What are the differences between different types of air filters?

What are the differences between different types of air filters?


The air filter can effectively filter the harmful substances in the air, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of indoor air. With the continuous progress of technology, various new type of air filters in the market can not be able to come up, bringing more choices to consumers. The difference between the northern filter will explain the differences in the different types of air filters in the northern filter.

1. Different filtration substance

Different types of air filters can be filtered with different pollutants. For example, the main role of HEPA air filter is dust particles with particle size with a particle size of more than 0.3 microns, and the role of activated charcoal air filter is absorbing the air in the air Slice or volatile harmful gases. Today, many companies have used different types of air filters here to use scientifically. This can further improve the filtering efficiency of the purification system, thereby better controlling indoor air quality.

2. Different filtration range

In addition to the different filtering substances, there are certain differences in the filter range of different types of air filters. Some air filters have a wide filtration range and can filter pollution substances within dozens of meters around, but the filtering accuracy may be lower. Therefore, when choosing an air filter, users must consider their own filtering needs. If the indoor space is relatively large, the air filter with a wide filter range will make a good choice. In addition, in order to ensure filtration efficiency, multi -level filtering can also be used to perform multi -level purification treatment of air.

3. Different filtration effect

For users, the filtering effect of air filter is one of their concerns. If the filtering effect of the air filter does not meet the demand, not only does it meet the expected filtration effect, but it may also cause the loss of funds, which may be worthless. Therefore, consumers should conduct a reasonable analysis of their own needs before buying.

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What are the differences between different types of air filters?

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