Entering the high -scoring addiction American drama “Card House” Season 2

The second season of “House of Cards” is based on Michael Dobes’ novels of the same name, directed by David Vinci, Ball Wili Monaic, Kelvin Stanci, Robin White, Michael Gil, etc. The first original self -made plot of Netflix, starring the theme of the theme of the theme.

The play tells the story of mature veteran Francis Andwood and his wife Claire at all costs to climb the highest peak of power.



The real purpose of Francis Andwood (Kevin Stancin Spacey) gradually revealed. Old and profoundly, he took the position of Vice President’s position in an orderly manner and shot to support Jehis Sharp (Molly · Parker Molly Parker) campaign party whip to start the full enclosure of President Latt (Michael Gill Michael Gill). In life, Frank’s tenderness to Claire (Robin Writt), the relationship between the couple sublimated to a new stage. For those who dare to threaten himself, he wiped it out mercilessly, even if Zoy Barnes (Kate Mara Kate Mara), who had been tuned by himself, once he was full of wings, he tried to flutter his wings, It is only a deadly dying to become a sad political victim.

The political war of no smoke was still continuing.

First episode

Frank died of a tragic death of the Sii Metro as a wished street. Doug saw Frank and told him that Jian Ning and Zoy had been investigating the cause of the death of Pitt. Finally, Rachel had been found. Frank said no need to take on

Second episode

The cause of the death of Zoy’s death investigation of Jessy’s betrayal of Ted Frank finally became the vice president as expected, and began to build civil engineering at home, strengthen security measures, install cameras, and so on. Frank was sworn in at home, but at the same time, he also said such a sentence: never given.

Third episode


Rachel was suffering from Frank and cleverly won the presidential meeting. Everyone was absent -minded. Frank drew head bulls and said two kinds of vice presidents in the world: suffering from gas bags and bulls. It is conceivable what Frank is. Frank and Thunder


Episode 4

Frank’s actively voted to win Claire bravely facing 2 hours and 17 minutes. Frank would use such a little time to convince Donald Bryce. This takes time and patience, but these two are now missing. Donald didn’t believe it at all

Episode 5

The Marine Battle Memorial Feng Dashan’s failed Frank gave a short and intensive speech on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the battle of the Marine War. Frank did not feel much about this. road. Claire has always caused


Episode 6

Frank provoked President and Raymond’s new connective President’s attitude towards China. Raymond thought that Frank would help him, but Frank took the opportunity to push in the middle of the middle, making the president more and more distrustful of Raymond. Raymond’s personal grace

Episode 7

Frank’s positive counterattack Raymond’s opponent’s Republican Party appeared 25 million funds out of thin air. The president was very anxious. He wanted to introduce a new draft to stop it. When he was worried Speaking.

Eighth episode


Meghan retreated Linda’s resignation instructions to ask Frank to focus on the bridge’s proposal. It was a transaction with Feng Deshan, but everything was not smooth, and Frank did his best to force the president to agree. Ji Ji found Remy to let him help her.


Episode 9


The rib store sold Claire that the ribs of the ribs were sold to be sold. This is Frank’s favorite place. The owner Fleti was going to sign a contract. He was very far -sized to Frank, but he still had to sell his own ribs, but he needed to make it into a slum.


Episode tenth


Frank Raymond’s heat -up and fierce general conspiracy to assassinate Claire Doug’s heart was full of confusion. Listening to Rachel read the book, relax a little, but only a little, Daoge let Ray Qiu quickly remove Lisa, do not let him down, do not let him down I saw it again. At this time, there is a holding

Episode Episode

Doug’s abandonment of Rachel Moneng’s courage to testify that the donation of Chinese donations was blackened. In addition to Raymond involved, the society also doubted whether the White House was involved. Frank began to clarify everything. At the same time, when building bridges were cut off Republican funds.


Episode twelfth

President was in crisis Raymond, which was investigated by Frank, the biggest winner, and the President of Frank came to Frank, thinking that Frank framed his private diplomatic activities.

Episode 13

The president was impeached Frank to take over as expected to pay for the judicial committee on the president not only taken the phantom drug, but also in China to confront the United States, holding command power, commander to obstruct the law enforcement, etc. Out

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