A black long -sleeved slim skirt, wearing the beauty of early autumn, fresh, elegant and beautiful.

For girls who love to wear skirts, dresses are a very difficult clothing, which can wear women’s elegant beauty and gentle atmosphere. You can wear dresses throughout the year, especially in summer, and it is still the highest in the late summer and early autumn. Therefore, you can choose a long -sleeved dress. The warmth brought by the skirt.

For the weather in early autumn, the obvious changes are the cool morning and evening, and it is hot at noon. Therefore, when choosing a dress, try to choose long -sleeved models to wear the beauty of early autumn, but also feel the coolness of the summer temperature. You can choose a long -sleeved skirt of Modal’s fabric, light fabric, breathable and comfortable, and elastic fabrics can better modify the lines of the figure and wear simple and generous beauty. Modal dress is usually based on solid colors, which wears elegant beauty.

So how to choose a long -sleeved skirt in the early autumn, first of all the fabrics are determined, mainly to wear comfort and refreshing, then you can choose colors that belong to autumn in color, such as green, orange -yellow, purple and so on. Color, if you are inaccurate, choose the color that the public likes, such as black and thin and figure; white refreshing and temperament, and hemp gray. It is also a good color. Beauty.


You can see the wearing of this young lady’s early autumn long sleeve skirt. She chose a black long -sleeved Modal dress and knee style. It was very thin and easily worn out the figure of her figure. Simple round neck, set out the face value of the neck line and the younger sister, and the black foil is more elegant and temperamental. The younger sister wore a black necklace between the neck, which played the finishing touch, exquisite and beautiful. The skirt uses a slim cutting, a high waist design, and puts out the thin body. At the same time, the skirt of the knee can tolerate different leg shapes, wearing thin and long legs.


In the matching of the shoes, the younger sister looks particularly casual and chooses a pair of gray canvas shoes, which is comfortable and light. If it is paired with a pair of red high heels, it can completely set off an elegant atmosphere, the charm of beauty, and coordinate with the red shoulder bag. Of course, my sister chooses canvas shoes, which is better than high -heeled shoes in terms of comfort, easy -to -free, beautiful and elegant.


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