Xun Mengyao and her husband walked the airport, wearing black down jackets with noble women’s bags, and the emerald necklace of the chest is more eye -catching

The love of the supermodel Xi Mengyao and the prince of the giants has always been talked about by everyone, and it is also the object of many people. With money and beauty, what are the troubles of life? But the reality is not the case,

During the second birth, Xi Mengyao was caught in anxiety during this time. When you set the FLAG, you need to exercise for ten hours a week in the year of the tiger.


This kind of anxiety about the figure is more conservative than before.

As a supermodel, Xi Mengyao has always been a very “spicy” type before giving birth. After having a child, Xi Mengyao’s dressing choices will be more biased towards daily exercise. After all, a woman who has walked through Victoria’s Secret, even if I wrap myself tightly

Still temperament



Atmospheric khaki color shows the temperament of your woman


During the period of body recovery, Xi Mengyao can still wear so temperament, a large part

Thanks to the choice of color

The color of khaki itself has a sense of high -level, and it can be perfectly compatible with many colors.


The visual contraction effect of pure khaki color is very good, and the solid color is easy to make people ignore the ups and downs of the figure, and the effect of covering the meat is full. It is also a low -saturated color, acting as “green leaves”

Perfectly set off other items while covering your flesh

Essence The Spring Festival is coming, and the khaki and red are also a good CP combination.

Black down jacket+noble lady bag

Looking at the street shots of Mengyao, you will find that she is still in fashion style. This style is a little mature.

In the past few years with the prince of the giants, Xi Mengyao has become more and more expensive.

Essence When I walked away with my husband, I wore a black down jacket with a black down jacket with a hill scarf shawl. The outer wore was all black. If you didn’t look closely, you might feel flat.

The version of the mopped pants is matched with the hometown scarf shawl, and the Hermes Kelly lady with more than 100,000 Hermes is easily created.


Originally, if wearing a black down jacket alone, it is easy to lower the overall grade, but it is always not required to wear it in this weather. Xun Mengyao is very smart. With a shawl, the grade will be improved more than a little.


The number of highlights of a set of dresses needs to be controlled at about one to two, and more will give people a sense of complication

For example, the highlight of Xi Mengyao’s dress is undoubtedly a Khaki color set, and the bag is not suitable for the colors that are picky. This pure black leather bag is undoubtedly the best choice. The black down jacket echoes it so that black looks too obtrusive in this set of wear.

Emerald necklace eye -catching

It is said that a good necklace is the standard of the lady. Xun Mengyao, who is a wealthy wife, has always been a good hand in wearing jewelry.

It can be said that Meng Yaoyao is definitely a loyal loyal enthusiast in the necklace. From the most expensive and most difficult to control, to the small and delicate silver neck chain, you have tried.

Look at the physical conditions of Xi Mengyao. The long neck is particularly suitable for wearing necklaces. The overall skeleton is relatively small. The proportion of head and shoulders will make the head more prominent.

In addition, the neck is more slender, it is particularly suitable for the opposite of the necklace. If it does not bring the necklace, it will look a little empty because of the neck.

Another problem is the problem of khaki color wear. This pure and clean color with a high -level sense will occasionally old -fashioned after everyone’s visual fatigue.

Xi Mengyao used a necklace to solve the two problems of neck length and khaki.

, Gives a mysterious feeling of the Egyptian desert, which is the second highlight of the whole set of wear, the highlights and small points are alive. Speaking of which, I like Xi Mengyao’s dress again.

Fashion summary

Marriage and having children are a major moment in every woman’s life. It is both painful and happy. When the figure has not recovered, how to wear it to look good is also a precious wisdom of a woman. The wear of Meng Yao Yao is undoubtedly worth our learning.


The change from youthful and fashionable and mature style of wearing style can also make us understand various styles more clearly.

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