Writing the song of youth in the new era on the battle line of poverty alleviation

【Moral Model Light Writer Praise】

“Butterflies, flying in the air, do not lose your body, getting Dongfeng every year, year and spring return …”

This is the singing lyrics in the national opera “Poverty Alleviation Road”, which is based on the 7th national moral model Huang Wenxiu as the prototype. The opera gives the young first secretary’s death to the meaning of “Hua Die”. In Baizhen Village, Xinhua Town, Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi, this brave and beautiful “butterfly” has practiced the original intention and mission with the youthful Fanghua, who was only 30 years old, and passed the warmth and dreams of the light in the heart. The song of youth in the new era was compiled on the poverty alleviation line.

“Broken cocoon into a butterfly”

“I am a child in the mountains. I want to go to my hometown to work in the future and build my hometown.” Huang Wenxiu was born in the old area of ​​Baise. She has established the aspirations of building her hometown since she was a child. In a high school political class, she spoke her dream, and it also guided her future life choices.

In 2008, Huang Wenxiu admitted to Shanxi Changzhi College and became a college student in ideological and political education.

“She is a specialized person.” Li Qin, a college classmate, remembered that the class carried out public welfare activities to condolences to the welfare institute. Qian to let other classmates.

On June 11, 2011, in the bright party, Huang Wenxiu swore to join the Communist Party of China. She wrote in the application for the party: “Only by incorporating personal pursuit into the party’s ideals can individual ideals be farther.”

In 2013, after graduating from Huang Wenxiu, he obtained a master’s degree in the School of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University. When he came to Beijing, Huang Wenxiu’s vision was wider and his heart was wider. “I feel more and more responsible on my shoulders, that is, to build my hometown and work in the motherland after learning.” Huang Wenxiu wrote in his diary.

During her studies, she actively participated in social practice and paid attention to grass -roots education and poverty alleviation. In 2015, she participated in the selection and survey of the first “Qi Gong Teacher Award”, and had a deeper understanding and understanding of the current situation of poor rural areas at the grassroots level. She said: “The future of the countryside is educating, and it is more talented.”

Before graduating, Huang Wenxiu returned to the Guangxi deep poverty -stricken area for investigation and wrote the master’s degree thesis “Development of Moral Education Resources in Outstanding Traditional Culture in Guangxi Zhuang”.

After graduating from the master’s degree in 2016, Huang Wenxiu resolutely chose to return to his hometown to be a directional selection and rooted at the grassroots level. “I am from the poor mountainous areas. I want to go back and bring hope to more father and fellow, and to change the poverty and backward appearance of my hometown.” Huang Wenxiu said.

“Butterfly Flying to the South”

The hopeful July, this enthusiastic “butterfly” flew back from Beijing to give birth to her hometown -the old revolutionary district Baise.

In the Propaganda Department of the Baise Municipal Party Committee, Huang Wenxiu received the first work permit in life. One year later, she came to Naoman Town, Tianyang County, Shimohua District to serve as the deputy secretary of the party committee.

At that time, the mountains of Baizhen Village were far away and the development was lagging. The 195 households established the poor households to settle in different hills. In the past two months, Huang Wenxiu turned over the mountains to conduct an investigation. He also drawn the poverty distribution map on the laptop, and found out the cause of the village conditions and the villagers to cause poverty.

When he first came to Baizhen Village, some villagers were not optimistic about Huang Wenxiu. Some people even suspected that she had come to the field “plating” and was unwilling to talk to her. In the face of questioning and not cooperating, Huang Wenxiu did not give up. In her diary, she wrote: “If you want ordinary people to approach me, you have to make them feel that I am the same as them.”

She replaced her beautiful skirt, put on casual sportswear, and went to the village to visit the poor. She often helps poor households to clean up the room and clean the yard. Some villagers did not let her enter the house, and she went twice or three times. No one at home in the villagers went to the field, and helped the villagers to chat with farmers. Gradually, the villagers began to accept her.

“Wenxiu is a responsible good secretary.” Ban Long Pai was a tobacco farmer who had not yet escaped poverty at that time. Huang Wenxiu secretly resolved: “Be sure to help him through the difficulties!” She went to the Yantong in Banlong’s Yantian every five to check and helped him with an idea and found a way. In 2019, the 10 acres of tobacco leaves planted by Banlong grew well, and it was smoothly out of poverty that year.

“Only by rooting soil can the people understand the people.” Every day in the village, Huang Wenxiu competes against time and is deeply tied at the grassroots level. She led the villagers to harden the road, build a reservoir, manage sugar orange, and oil -implanted tea trees … In more than a year of working, she helped 418 people from 88 households in the village to get rid of poverty and reduced the incidence of poverty from 22.88%to to 22.88%to 22.88%to 22.88%to 2.71%, the whole village is just waiting for poverty alleviation.

In June 2019, the rainy season came, and the rainstorm caused a collapse of many sections of the Baise Mountains. Huang Wenxiu returned home to accompany his father who had just finished the operation. Because he couldn’t rest assured that the flood prevention work in the village, he returned to Baiyun Village overnight and encountered the unfortunate sacrifice of floods on the way.

Huang Wenxiu’s 30 -year -old Fanghua always fixed on the road of poverty alleviation.

Hometown Butterfly Change

In July 2019, Yang Jiexing, a colleague of Huang Wenxiu and the cadre of the Propaganda Department of Baise Municipal Party Committee, took over as the first secretary of Baixun Village and came to the place where Huang Wenxiu worked to see things. Comrade Wen Xiu’s wish during his lifetime! “

Building an industrial road, organizing kindergartens, and expanding special industries … Huang Wenxiu’s colleagues listed the needs of the people of Baiyun Village into a list along her thoughts, and implemented them one by one.

In order to cultivate the “poverty alleviation industry road”, Huang Wenxiu’s colleagues ran the project, find funds, and asked experts to take the lead in planning industrial development and continuously expanding the road to wealth. During the year, the sugar orange industry of Baixun Village continued to grow. The industry benefited 888 households in 195 households in the establishment of files, and the industry coverage rate of poor households was 100 %.

Local party members and cadres have worked together to lead the villagers to develop various industries. The village developed 18,000 acres of fir, 2,000 acres of sugar orange, 2,000 acres of oil tea, 1500 acres of octagonal, 800 acres of chestnuts, 620 acres of tea, 446 acres of kiwi, and more than 400 acres of loquats. The industrial advantages gradually became prominent.

Baiyi Village establishes a village collective agricultural development company to establish a village collective agricultural development company to establish e -commerce poverty alleviation consumer outlets to create nine “showing a blessing place such as tea oil, mineral water, tea, sugar and orange, honey, etc. “A series of agricultural products brand, increase the added value of the industry, and bring more benefits to farmers.

In 2019, the incidence of poverty in Baizhen Village fell to 1.79%, achieving poverty alleviation in the whole village. At the end of 2020, all poor households in Baizhen Village got out of poverty and removed their hoods, realizing Huang Wenxiu’s wish during his lifetime.

Now when you walk into Baizhen Village, all the roads in the village are hardening. Each Tun is settled on solar street lights. The masses are very convenient to travel, and the living environment is clean and tidy. “In the next step, Baiyun Village will not only consolidate the results of expanding the results of poverty alleviation, but also take over to do a good job of rural revitalization.” Yang Jiexing said.

For more than two years, more and more people have entered Baiyun Village to pursue Huang Wenxiu’s struggle. In order to inherit the spirit of modeling, the Party Branch of Baizhen Village has launched a pioneering post of Wenxiu. “We hope to rely on Comrade Wenxiu’s advanced deeds to build Baiyun Village into a red education and training base, combining with rural tourism and strong family style to develop sightseeing agriculture.” Yang Jiexing said.

“Baiyun Village has undergone tremendous changes now. It was the planning of Secretary Wenxiu to help us plan. The masses of Baiyun Village have always been grateful and worked hard to inherit Huang Wenxiu’s spirit.” Essence

(Reporter Zhou Shixing, a correspondent Wei Rou Fei)

【Short Comment】

Times need more “Huang Wenxiu”

“There are not many people who come back after getting out of Dashan, but I hope that she is one of them.” Huang Wenxiu was the strong daughter of the strong family who grew up in the old district of Bai Se, Guangxi. She walked from the mountain to the world and returned to her hometown after school. A new hope is here.

In Baizhen Village, Huang Wenxiu leaned down and sinked his heart, and planned to plan the development of the village with the village cadres. In just over a year, the poverty alleviation cause of Baizhen Village made a decisive progress; after Huang Wenxiu’s unfortunate sacrifice, Her successor passed the “relay stick”, turned sadness into strength, continued to take the long -distance long march to get out of poverty, and finally removed the poverty cap that plagued the villagers.

In the battle for poverty alleviation in Guangxi, a large number of outstanding young people represented by Huang Wenxiu devoted to the grassroots level. They were responsible for the organization of the organization. Lead the gorgeous butterfly changes in poor villages.

Young people are prosperous, and young people are strong. The choice of Huang Wenxiu is the epitome of contemporary youth integration into the times to report the motherland. Numerous facts have continued to prove that the beautiful dreams of unremitting pursuit of young people in our country have always been closely linked to the historical process of revitalizing China. This is exactly the important driving force for our goal of achieving the “two hundred years”.

At present, the rural revitalization strategy has been comprehensively advanced, and another group of young people have embarked on a new historical journey. Looking forward to more young people, under the leadership of Huang Wenxiu’s spirit, creating a bigger actions on the broad world at the grassroots level.

(Author: Zhou Shixing)

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