High -tech pot is rich in trace elements? Expert: The material is very cheap, not high -tech

2015-11-21 09:17 Zhuzhou Evening News Kuang Kunhong I want to comment


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Zhuzhou Evening News November 21 (Reporter Kuang Kunhong) The day before yesterday, Ms. Wang called the newspaper news hotline 28829110 to report: A few days ago, when my parents were visiting a farmhouse in Shifeng District, someone sold them a pot to them. The other party claims that the pot is made of high -tech materials, and contains a variety of trace elements, and there is no oil fume during cooking, which can save energy. But when I go home, we feel that the pot is not so amazing.

The high -tech pot bought back

According to Ms. Wang’s father, Wang Dad, last Friday, he and his wife went to the Farm Expo. Some booth promoters sold them a high -tech wok named San Thai brand. The promoter said that this pot uses the material of wheat rice stones and contains a variety of trace elements, which is good for human health. This vacuum health pot will be sold in major supermarkets, and the supermarket is priced at 598 yuan. This time, it only sells 200 yuan. Dad Wang was excited and immediately bought a pot.

The reporter saw on the outer packaging box of the pot that the manufacturer claimed that there were 7 advantages in the pot. In addition to saving gas, easy cleaning, non -sticky, etc. Elements can improve the physiological function of the body and regulate the acid and alkali in both directions. “

“It is said that it is not sticky, but my pancakes are a bit sticky.” Ms. Wang said that she felt that the promoter was a bit flickering, and she was more doubtful about the trace elements of wheat rice.

Expert: Mai Fanshi is very common, not a high -tech product

Is Mai Fanshi really as magical as the staff claimed? Yesterday, the reporter consulted Dr. Wang, an expert in material research in Central South University. He introduced that wheat rice stones are often used in laboratories to prevent heavy metals in the test from discharging them into the river, which is similar to the role of activated carbon. He believes that using wheat rice stones can be used to make cups. There is no experiment to prove that stir -fried dishes made of wheat rice are beneficial to the human body. In addition, Mai Fanshi is relatively cheap and common, not a high -tech product.

The reporter reflected the situation to the Shitang Industrial and Commercial Office of Shifeng District. Director Zhu of the Institute of Industry and Commerce of Qingshitang introduced that it was already sent to the scene to learn about the situation yesterday, and it is still under investigation. Director Zhu introduced that the seller who settled in the exhibition did not need to register in industry and commerce, and the liquidity was relatively large, so there was a certain difficulty in investigating and punishing. Director Zhu suggested that in order to facilitate rights protection, consumers are best not to go to the flow booth to buy goods.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted Mr. Peng, the person in charge of the distribution of Santai Vacuum Health Bo. He said that if consumers are not satisfied, they can go to the booth to refund the booth before the end of the Agricultural Expo on the 24th. Yesterday, Dad Wang had retreated the pot.

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