It’s too cold to wear skirts in the early autumn! This year’s “chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants”, which is thin and warm and fashionable

As the weather turns cool, the temperature difference between morning and evening becomes larger, and the dress seems to be full of immortality, but there is no heating item, which can be put away. Instead, you can try the “chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants” popular this year, which is a high -end embodiment. Female stars are all on!

The fabric of the chiffon shirt is relatively thin and very good. With wide -leg pants, it can cover the meat and it can be warm. No, this set of slightly fat goddess Jiang Xin, the shirt chooses a classic print style, the design of Xiaoluxiang shoulder is sexy and elegant, and the matched denim wide -leg pants are more free and easy.

Liu Tao is more bold in the selection of color style fabrics, and the leather wide -leg pants temperament is stunned. The length of the high waist mop can have the effect of modifying the legs of the legs, which is more tall and full of texture. As for the white chiffon shirt on the top, it can add a touch of sweetness.

Girls who are not particularly good in figure can actually learn Haiqing’s dressing. Loose wide -leg pants can cover the flesh and thin. As for the design of the upper body V -neck, it can extend the neck line, which is visually thin and thin. At the same time, the classic black and white matching will neither make mistakes nor a texture.


“Chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants” how to wear?

The wearing models provided by female stars will indeed be more exquisite and fashionable. It is not difficult to wear the same style if you want to get the same model. As long as you can match these small skills summarized by the editor, you can also transform into the goddess temperament in minutes.

Tip 1: Dress the same color

Chiffon shirts and wide -leg pants should be the most suitable for coloring. The color selection of chiffon shirts will be more diverse, but if it is worn in the same color, the color must be delicate and unified. Xiaobian still recommends that the classic black and white gray is not easy to make errors, and it will not be particularly strange to be used as the bottom. In terms of matching, proper skin exposure or printing elements can break the coordination of the same color system to be more fashionable.

Tips 2: Simplified ups and downs

The way of wearing and simplified wear, as the name suggests, is a more distinctive style in terms of version or style. As for wide -leg pants, it is definitely simple, and the fancy exaggeration high brought by the neutralization part is more fashionable and advanced. White will be more suitable for early autumn, refreshing and vitality. As for the classic black, it will give people a serious and stable feeling.


Tip three: shorter and lower long

The short and long way to wear may be more suitable for a petite girl. The high -waisted wide -leg pants can have the effect of pulling the waistline and lengthening the leg lines. The short chiffon shirt can expose slender waist lines, which is more weak visually. Or tie the corners of the chiffon shirt into the pants, in fact, it can also highlight the role of the waistline to raise the proportion. At the same time, this method of dressing will actually be more suitable for girls with pear -shaped figures. The focus is on highlighting the upper body matching, weakening the sense of presence of part of the bottom, and the visual is more slender.

Tips 4: Use bright colors


The chiffon shirt is not as for the color of the basic model. This year’s chiffon shirt has a lot of innovation in terms of color and style. However, the choice of color is still based on your skin tone. The color of low yellow and black skin saturation will be more suitable, and it will also be more textured at the same time. Or a small area of ​​point coating is matched with bright color items, which increases the overall sense of layering and can make your year -old fashionable and high -level sense.

“Chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants” like this?


The little suggestions summarized above the above editors are actually to make your dress more high -level texture. There is a style that suits you.


Matching one: Animal patterned chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants

Animal pattern elements have always been wild, and it can be matched with wide -leg pants. It can just neutralize the dullness brought by a part of the wide -leg pants, adding a high -level texture. It’s just that animal patterns are not just leopard elements. Like the recent fire dairy patterns are also a very good choice, but dairy patterns are different from leopard’s eye -catching. It is more playful and cute for girls. Girl.

Match two: tie -dye chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants


Zharan dye is really hot these seasons. If you appear as a chiffon shirt, you will have a sense of sense and will make your dress more texture. And the multi -color of the tie -dye element is a major feature of it, because the mix of this multi -color make the overall dress more color, and it will also have a texture. As for the color of the matching wide -leg pants, do not be too dark. The classic color of khaki light coffee color and color saturation at the same time will not be particularly high. In fact, it will be more suitable.

Match three: white chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants


The white chiffon shirt should be an indispensable item in every female wardrobe. It is natural that it does not need to say more about the versatile nature! The white chiffon shirt is different from ordinary white shirts. The fabric will be more clear. Especially when pairing with wide -leg pants, white wide -leg pants will be refreshing. As for the black and white matching black and white matching high -level texture, the lines of the two items are relatively smooth, the version is neatly available in the version. Type, proper workplace female elite style.


The above is a summary of the chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants. In fact, the layout and fabrics of chiffon shirts are more comfortable. It is appropriate to wear in the early autumn. It can be used to match all year round. Want to know more interesting and beautiful dressing information? Don’t take the editor away soon!

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