The chance of dizziness is not high, and only 60%after full flowers, looking at the face, after all, 99%= 0%for non -chiefs

[Mapo Tofu] Poisoning must crit

In group attacking souls, Mapo Tofu has a strong ability to attach poison and can play its strong advantages in the poison team. For example, there are a pot and lantern beef with the same group attack poison in the team. The second skill will inevitably crit in the state of enemy poisoning, and it cannot be refreshing. The high probability control of 75%of the three skills is given to the enemy’s two rounds of poisoning and silence. Whether it is daily pushing or special levels, it is a life -saving straw -like anti -sky skill.

T2’s [Dongpo Meat] is also a very useful group attack soul. Although the output is not prominent, his passive purification is an indispensable magic skill without assistance! It is highly recommended without purifying assistance.

T3 has: [Fu Li Ji Roasted Chicken] (the dispersion of the magic of the big move, the second skill seal passive, and the S -class attack), [Yangzhou fried rice], [honey pork roasted], [sliced ​​Chuan] (low -end one -piece pot, The control effect is also good, the gospel of Africans).

Special genre: poison team

As the special genre of the output, I did not gather together. The combination of the Internet God briefly introduces the souls of the team composition.

Unit core: 【


Steamed Steamed] (Essential player of the poison team. High damage multiplier high -adapted poison probability)

Group attack AOE core: 【【

Mapo Tofu] (Group attacks with poison, poisoning must crit)

BUFF permanent motivation: 【【

Crab yellow soup bag] (In the state of full breakthrough, the general attack is 50%chance to be poisoned, and you will ask you if you are afraid)

Fill in:

AOE output: [Lantern and Shadow Beef] (Dajun AOE Poison with Mako Tofu), [Chop Chop Beil Fish Head] (single beheading), [Fish Fragrant Pork] (Control)

Note a few points:


The poisoning team should put the crab yellow soup in the last BUFF. In other positions, the AOE first, and then the single body can effectively avoid the single tricks on the mobs. The auxiliary diets such as dodge, reducing attacks, and blood volume are recommended. The poisoning team does not rely on direct attacks to improve. The savory steaming can bring attacking the meal.


【Poetry and Li Ginkgo】 Money makes me happy


As a nanny in the imperial product, the skills of ginkgo are excellent. The 10%chance of general attack will reduce its own skills to cool down one round. The three skills purify all the negative state and reply to 20%of the blood volume, and the successful purification makes the target gold one round. In a full -breaking state, the chance of a 40%skill is barely strong, not dazzling. The probability of the second skill is 70%higher, the three -skill CD is 5cd longer, the milk volume increases to 25%after full break and reduces 1CD. However, it is too difficult for Yupin’s ginkgo to be full. Low -skill Ginkgo big movement is small, CD is long, and the two skills are often not used when purifying the picture. The cost performance is sometimes not as good as dumplings.

Advantages: Able to group milk, disperse, golden body, purification, is a comprehensive nanny.

Disadvantages: It is easy to use high skills, and the tyrants are exclusive.

[Shrimp Dumplings] Women’s Big Big Big 36D

讲真我开始玩的时候一直以为是个可爱的小姐姐,直到我看到漫画里他脱衣洗澡……咳咳,说远了,虾饺的一技能可以降防,二技能驱散BUFF,这两者You can restrict the enemy’s output and survivability. The three skills are a major treatment, and the basic skills can reply to 25%. After full breakthrough, the milk volume rises to the maximum milk for 35%of the group treatment. The chance is obtained. Remember to collect the fire when you fight against the shrimp dumplings.

Advantages: the largest amount of milk, breaking the defense.

Disadvantages: To reach the maximum amount of milk, you must be full.


【Sixi Maruko】 A good friend of squirrel catfish

From the perspective of skills, Sixi Maruko can reduce enemy attacks, and the 45%chance is also very high, with a 60%chance of breaking. You can cooperate with the squirrel catfish well, so if there are squirrel catfish in the team, the nanny recommends that the ball is better than the shrimp dumplings. Two skill group milk, although the amount of milk is 15%, can be attacked, which is quite good for the soul of eating attack. The reason why I ranked second is because the Sixi Maruko is the only one of the treasures at the same time. Milk and single milk dad. Three skill milk capacity is related to the gap between the bloodline. It depends on the time of the time. The milk can recover a lot of blood.


Advantages: The amount of milk is great, and one or two skills are comparable to assistance.

Disadvantages: The amount of milk of group milk is not high. The big move depends on the timing and no novice is recommended.

[Dumplings] Mengniu that everyone drinks

The man on the game icon extended his loving hands to many novices and non -chirals. Although it is the lowest quality product, at the same time, he also has group milk and single milk. The three -skill group milk is continuously treated. If the target life is less than 50%, you can also get an additional shield. After the full break, there is a 70%chance to improve the dodge and greatly enhance the living space. The dumplings are very easy to start, and it is easy to achieve full break, which is more suitable for civilian players than other treasure cards.

Advantages: have excellent group milk skills, the number of grandma is also good, cheap large bowl.

Disadvantages: Because it is a good product, the promotion space is limited.

T3: [Lamb Poch] Not a full -time nanny. With a full breakthrough, 10%of the group is treated, the small skills are passive, each round of the teammates, the big move upgraded version of the crit and defense buff. The comprehensive ability is extremely high, and the disadvantage is that eating breakthroughs and critical strikes.

[Rock Sugar Gourd] Insufficient milk, but fortunately, there are attacks and forbidden treatment. It is easy to use when pushing the map. It is recommended to cultivate one, and it is easy to start.


There is no best treatment, only the best treatment for the team. It is necessary to match the nanny according to the soul of the food in your team. Those who have squirrels can be paired with a Sixi ball. For pure treatment, dumplings can be (full of skills). The enemy nanny has arranged a rock sugar gourd for a long time, and the specific problems are analyzed.

























Note a few points:



[Texas picking chicken] Fall in love with him as soon as it uses

I think the system of Texas picking chicken is his big move. Basically, he is useless to put on the big move. One skill has no characteristic general attack. The second skill group attack 30%(full skill 40%) makes the enemy dizzy, but maybe my face is very low. Three skills to clear the team’s skills cooling, which can achieve four rounds of explosive skills output. Under the conditions of the same level, Texas with two AOE single output can kill 1 or 2 enemies in the shortest time, which is not available by other auxiliary.


Advantages: The overall outbreak of the team is high, bringing group control skills.

Disadvantages: Except for the big move, there is no particular highlight, and the chance of the second skill is not enough.

The opening of the start of the battle to help the battle, using Texas means refreshing skills, either can only brush three skills, or another round of poisoning and refreshing skills, and the gap between the last brush of Texas in Texas is very large, so there is a loss of help to help the war.


[Lamb Poch] The gap between the local tyrants and the civilians

The lamb in the treatment of T3 can be discharged in T1 in the auxiliary. In the case of full breaks, the basic attack crit was 10%, and the 2 skill 70%probability random teammates obtained the gold body, the overall gain of the big move, the defense crit increased increase In 2 rounds, if you just look at the functionality, the lamb soaking is perfect, but if you want a stable amount of his milk, you must be full and the critical strike. It is slightly more difficult to obtain than the assistance except Texas. The overall molding takes a certain time. Civilian players are not recommended in the early stage.

Advantages: There are milk, golden body, and gain, what do you want?

Disadvantages: Time to mold, eat crit.


[Stinky catfish] You are afraid of 100%.

The one skill of stinky catfish is 75%chance to reduce the enemy’s single attack, the 2nd skill 75%chance to reduce the enemy’s single defense, the three skills increase the attack for 2 rounds, and the 65%chance to reduce the enemy’s entire defense by 1 round, full full, full After breaking, the trigger probability of the three skills is 100%, ignoring enemy defense. However, its output is not high, and the skill damage is not great. It can only be used as auxiliary food soul.

Advantages: 100%reduction of attacks.

Disadvantages: If you want to reach 100%, you must be full.

[Qing Tuan] There is nothing to say about the man’s hand

The reason why the Youth League can be ranked to T2 is that his strength is that the group of big moves disperse and add crit. The crit rate is very important for many souls. After full break, the 70%chance to reduce the enemy 2 rounds 2 rounds. The trigger probability of the attack of the attack reached 100%, and the one -round one round of the three skills increased to 3 rounds. With group attack soul, let the enemy feel desperate in minutes. And very easy to start, raise him!

Advantages: Add crit, especially good, can’t buy losses and can’t buy it.

Disadvantages: relatively crispy, they are single attacks, there is no output.


The other auxiliary auxiliary is not much different, so I will not introduce too much.


In this game, the location of the tank is embarrassing, because the tank is basically useless regardless of the brushing or the cooking contest, so the tank is not recommended. I was ignorant, but I cultivated the chicken to the 42 -level person. Isn’t it because I like his Northeast accent!

However, there are so some tank -type food souls in this game. Some of the young masters have drawn these treasure cards and are reluctant to give up, so I will simply recommend some available tank souls. (There is no T0, T1, so there is no ranking)

[Bring the elbow] Anti -resistance and playing

Bringing the elbow is a balanced development in the tank, which is biased towards soldiers, non -pure tank, full level has a 65%chance of ridicule, which can effectively protect teammates. Skills can reply to 20%of life (under full break), the damage multiplier is also high, and it is still a group attack, which can resist and fight, and it is not necessary to cultivate.

[Zi Tao Yan] Can’t get dying suddenly

Zi Taoyan’s positioning is the main T, because he has to rely on his blood line to achieve his most income. If he is a deputy T, he does not know how long it takes for him to be less than 50%. His skills look a little fascinating. When one or two skills hurt the enemy, you will also minus 5%of his life. The big move ridicules the enemy. Controlling blood volume is the most critical point of this soul. When the health is less than 50%, he is the most fleshy, but how to keep the soul below half blood and not be out of the opposite output without the gold body. Therefore, novice use is not recommended.

【Taipa fried】 Auxiliary tank

Taipa fried is the most auxiliary in the tank. It is the strongest survivability in the auxiliary. In the case of full breaks, a 100%chance of the one skill is a 2 rounds of anti -injury. The two skills can give you 25%of your life at the same time. The three skills reduce our skill cooling and 100%chance to purify the negative state. The function is very comprehensive.

[Chicken stew mushrooms] Pure tan, the northeast guys, people are very cute


As a pure tan, just one word, meat, thieves and meat,

The appearance is a social person full of scars, and it is actually a humorous two -person actor.

The 45%chance of the general attack (75%break), the passive skill gives him a 75%chance of getting a shield (full 100%) three skill group attacks 70%per round to dispel all the positive energy of the enemy, and at the same time replies himself 5%life (dispersed at 100%probability). These three skills make him have a strong ability to survive. Often, our people can die. He can still support two or three rounds, but his damage is really low. There is no egg.

Although the soul of tanks is not as popular as other types of food souls, the wise laborers have studied a set of tank flow formation and tank souls. For reference only, you can try it yourself.

Team member:

Main Tan: Chicken stew mushrooms

Deputy Tan: Bring the elbow and Dongpo meat

Auxiliary: Poetry Ginkgo Ginkgo


This lineup is very fleshy, and the output ability is also good. The reply of Ginkgo provides the team’s battery life, and the group purification can restrain the team that is injured by poisoning and defense. The big trick of stewed mushrooms to stew mushrooms guarantees its own survival, and can also relieve the enemy’s state. With the elbow with the defense of the elbow, the big move can still return the blood. There is a wave of output on the opposite side. The disadvantage is that the amount may be a bit slow.

The above is the full type of food soul rankings in “Food Story” ~ Thank you for your patience. In order to facilitate everyone to watch, I summarized a form. If you have different opinions, please explore ~


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