2022 Beijing Gift Tourism Products and Cultural and Creative Product Contest (TOP100)

(Note: The sequence of the six major theme sequences listed in the contest announcement and the submission time of the entries are the order)

Red cultural theme poster design and promotion

The source of the spirit, the source of the water of the water, derives the design plan into “energy water”, which means that the source of drinking water is not forgotten. In the form of pictures, integrating modern visual languages, it gives the spiritual and cultural connotation of “energy water”, so as to achieve the educational significance of promoting red culture.


“Chinese Boy” series of red hand -made

Taking red classics as the outline, beauty as the body, and history as the soul, use the current popular hand -made hands as the medium to reproduce major events and outstanding figures in the history of the party, and the glorious history, the theme of the party history, the beauty of art and the trend of the trend in the world. One -one, vividly reproduced the glorious journey of the party’s century.


Qi Baishi “Long Live Motherland” commemorative gift box


The blessing of the great motherland has been entrusted to the great motherland. The wooden watermarking skills are highly ornamental and collection value. You can enjoy the suspension, writing letters, and poetry chanting. The creative design and ingenious wooden watermark works show non -genetic skills.

Red memory handicap


Relying on the “traditional female red” culture, the craftsmanship of the love home uses handmade products to help rural revitalization, with innovative design, superb craftsmanship, combined with the cultural heritage of famous monuments and the profound and profound Chinese medicine culture, demonstrates that women in the new era to the motherland to the motherland in the new era to the motherland The good blessing is a red tourism cultural and creative product with unique beauty and humanistic connotation.

Red dynamic shadow teaching aid

This set of red shadow dynamic teaching aids are designed by the original, and the young heroes Zhang Ga, Wang Erxiao, Haiwa, Yulai, and Little Red Army are based on their familiar children. Use imitation skin grinding technology, simple assembly, exercise children’s hands -on ability, and be familiar with the shadow production process. Learn red culture through the shadow.

“Chinese Communist Party History Exhibition Hall” commemorative post


The opening souvenirs of the Chinese Communist Party History Exhibition Hall adopt the form of square opening and centralized form. The product design refers to the elements of the building, square sculpture works, and the decoration of the exhibition hall of the Party History Exhibition Hall. The color design is selected as beige, gold, and white jade color as the main tone.

Wake -up era IP cultural and creative snacks

Three snacks were selected in the awakening age: chocolate symbolized the spirit of work and sweetness; apricot tea symbolized the taste of happiness; the red brick ice cream symbolized the red and special youth will.

Shengshi Hongyunzun


In order to welcome the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, the series of “Shengshi Hongyunzun” series of products are specially created. I wish the people across the country to move forward under the leadership of the party, happy and healthy, and wish the motherland prosperity and Guotai people. Tiananmen, red ships, pioneering cattle, camels, Heping pigeons, peony flowers, and red ribbons symbolize the leadership of the Communist Party of China to lead China to welcome a more brilliant future.


Red Lovers-Eat a cold extract of Beijing cold coffee powder


It shows the role of the party’s banner, looking back at the major historical achievements of 100 years, showing that the party led us to the next century. Zero add, healthy, refreshing, suitable for home and office drinks, restore coffee powder for cold -extracting technology.


Chinese hero IP design

“Chinese Hero” IP cultural and creative product, making 3D printing technology, made of resin, water -based paint and other materials. In order to promote the heroic image and functions, it aims to allow young people to learn the spirit of hero models in a subtle way through IP cultural and creative.

“Impression of Social Fire” of the Splendid Book Series

The impression of the social fire is divided into five colors, rose red, yellow, orchids, green, and black. This is the five basic primary colors of the social fire mask. We use five basic color masks to use five basic colors to cover the cover of our splendid bands in order to remember these beautiful colors and stories behind him.

Royal Tea Restaurant Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box Series

Royal Tea Restaurant Golden Bull Give Blessing Cake Box Gift Box

Based on traditional Chinese red as an external design, the classic Tao Mountain leather cakes. In addition to the zodiac beef, there is also a styling pastry that means Fulu Shouxi and wealth, and integrates cakes, traditional zodiac elements and blessing culture, which is also a manifestation of Beijing congratulations.

Yucha Fang Fanglong Town Kyushu from the Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box

The golden auspicious cloud gift box, the golden bronzing process, the shape of the Ronglong as empty, tied the bundle rope into a unique dragon mustard shape, adding a sense of majesty. The gift boxes are divided into three layers, including moon cakes with north Wuren, South Wuren, Egg Yolk Lotus Rong, Milk Yellow, and Muddy Mud flavor. It combines north -south flavors and refined materials and packaging.


Royal Tea Food Room Song Dynasty Time from Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box


The blue and white pattern “Qiongtai Playing Moon” is above the iron box, showing the elegant atmosphere outside the beautiful scenery of the Mid -Autumn Festival, including Beiwu Ren, Bean paste, jujube mud, and egg yolk lotus moon cakes, showing the flavor of Beijing It is a good choice for Beijing’s group gifts or the Mid -Autumn Festival gifts, which can reflect the culture of the roots of the imperial city.

Longxing Number Planting Original Wine Chicken Year Mud Jana


Tao and porcelain altar fired with high -temperature process. The altar has uniform micro -pores, which is breathable but not transparent. The raw materials use sorghum, millet, black rice, glutinous rice, fermented with century -old green brick cellar ponds, and seeds are used for distillation. Store underground. Promote liquor old, the aroma of wine is more elegant, and the taste is softer.

Forbidden City Cultural Wine

For the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Wine, the traditional culture is popular in a fashionable way. There are five sets, with playful and vivid words on the bottle, which is loved by young people.


Chengtianmen Wine (20)

The golden relief inherits the Totten Totem, showing the demeanor. The bottle cap is made of imitation south red agate, which is like a crown. The bottleneck pattern is derived from the “seawater river cliff pattern”, which means Fushan Shouhai.

Yupin Zunli

Collecting traditional Beijing classic snacks, including rock sugar gourd, donkey rolling, Beijing small crispy, white kidney beans, Aiwo nest, Ganli kernel, secret black flower kidney beans, honey twist, pea yellow, apricot preserved, sweet lotus seeds, Poria cakes, were evaluated It is the best choice for “Beijing Gold Medal Tourism Food”.

Non -relics handmade kite embroidery Chinese knot

The non -heritage culture DIY set adheres to the principle of inheriting the non -heritage culture and integrating the design kernel, integrates cultural core and modern elements, and serves society by exporting new senses and new concepts of non -heritage cultural life and new concepts.


Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang, Beast’s first silver pot

Longfeng Chengxiang

Longfeng Chengxiang has been a auspicious language of wedding. This chopstick packaging uses the Palace Museum’s wedding wedding pattern. The product combines traditional craftsmanship.


Beast Silver Pot

Taking the bronze statue of the twelve zodiac beasts of the Yuanmingyuan as the prototype, the re -drawing of modern aesthetics was performed. It is presented in the form of side -like relief, supplemented by the free and mysterious Baroque style pattern, emphasizing the imaginative sense of space and three -dimensional, forming a circular badge decoration centered on the beast head.


Yanjing Badjing Craft Beer Series

The traditional Jingwei culture is perfectly integrated into the products, showing the world’s deep heritage and unique charm to the world. Taking the eight iconic cultural landscapes of Beijing as the creative theme, beer as a carrier, integrating the ancient scenery and Yanjing brand culture into one.


Yupin Cream Fang Sangqi Chrysanthemum Cream

Sang Qi chrysanthemum herd cream improves the famous prescription of the court “Chrysanthemum Extension Ointment”, selects the raw materials of the same source of medicine, and boiled through the non -heritage process to make the cream, carry forward the court royal medicine culture, and the current visual fatigue, hypertension, hypertension Wait for the crowd for targeted recuperation.


Gold Bang Title Series Cultural and Creative

“Award and Rena” is the character album of the National Library Collection Shengping Department. This series has launched a small size IP with inspiration and developed keychain, pen bags, bookmarks, T -shirts, red envelopes, lane stories, stickers, color filled books, rubber, tape, brocons, poker, coloring watches, coloring watches Wait for products.

Yufang Ancient Fa inner Mansion Xiangpe + Zhenquan Jingyun Four Seasons essential oil soap gift box

Royal Fang Gufa Inner Mansion Xiangpei


In ancient China, there have been fragrant cards or sachets made of aromatic drugs to prevent the aromatic epidemic in preventing evil spirits. Chinese medicine is called “fragrant method” and “aromatherapy method”. Essence In particular, some people with cold, weak spleen and stomach, and poor stomach are more suitable.

Zhenquan Jingyun Four Seasons essential oil soap gift box


We discovered and organized from ancient Chinese medicine, combined with the practical experience of traditional Chinese medicine health experts in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined the corresponding natural grass and essential oils in accordance with the laws of the four seasons, and developed the “Jingyun” series of four seasons essential oil soap. Correspondingly, weaven and man make our lives better!


“Play · Wu” brand non -heritage skills series Nine serial

The Jiupi Ring is one of the four traditional intellectual toys in ancient China. The development of Jiupi Ring in history has reached its heyday in Beijing. The nine -serial ring reflects the principle of mathematics, which is consistent with the Gray code in the binary of the computer, which contains deep Chinese traditional culture.


Old Beijing custom map silk scarf

The silk scarf rely on the map of the Capital Library to hide the maps drawn by Frank Don in the United States in 1936, which specifically shows the historical life scene of Beiping City during the Republic of China. Essence Use real silk material, hand -rolled edge, double -sided printing.


China Huang is very auspicious

This set of tea is a high -end tea series for the concept of the “Big Great Chinese Festival” gift. All types of artifacts were derived from ancient unearthed cultural relics, and adhering to the custom of drinking tea and giving gifts. The gray glaze color of the grass and wood is connected with ancient and modern, quiet and elegant, and the original ecology is simple and full of charm.


Siheye Memorial Car Morning Circuit Pillow Towel Bag


Inspired by the palace royal paper patterns during the Qianlong period, the paper was painted with mud with mud on the paper, and the elegant and timeless auspicious clouds were combined with exquisite and fine di -diocence patterns. They were relaxed and dense. Merid patterns are ancient auspicious patterns, which symbolize high rise and good fortune, and entrust people’s longing for a better life.

NIU2 series craftsman beef shape wine, cowhide gas doll

NIU2 series craftsman beef shape wine


In order to promote the “May Five” strategic start of beef wine and build the “Xinmin Jiu” brand of Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Lao Mountain, the design of beef wine has developed the “craftsman cattle” IP with the meaning of “beef to the Qiankun”. The limited edition of the cattle in the Niu Niu in the prototype is q cute, and the ingenuity is the best choice for your collection.

NIU2 series cowhide gas doll

The “cowhide qi” series of dolls break the restraint of traditional plush materials, and are made from high -quality leather and PP elastic sponge, which feels smooth and thick. Q cute shape, full -filled “cowhide qi” that can’t help but people can’t help but want to hold it.


2021 Beijing National Taiwan University Geori Golden Spring Bowl

In 2021, the “Spring Bowl” of the Golden Gold of Beijing University of Taiwan was produced by Zhao Chunming, a master of Chinese arts and crafts. This product uses treasure phase flowers and tangled patterns as a hand -to -hand, uses spiral thousands as a starting work, and designed the lotus throne below. The two -sided opening of the window imply “Great Great” and “Everything is like”.


Buyingzhai Lyh-4 women’s shoes

The upper is hand -embroidered lotus, the inner cloth surface, the soles of the shoe are cotton cloth, cotton and linen rope, and a layer of non -slip film is affixed to the front and rear. Manual sewing, breathable, comfortable, suitable for gardening, costume, Hanfu, leisure, home, wedding, banquet.

Painted gourd

The painted gourd is on the gourd that is scraped on the skin, drawing characters or flowers and birds and beasts with a brushwork method. Its color or gorgeous or elegant. The painted gourd is coated with a layer of transparent purity to make it bright, round and cute.

Twenty -four solar terms health tea

In the ancient capital of Beijing, the capital of Chinese cultural, a typical northern city, with clear seasons and obvious solar terms. Drugs and foods are scientifically reconciled, and the golden ratio is raised in a hurry. It conveys the cultural heritage and health concepts of Beijing through “Twenty -Four Seits of Tea”.


Ari Mi Kuka Chinese Beast and Aju mini doll Lion Dance Xiangrui

The twelve god beasts have a long history in my country. Lion dance is my country’s excellent folk art. The former virtual image guards the city, and the latter is celebrated to bless the public. The two complement each other. The work of the work is superb, the beast is cute and cute, the lion dance is vivid and chic, the two sets of images are funny and natural.


Beijing Impression Gate Ring

Gentle the door to treat the good sound, Funa auspicious world guests. The narrow -reducing version of the Beijing Supreme Court Culture, Gate Culture, and Fu Culture can make a crispy and pleasant knockout sound. It can be used as a refrigerator, and you can also decorate the inside and outside doors, furniture, and automobile center console.


Disk U disk gourd creative small U disk

The natural small gourd is designed as a small and exquisite “gourd U disk”, which can be equipped with beautiful pictures of Beijing travel. Convenient to carry with you, fashionable and practical. The color of the hand -woven rope and the U disk movement corresponds to the color, there are three colors: red, blue, and green.

“Twenty -Four Periations” seal engraving gift set box


The theme of this set of seals is based on the theme of the twenty -four solar terms. Through several typical engraving techniques, Zhejiang Redstone, Laos Stone, Qingtian Stone, Shoushan Stone and other materials are used to form a set of seal -engraving arts of the Chinese agricultural civilization. The author’s re -creation and inheritance of traditional culture.


Tiantan ice cream

Pick up the scenic spots of praying for the temple. The taste is the flavor of the rose of the Temple of Temple. The face value and delicious are collected. There are also blessings on the ice cream rod to enhance interaction.


“Legend of the Grand Canal” Beijing volume

“Legend of the Grand Canal” Beijing volume is the original Grand Canal legendary story of the original Beijing section. The book was selected as the original “primary power” project of the Central Propaganda Department, as well as the Beijing propaganda culture guidance fund support project to help the “Grand Canal Cultural Belt” cultural construction.


Yihe Qingfeng craft fan

The pattern is selected from the panoramic view of the Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace. It uses a paper printing process and has a good touch. The summer things attracted the coolness. Local gold lines, hand -mounted and gold -sweeping technology, bright colors. The simple and elegant is also a beautiful artistic decoration.


Summer Palace X Kaotai Golden Terrace Makeup Series

The peacock is a symbol of auspicious birds, which means smart, kind, free and peaceful. The peacock screen is a good fortune. The Golden Terrace series extracts the peacock in the screen, paired with peony, pine cypress and other elements. The combination of dynamic and static, set up a piece of Ruyi Xiangxiang into a handed down classic.

Summer Palace x cuisine Baiyi Shengyi Jewelry Literary and Creative Jewelry

The Summer Palace and Caibai Jewelry jointly created “Life” jewelry cultural and creative products, the aim of the Royal Fushou culture of the Summer Palace through jewelry as a carrier of jewelry to ordinary people’s homes, “survive” culture; Cultural connotation, increasing the value of value, and “staying” by the product.

Beihai Long Buzi Embroidery Film


The North Sea Dragon Frame uses real silk fabrics as the base material. The pattern is derived from the shape of the Kowloon wall dragon in Beihai. After designing it, it can be mounted to the home. The craftsmanship uses the intangible cultural heritage project to embroidery, the embroidery is exquisite and distinctive.

“Cao Xueqin’s Wine” gift box

This gift box suit is based on Xueqin Nanjiu with the “Occupy Flower” red building wine order. Friends drinking, company gathering to help wine, knowledge and interest.


Red Tower Mid -Autumn Festival Ceremony Series + Red Mansion Folding Fan Series

Red Tower Mid -Autumn Festival Ritual Series

Cao Xueqin’s family was from the Qing Dynasty’s internal affairs government. According to Cao Gong’s thoughts, the food palace must have principles, but there is nothing to do with everything, but it is appropriate to take the taste. Mid -autumn tastes the red building food, moon cakes must be debuted.

Red Building Folding Fan Series

The ancients used to painting with poetry to show elegance. In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Baoyu Dao: “Yesterday, the fan was originally I love the poems of Bai Beitang, so I wrote it in my own, but it was easy to look at it in my hand.” Choosing Jia Baoyu “Xia Xia “Night is the matter”, “Winter Night is the matter”, it is purely red building flavor.


Wenmai inheritance series -Chunyi is fast

This series of jewelry design includes pendants, earrings, brooches, and rings. It mainly uses the design concept of Royal Garden element Canadian jade, and the material of natural Hetian jade plus 925 silver creates traditional and fashionable ladies accessories.


Urban contour Beijing series magnetic suction

The Beijing series magnetic suction, using imitation enamel technology, combined with Beijing’s characteristic culture. Including six famous attractions including the Great Wall, Tiananmen, and the Forbidden City.


Summer Palace panoramic map ink ingots gift box


The Summer Palace panoramic map ink ingot made of the mold carved in the 1950s. The ink ingot is the panorama of the Summer Palace, and the back is the famous landscape name of the Summer Park on the back.


Meet Gubei · Meet you-Great Wall Cultural Belt Cultural and Creative Tourism Products in Gubei Water Town-箸 Fu Gong Chopsticks+”Cuckoo” Squirrel Chopsticks Series


Based on the historical and cultural landscape of the original Great Wall of Simatai, the characteristic background of the characteristics of the Gubei Water Town Scenic Area, it reflects the “Great Wall Cultural Belt, Beijing Park Cultural and Creative” products, helping China’s outstanding culture spread in the new era, and promoting the inheritance of cultural heritage. The main design elements of the Gubei Water Town IP mascot Little Pine Mircus “Cuckoo” is the main design element.


Laneburg and series of Masserlan dry red wine

Princess Lane Burgone semi -sweet white wine (auspicious Ruyi) is produced in Beijing Ryanburg International Winery. The winery is located in Fangshan District, Beijing. In 2019, the Fangshan Winery Wine Production Area was officially rated “World Wine Featured Production Area”.


My heart of the Forbidden City Food Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box 珎 珎 珎 珎 珎 珎 珎

The box design inspiration comes from the Ming Dynasty’s red -red five old pictures. The four gift box patterns originated from the flower and fruit elements in the collection of the Forbidden City. The creative color color makes the picture have both traditional Yan, elegant and modern fashion atmosphere. Cross Linghua square grid continuously spreads, implying auspicious blessings, endless endless.

Shougang three blast furnace dining plate suits


Shougang’s famous building “Three Poor Furnaces” and practical tableware are cleverly combined through industrial design, covering three different forms of dining plate composition. The materials are used for environmental protection materials to integrate the century -old history and modern culture and art.

Future -like

The design of the main building on the central axis of Beijing is the main line, with phoenix, flowers and plants, and koi as a carrier, which means that Beijing’s future is like a brocade, and strides towards a rich and beautiful future. This product uses 100%mulberry silk fabrics, with beautiful meaning with the classic color matching color matching, showing noble and prosperous.

Snow and Snow Beijing Series

As a folk art worker in Beijing, a group of Winter Olympic theme products with Beijing Olympics are created in the form of non -heritage culture and the Winter Olympics. There are 4 products in this series. 2022 Winter Olympics.

“Ice and Hope” series


With the ancient painting “Ice and Hope” as the source of creation, the characters have different dynamics, lively and lively, showing the ice exercise, and the cold winter of the cold winter. Ice cracks are also called open slices. The pattern is like ice rupture, the cracks are layered, and they are very three -dimensional. The spring ice water is warm.


“Winter Olympics Five Ring Enamel”

The design team composed of Chinese arts and crafts is carefully planned for launch. The total height is 43 cm. It is made from the three non -heritage skills of Jingtai Lan, Liuli, and the carved engraving.


The artistic product launched. The design is inspired by the Olympic Five Ring Road, and the five background colors are taken from the five colors of the Olympic Five Ring Road.


Xue Rong Rong Microscopy Roll Paper Doll

Taking Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympic Mascot “Xue Rong Rong” as the prototype design, it uses recyclable corrugated roll paper as raw materials, and DIY independently produces “Xue Rong Rong” small ornaments. Send a good blessing to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Environmental protection and fun, both interaction and ornamental.

Tide Play and Tea


The combination of Pu’er tea and tide play has made traditional culture and competitive sports colliding with new sparks. The gift box uses gold -plated silver -plated process to show the image of high -end atmosphere. Come on for the cutest Chinese athletes!

KWords Thousand Characters-White Snow


KWords Thousand Characters Cup combines 3D printing technology and traditional ceramic craftsmanship, which is made of unique porcelain mud “jade soil”. The “jade soil” blends the glaze in the soil, and the porcelain oil is moisturized after high temperature firing. The selection of jade soil ensures the effect of “word” and “cup”.


Beijing Siheyuan series

Use the tenon -and -mortise structure to build ancient buildings, to assemble traditional buildings, accurately open molds, mass production, and use environmentally friendly materials. Promote the traditional architectural culture and highlight the charm of high -quality life.

Gongxi Ziqi Yingxiang Gift Box

The overall design of this product comes from the Palace of the Forbidden City, Fugui, and the image of the child in the picture is selected as the main vision. Through high simulation Qianlong’s “blessing”, high -standard general gate gods, and spring strips “Wanfu, Ping An, Yichun, Yingxiang” and other elements and forms, it presents the traditional culture of the Forbidden City and the door is full of joy.


Palace Architecture Chocolate

Taking the architectural art of the Forbidden City as the design element, the nine palaces have been slightly reduced to the size of the inch, which is nine, lifelike, three -dimensional, exquisite and elegant. Carving, the tip of the tongue is mellow and natural, the fragrance is rich, and the entrance is unforgettable.


Mei Lanfang “Spring News” osteoporphic porcelain tea set, Peking opera bridge

Peking opera is a treasure of Chinese culture. Mei Lanfang is a master of Peking Opera. This design selected Mei Lanfang’s masterpiece “Spring News” as the creative element, which cleverly combines the classic four -color of the Peking Opera with the tightly tall instrument, showing the gorgeous beauty of Peking opera. The perfect combination of practical functions and craftsmanship and creativity.

Peking Opera Bridge

Peking opera is a treasure of Chinese culture. This design selects the Peking Opera characters in the “Mei Lanfang Visit the Meitu” as creative elements. It cleverly integrates the representatives of Peking Opera into the bridge design. Essence


Metal refrigerator post (four pieces)


The use of zinc alloy, three -dimensional relief, and electroplating nickel, which is inspired by Shougang Eight Scenic Scenery. The design is designed according to the industrial characteristics of Shougang’s industrial characteristics.


The front door of the Forbidden City and the chocolate chocolate

This design places the image of the ten beasts of the Taihe Hall at the top of the product, takes the meaning of ten all ten beauty, and has a sense of noble respect. The design highlights the sense of gorgeous display, and the charm of traditional culture at any time in daily applications.

The first steel gold memory cup (red, yellow, green, blue)


Adopt the process of firing and printing, ceramic material, with the design inspiration of Shougang Eight Scenic Spots, and designed the excellent first steel garden theme series ceramic cup.

“Song Dynasty Little Day” has the sound calendar

The design selected the audio content of the Himalayan “Song Dynasty Little Day”, selected 53 topics, and the topic with audio two -dimensional code one on Monday, combined with the concept of ancient paintings of the four seasons and the ancient paintings of the Song Dynasty, became the “Song Dynasty Little Day” calendar.


Oracle Series Cultural and Creative

Oracle is the text engraved on the turtle shells and beast bones during the Chinese Shang and Zhou dynasties, and it is one of the four ancient texts in the world. The National Library is currently the world’s most collected armor. This series has developed the Oracle keychain, ruler, handbags, postcards, refrigerator stickers, square towels, file bags, ties, water cups and other products.


Jingtai Blue Ice Plum Bar


The work is cleverly combined with plum pattern and ice cracks. The plum blossoms have the high clean quality of Lingxue’s blooming in full bloom. The new form of aesthetics reflects people’s admiration for nature and shows the beautiful times.


Snail inlaid table lamp

The base of the work is made with gold -lacquer -inlaid flat -grinding snails. The modern sense of the table lamp is complemented by the color luster of the snail. Flat -grinding snails are precious and colorful. From the day of birth, it has been favored by the emperor Gongqing and can be called a craft treasure.


Car Dream Series Cultural Innovation

The Beijing Automobile Museum divides the dream of the car into the three major themes: “Juvenile Dream”, “Dream of Struggle” and “Re -Regarding the Dream of Youth”. According to different topics, different daily necessities are selected as carriers and innovative design methods. The “Car Dream” series of cultural and creative products, expressing the concept of combining people, cars, and urban areas, and advocating the harmonious development of “people -car -life -society”.

Friendship lock red boat pen plugs


The use of Luban locks to increase the stigma seal engraving. The red theme also symbolizes the boat of friendship. The two copper parts are like Ruyi’s golden hoop stick, and the sea god works, with the meaning of “wishfulness” and “stable”.

Shengshi Wangfu National Tide Fastebag

With the iconic architectural image of the Palace of Gongwang’s Mansion, the rear hood, the big opera building, the western gate, and the Wanfuyuan as the illustration material, the cultural atmosphere of the palace is integrated into the daily necessities.

Beijing City Gate Postcard


This postcard is based on the design elements of Beijing City Gate City Wall. After referring to the data information in the book of thousands of old city gates and the book “Beijing City Gate Wall”, it is used to describe the nine gates of Beijing inner city. The Qimen of the outer city and the eight corner tower and the two tower were drawn and drawn at the same angle.


“Miao Ying Dabai” Rabbit


This rabbit master strictly produced in accordance with the traditional mud color plastic process of folk, and based on the image of the traditional “Shanzi” Rabbit Grandma, wearing a red robe and gold armor, a backpage order to pick the flag, the middle of the body is the white tower, and the left and right sides are the white tower. The iconic red wall hall of the temple, on both sides of the Beijing traditional sandy kite.

Leaf plate gold embroidery pendant bookmark series


This series of works adopts technical treatment of banyan leaves as raw materials. The cotton lines and silk threads are used on the leaves of the leaves after the processing of the painted patterns. It is the best choice for relatives and friends and business exchanges.

Bo Ruya ice cream


This cultural and creative ice products are launched by the Capital Museum and the taste between the taste. Ice products retain their unique and exquisite noodles and beast noodles. The fine carved lines are smooth and powerful, so that the national treasure also has high aesthetic art reflection on the ice cream, allowing cultural relics to let cultural relics, so that cultural relics are allowed “Live”, “Going out”, “taste”.

“Opening Tiger” gold pendant

The pendant is based on the National Museum of the National Museum of China, painted clay sculpture as the creative direction, combined with the cultural tradition of non -heritage tigers and safe signboards, and condensing the elements of traditional auspicious culture in the form of products in the form of products. Cultural Features.


“China Railway Museum Retro Little Train”

The China Railway Museum is located on the north side of No. 1, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters and is a national professional railway museum in China. While the small train cultural and creative products are developed as the development of intelligence, they have a beautiful decorative effect, and they can remember history. It also has a good travel commemorative significance.

The Palace Museum Ruyi Gongyong Chopstick Public Spoon

The overall shape draws on the “Ruyi” form, adds the text of “Confucianism” and “Ruyi”, and integrates the auspicious meaning of Chinese traditional culture. The shape is simple and atmospheric, the details are exquisite, the craftsmanship is mature, and it is suitable for tableware and commemorative gifts.

Gong Cat Series

There are three models of the palace cat series in the palace craftsman, all of which are based on the decoration of the Qing Dynasty blue and white jade double cat packets and the source of “Forbidden City Cats” as the source of inspiration. Essence

“Beijing Natural Museum Dinosaur Piece toys”


Beijing Natural Museum is a large natural history museum with four basic display and a dinosaur World Expo. Dinosaur inserted toys are creative elements in the form of dinosaurs, designed toys with beneficial intelligence functions, and solid wood production is more environmentally friendly.


Light and Shadow House Mountain Paper Carving Lantern


The source of people · Beijing Zhoukou Store Ruins-Paper Carving Lantern Art Restore 700,000 years ago ape-man’s life. The densely picked and hunt of the ape man under the dense forest, and was carved vividly under the background of the light through exquisite hollow carving.


Literary treasure chest, “beam” ridge beast seal


Scholars’ treasure box


It is made according to the style of modern literati and bones. The ancient women’s dressing boxes are re -designed, which is in line with the trend of modern minimalist appearance and practicality.

The supreme existence of Chinese architecture is the Taihe Hall, and the peak of Chinese woodplay is the creation office. Ten Spine Beasts on the Etherium Temple as the theme, which is detailed and rationalized by the sculpture method of Beijing, becoming a ten -leisure chapter. The overall set of boxes can be completed, or it is separated by separate packaging.

Five blessing gift boxes


The “Five Blessing Boxes” is built with a three -layer pentagon. The entire design is inspired by the design of ancient Chinese food boxes. The packaging is opened inside the three -layer internal box, and 5 kinds of eucommia products are equipped in the interior. The hot gold technology makes Chinese traditional auspicious patterns and clouds.

Heavenly altar, heavenly girl scattered flowers, a century -old happy event

Kite, with a long history and profound heritage. The three works are “Hundreds of Worlds Rehabilitation” for a century of the founding of the party. The production process of paste, painting, and putting.

Aiju Rabbit Series

“Longteng Beijing” Cultural and Creative T -shirt pattern adopts glue compression process, active printing and dyeing process and mesh velvet process. As one of the landmark buildings in Beijing, Great Wall is also the most understandable at home and abroad. It is a component Chinese business card. We praise Beijing and the motherland. In addition, there are cultural and creative T -shirts of themes such as “China Aerospace” and “New Youth”.


Yipin C flavored sea buckthorn juice

“Yipin C flavor” sea buckthorn juice is a design poverty alleviation cultural and creative product with rich Beijing cultural connotation. The Beijing International Design Zhou will empower the Royal Garden culture of the Summer Garden in Luliang’s sea buckthorn industry. It has designed three national style cute seabuckthorn juice beverage and cultural and creative products, including “Buddhist incense, leisurely”, “Golden Die Shadow”, ” Listen to the sound under the moon. “

National Wind Blue Whale Sleeping Pillow

The double -layer pillow core, adjust the height, satisfy different sleeping positions, dual -curved shape, fit the arc of the cervical spine, fill the gap between the neck, no matter what sleeping position can sleep sweetly. Skin -friendly touch, stable support, can also be used for low pillows alone.


Summer Palace Warm Treasure

The design is inspired by three functions: integrated charging treasure, hand -warming treasure and makeup mirror. The outdoor can continue to warm the hands for 4 hours. Inspired by the theme and design patterns with the theme of the Bird Palace of the Summer Palace, there are four styles: phoenix wearing peony, listening to the 鹂 鹂, the golden bird flying rainbow, and the hundred birds.

Tiantan pray for the New Year calendar

The name of the “Prayer of the Year” is derived from the Temple of Temple of Temple, and compiled the main line of the twenty -four solar terms of Chinese traditional Chinese. Culture integration is a practical and rich connotation.


Pin Sheng × Summer Palace joint name Guo Chao Data Line

Starting from the Summer Palace Le Shutang, select the collection of the Cantonese embroidery screen “Hundred Birds and Phoenix” in the garden, and the unique display spirit beast Liuhe Taiping in front of the hall as the source of inspiration. In the middle, feel the beauty of the Summer Palace.

KingEe Dream String Series Products

Jinyi Culture and the Central Ballet Troupe are exclusively co -branded. The classic dance drama “Dunhuang” is the prototype. The classic cultural symbol of Dunhuang’s “rebound pipa” is the core of the design, using sandblasting, polishing and other processes.


Heami Shengshi

Gongmei Culture and Creative and Rongshida Home Appliances launched a series of national tide products. The national ritual elements are cleverly combined with the traditional process form. The elegant oriental rhyme with modern products shows cultural heritage and humanistic care, and creates a “beauty, material, useful, interesting” folk product.

Sound Manwen Headphones

“Sound” is not only closely linked to the sound culture of the echo wall of the Temple of Heaven, and reflects the romantic connotation of cultural and creative culture. At the same time, it is also the same as the “Slow Slow” word cards, which has caused people to associate with beautiful ancient style.

Honey Juju Wine “Bai Mi” series IP

For each characteristic taste, the unique anthropomorphic IP image is designed for it. The series is called “Bai Mi”. Take the essence of hundreds of fruits and become a good girlfriend who understands girls the most. Each of Bai Mi not only has its own characteristics, but also has different “superpowers”.

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