Tiffany launched a 18K gold emerald necklace, and its designer is the industry’s legend

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One year after Elsa Peretti died, Tiffany, a high -end jewelry brand, launched a new Bean Design series. The series of jewelry was created by Tiffany in the 1970s.

Tiffany announced this new series of works on April 26. 2022 The new Bean Design series works continues the classic beans created by Elsa Peretti. It uses hand -carved carving and Japanese -style paint technology to interpret 18K gold silk threads, diamonds, green emerald and other materials. The entire series has 18K gold diamond rings, pendants and earrings, and the design of the 18K golden coil necklace, and a 18K gold and green emerald pendant black silk rope necklace.

Not only that, Tiffany will also launch Elsa Peretti Bean Design series special design works, including a red silk net gold paint pendant, and a silk screen crystal pendant.

The Bean Design series is the work designed for Tiffany in 1974. This series of concentration reflects Elsa PERETTI’s unique style interpretation of nature: her works often explain the unique interpretation of nature through flowing lines and design, or sculpture texture.

Earlier in 2022, Tiffany also launched three new Diamonds By The Yard series long necklaces, which is also a reinterpretation of Elsa PERETTI’s past works.

The younger generation of Chinese consumers may not be familiar with ELSA PERETTI, but the Italian -American jewelry designer has a profound impact on Tiffany’s contemporary design aesthetics. She officially joined Tiffany in 1974 to create the Bean Design series for Tiffany. The sculpture and liquidity, the initial Silver Bone Cuff series, and the diamond series Diamonds by the Yard, which helps to consolidate Tiffany in One of the key figures of contemporary jewelry status.

In March 2021, Ms. Elsa Peretti died at the age of 80 at the age of 80. At this time, less than 2 months before Tiffany’s officially compiled by the French LVMH Group. Her death seemed to indicate the end of the era of Tiffany’s contemporary jewelry design; however, Tiffany, who was being transformed into lively, did not plan to give up the aesthetic heritage created by Elsa Persa.

In addition to re -interpreting the classic works designed for Tiffany in the past, in June 2022, Tiffany will also exhibit many classics of Elsa PERETTI in London, UK London.

The attention to stay is that this will also be the first brand exhibition since Tiffany’s acquisition of LVMH Group. At that time, Tiffany will display more than 400 collection works at Saatchi Gallery Sakskey Museum in London. This also shows Tiffany’s determination to focus on expanding the European market.

In the past year, Tiffany’s new management brand reform and image upgrade have made many efforts. In terms of products, Tiffany re -sorted out the historical collection, and at the same time repurchased many Tiffany’s collection treasures from the secondary market. On the other hand, Tiffany has also re -sorted out a number of jewelry product lines, from sterling silver jewelry to high -end jewelry series multi -line.

Earlier, it is generally believed that Tiffany will give up some relatively low pricing products such as silver jewelry and gifts after the reform, but Anthony Ledru, the current CEO of Tiffany, has denied this rumor through the media. To develop multiple product lines together, the design of ELSA PERETTI is the key that Tiffany cannot bypass. If the design of Jean Schlumberger lays the aesthetic style of Tiffany’s high -end jewelry, then Elsa Peretti is the “godmother” of contemporary Tiffany products.

After joining Tiffany in 1974, Elsa Peretti also focused on designing silver jewelry. Her design Bone Cuff series bracelets and other works, with a full sense of sculpture and liquidity, make the silver become a cool material, which is greatly improved to greatly improve Essence Now in Tiffany, a small Bone Cuff series silver bracelet is priced at $ 1,300.

In addition, ELSA PERETTI also combines diamonds with fashion design to apply this expensive material into more daily accessories design, so that Tiffany’s diamond jewelry can be daily accessories. Diamonds by the Yard series is exactly the classic diamond series created by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany. The price of diamond accessories in this series is very large. Some necklaces are priced at only $ 400, but the same series of other necklaces may be as high as $ 75,000, creating more options for consumers.

“You have to wear your jewelry to the street.” Elsa Peretti once told the Wall Street Journal, “Women cannot wear a $ 1 million jewelry everywhere.”

Elsa Peretti has created a large number of diverse and unique jewelry series for contemporary Tiffany. By the 1980s, she began designing ceramics, crystal and silver home products for Tiffany. These works also have streamlined characteristics and high -quality touch. Currently in Tiffany, the product line with Elsa Peretti covers three main aspects: accessories, home and design.


Tiffany executives have previously revealed to the media that they will develop multiple categories such as watch, gifts, home products and leather accessories in the next 2 to 3 years. It is foreseeable that consumers will see the name of Elsa Peretti more frequently than in the past on Tiffany’s various product lines.


In the eulogy written to Elsa Peretti last year, Tiffany praised her as “a superb art master.” He also said, “Elsa pulls away from the true natural form design style, which inspires the bold creations of generations designers.”


Elsa Perriti’s importance to Tiffany is self -evident. Even after she officially left Tiffany, the latter still issued good conditions to retain the heritage created by the legendary designer in Tiffany. According to the New York Times, when he left Tiffany at the end of 2012, Elsa Perriti signed a new 20 -year agreement with the brand, including one -time payment of more than $ 47 million. These numbers are changing every year, because the sales of products designed by ELSA PERRITI in Tiffany sometimes reach 10%or more.

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