Sports sandals that are also mainly pushed in fashion, look at some soil, teach you how to wear it to be more fashionable


Comfortable flat sandals are a relaxed mood, which is a popular fashion item this summer. In various types of types, “sports sandals” are popular with their excellent comfort, fitness and walking convenience. However, don’t put it out of rustic and old -fashioned.

Especially this year, major brands have been launched. The elegant and gentle type of temperament has brought more perfect fashion.

Big brand style

Luxury brand LV’s pink shoelaces, black bottom design models, seem to bring girls ‘feelings; Pirators’ black and white and logo logo laces are more mature; Dior’s silver and black style makes people feel “ordinary ordinary ordinary ordinary style. “”.

Therefore, although it is a big name, it must also be matched to avoid wearing a sense of breath. So how to match it to be more fashionable?

Choose sports sandals

Since the previous season, sports sandals (Sposan) continued to be popular. From leisure to beautiful clothes, they are all available, but if you choose too much sporty design, you will have the taste of clothes and shoes that do not match the taste, and you will “show the soil” and “old spirit”.

Although it is a sandals that are convenient for mothers, choosing it seems to need some tips.

Sports sandals use adjustable bands and soles along the soles of the feet to provide excellent walking comfort. It is also a good choice to provide a moderate volume and match with any clothing.

When you think Sposan is not fine enough, try cross sandals with a moderate casual sense. The calm brown or light white will help beautiful clothes and casual commute!

In this article, first introduce some fashion people


Sports sandals.

Fashion celebrities sports sandals matching


Look: 1 Felicia Orchestram’s feet become avant -garde

Fashion blogger Felicia Orchestram, a black, even the bag uses a unified black style.

Sports sandals are exposed from trousers, giving people a sense of neat, and red nails add a sense of compactness to coordination. The toes seen from the arms and sandals lead the black style of summer.

Use high -quality leather sandals and bags to enhance luxury mood. The minimalist accessories, only wearing handsome sunglasses and watches, completed a simple and clean style.

Look: 2 Sarah Stephens’s breathable feet


Sarah Stephens, a model from Sydney, Australia, chose a coat with cool and elegant clothes.

The beige coat is designed with sleeveless chest, cool design, and can be dressed cool even in midsummer. Big collar and straight shoulder lines are thin. Dark -colored unicated sports sandals add exquisite leisure through the hem of slit pants.

The refreshing shoulder bag and the belt with obvious waist give the sharp appearance, and the necklace on the chest adds femininity.


Look: 3 Sonia RYSON elegant shirt style

Sonia Lysonn, a fashionable person, wearing a white shirt, a fashionable design, with unique collar and bubble sleeves, and matched with beige and ankle pants to create a light color system. Join a pattern package and sports sandals, it looks fashionable at once.


Dark -colored foot adjustment and bags tighten the softness while creating a cool women’s shirt style.

Guidance instance wear



It is not that the sports brand has launched such SpoSan shoes, but the design of such shoe products with luxury brands. Black and white simple match. The bags on the hand are the same brand as sports sandals. With 7 points of wide -leg pants, the comfortable walking is also comfortable to walk, and at the same time it is comfortable, and it also brings a fashionable high product visually.


Left picture:

Very feminine midnight blue sleeveless dress with white cardigan, showing feminine. With a pair of sporty sandals, it is easy to be comfortable and comfortable, full of modernity, and creating sports shapes!



The white dress of the charming skirt is atmospheric and foreign. The matching of a pair of black luxury brands of sports sandals reflects the sports style in fashion, but it also has beautiful and stylish elements.


Denim shorts with sports sandals, youthful and active, with a beige shirt, suitable for many women. Leisure and fashionable linen shirt, the lazy natural style is also very delicious!

In the days of outside diligence, it is the most appropriate to match the strap skirt and comfortable sandals. The feeling of sublimation into a casual T -shirt and skirt feels more matched with the thick sandals, and it is also cooked and fashionable.



Sleeveless white top with 9 -point wide -leg pants, easy to wear, bring a relaxed mood. The PVC transparent bag creates a summer sense, and the slightly thick sole and the unilateral straps look unified with the loose pants style.

The white pants bring a formal sense, especially with a dark green sleeveless top, the jewelry on the chest also brings a sense of fashion. A pair of sports sandals, the lightness of the feet, also makes the overall taste and leisure.




While people are pursuing fashion, they are also looking for comfort. This type of sandals introduced in this article can play this role. As long as you are not exercise or conflict with the color of clothing, you can wear a sense of fashion. The styles launched by major luxury brands can be referred to.


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