The top ten of Taobao jewelry sales: online brand T400 on the list

Yibang Power Network News On August 19th, Yibang Power Network summarized the sales data of the top ten brands of the top ten brands on Taobao and Tmall based on the Taobao data Rubik’s Cube information.

The first is the well -known jewelry brand Tiffany. In July, the sales in July reached 13.33 million yuan. Baocheng ranked second and sales of 6.37 million yuan.Sales are 4.93 million yuan.


Fourth and fifth are T400 and Yin Qianhui, with sales of 4.468 million yuan and 4.462 million yuan.Pass.

Yibang Power Network found that the sales of international brands in the jewelry market accounted for a great advantage. In addition, the top ten brands of jewelry category were basically from offline, and only T400 was shortlisted as Internet brands.

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