Yuan Li’s “middle -aged blessing” is also durable. Wearing a black oblique shoulder dress is elegant and expensive, and the beauty is out of the circle.

The increase in age is a problem that cannot be escaped. Many women will feel the pressure as they grow older. Many colors dare not try. In fact, as long as middle -aged women know how to use the basic color reasonably, even middle -aged blessings can wear infinite charm.


Yuan Li’s styling analysis:

Cingarded style dress -bold show figure

Yuan Lizhong also looked at the blessing. Yuan Li wore an oblique black dress this time, and the dress of the dress used oblique shoulders to show the beauty of the background. Although Yuan Li’s figure was a little bit of middle -aged blessing, it was slightly exposed to the shoulders. Designing her body can present a rich beauty. This beauty does not excessively pursue the bone of the mainstream aesthetic, but instead presents the charm of mature women to the extreme.

Lace Design -Add femininity


This oblique shoulder -style dress uses long sleeves to wear asymmetric visual sense on the sleeves of a unilateral sleeve. Use a slightly perspective design to show a sense of high -level sense of penetration.

Saton dress -wear out skin -friendly and comfortable sense


This black dress is very comfortable in the design of the fabric. The satin dress can show sufficient comfort. When wearing it, it is refreshing and breathable. For middle -aged women, in addition to color matching and color matching and If you choose the model for you, you can use more satin or chiffon fabric in the use of fabrics to present sufficient comfort and high -level sense.

Moderate self -slim+moderate folds -showing both figure and tolerance

This dress is loose and tight in the design. The part of the crotch and thighs uses a moderate slimming design to show the curvic sense of the origin, while the waist and abdomen use the fold element to present the tolerance effect. Hide the small fat on the waist, and at the same time, the lines of the lower body are highlighted, and the strengths are avoided.

Basic color matching -the thin effect is full

For a slightly plump mature woman, when mating, trying the bright bright colors when matching, you may wish to try some basic dark colors, use the dark color to present a thin effect, and the practicality is very strong.


Analysis of other styling of Yuan Li:

Pink tube top dress

For most middle -aged women, it is not easy to want to wear pink and decent, because pink comes with an age reduction effect. It is easy to pretend to be tender in the mature women. This pink dress on Yuan Li shows the charm of the origin with off -shoulder design. With the satin fabric design, it increases the sense of high -level material.

Blue Half -Hed -collar Skirt

For middle -aged women, in addition to the basic black and gray, blue is also a very good choice. Blue can show the gentle side of mature women. This blue dress on Yuan Li is a half -neck style. Design to add temperament, plus chiffon’s fabric to add refreshing, although it is a long -sleeved long skirt, it seems not heavy at all.


White sweater+same color coat


Compared to the dark color system, the light -colored combination will appear more gentle and refreshing, but it is not very obvious in terms of lean effect. The mid -length coat has a strong sense of connection and delay in color, and the coat can highlight the strong aura in terms of design.

As a middle -aged mature woman, Yuan Li’s state of presented in front of the camera is very perfect, and her body is a bit plump, but she is wearing a long -standing long and avoiding shortness, showing the charm of mature women to the extreme.


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