Zhang Ye also followed the fashion, the newspaper printing skirt unlock new fashion. This is the rhythm of pet powder.

Zhang Ye’s newspaper skirts want to tear away! Such a personalized skirt, wearing Martin boots show long legs is most suitable


Zhang Ye, who is charm and gentle by all oriental women, has a very high degree of recognition. This time Zhang Ye appeared at the airport, wearing a leopard printed dress, a big beauty. With the Martin boots, which burst into fire this fall, is even more handsome. Let’s take a look at Zhang Ye’s airport.


The first is a seven -point newspaper printed dress. The skirt body and are separated design. The chest is made into an open type of bathrobe, and then together with the belt together, it is more advanced to wear than a dress. In fact, this bathrobe has a vacation style.

The newspaper printing is the hottest pattern this year. This combination of New York and street shooting style is very suitable for young women. Zhang Ye’s dress -up dress is very loose, relying on a belt to support the entire figure, which combines all the advantages of loose and slim -fitting. It is very trendy.

Because the weather is relatively cold now, wearing a single dress may not be enough, then Zhang Ye is equipped with a black leather jacket here, and the black leather jacket itself has the style of New York denim. The newspaper printing pattern highlights elegance in handsomeness.

The sunglasses are equipped with a Black Glass with a female star’s hand. In fact, many girls will choose a brilliant sunglasses in order to highlight the moisture. A few years ago, the beautiful sister also liked to show her difference in exaggerated colors. Later With the increase of age, the aesthetics also changed, and now I prefer this low -key and practical feeling.


The handbag is a super -fascinated MINI short leather short handbag with a super large metal chain decoration on it, which brings a rebellious feeling to the whole set. The mini version is also more comfortable, and you can carry a larger backpack to create a mother bag fashion.


The shoes choose a thick patent leather Martin boots here. Martin boots are the hottest shoes of this year. The versatile is good, especially suitable for girls who want to be thin and thin. Zhang Ye used a pair of black middle socks with Martin boots. The folds of the middle socks were particularly girl, and her legs were thinner.


Simple matching does not require any accessories, black and white are the king of simplicity. The New York style of the black and white newspapers is equipped with Zhang Ye’s own capable gas field. The decoration of any bracelet necklace is not needed. All the temperament comes from myself. The simple but unique feeling is very charming.

It is said that Zhang Ye is the most practicing one of the girls. Compared with Gong Li’s domineering and Ni Ni’s style, this sense of pure distance like iceberg is the source of Zhang Yemei.

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