Women’s sorrow is far more charming than charming. The “trousers” that must be needed in winter, refreshing and stylish, thieves look good

Pants are also the most basic items. Throughout the wear throughout the year, it will never be absent. It is gentle in spring, the fanaticism in summer, the vastness in autumn, and solemn in winter. The pants in winter are more practical, standing in the cold wind, cool and charming.

The beauty of pants lies in its sorrow. The pants legs down with a rigidity were upright. Weaken women’s softness, which is more neutral and simple. Women’s sorrow is far more charming than charming. I will share with you a few essential pants in winter, which is good and stylish, and the thief looks good.

Good -looking pants sharing:


The advantage of straight pants lies in its body shape. The legs of the pants straight down, the hanging down and stiff, can outline straight lines. Especially people with poor legs need to save straight pants. There are some girls in life. Although she is thin and tall, her legs are poor. At this time, the appearance of straight pants resolved this embarrassment.

In all pants types, straight pants are the most positive and most modified. Thighing thighs, thick legs, O -legs, X -shaped legs, you can entrust your beauty to it. Just a pair of straight pants, which instantly have straight legs. But straight trousers can only modify the leg shape. If the overall body is obese, it is not enough to have straight pants.

Mopped pants

The advantage of mop pants is its length. The mopped pants are loose and the length is amazing. The length of the ground makes the little girl look at it. But in fact, as long as the mopped pants are not too long, it is not so easy to wear.

The small man chooses a mopped pants, and it is advisable to wear the legs and ground after wearing shoes. The length of the trousers should not be too long, at least do not form a wrinkles on the instep. As long as you master this certain law, with a high -waisted design, a combination of slim -fit top, with a combination of elastic combination, the superior figure proportion will naturally appear.


The beauty of sports pants lies in its comfort and playful. Sports pants are not exclusive to young girls. The leisure attributes of their own can weaken their sense of age. Make mature women more lively, creating a leisurely, freedom, and comfortable beauty.

Sports pants can be divided into beam pants and straight trousers. The beam pants are handsome, which is more suitable for the small man to wear. The straight trousers with a strong aura, even the styling of the sports style, also conveys the strength of the big woman, which is daunting.


Cropped pants

The appearance rate of nine -point pants is very high. Every winter, it seems to be a special session of cropped pants. Nowadays, various pants types will make cropped cropped pants, praying for their own place in the fashion field. Nicknames are all full of people, tall, fat and thin can choose to choose.

Slimed nine -point pants, suitable for slender girls. Wide -legged cropped pants can tolerate more body types. The nine -point pants are a little more handsome after the coolness. Town pants have more choices, and also meet the popular needs of the public. As demand, it is our most wise matching way.


The matching skills of pants dress

Suit jacket/short down jacket + mid pants + sneakers


The combination of trousers is more common in the combination of upper and lower long. The short top or coat naturally improves the waistline and optimizes the perfect three -seven ratio. As a pants with a high degree of vertical and length, the most easy to do is optimize the body shape.

The mop pants in winter can combine a sharp suit jacket, with a casual gesture in the capable. You can also combine short down jackets, the temperature is suitable, cool and soft. Want to be handsome, mopped pants can be paired with a fur coat, handsome. The combination of sneakers has more playful and leisure beauty, showing a young atmosphere.

Shirt/sweater + straight jeans + flat shoes

Shirts and sweaters are two very different styles. But there is no sense of disobedience with straight jeans. White casual shirt combination straight jeans, refreshing and handsome. Loose and lazy sweater combined straight jeans, casual and lively.


Of course, if you are not tall, or if your body is not good, it is recommended to choose a combination of shirts and straight jeans. The embellishment of the high waistline can weaken the lack of body shape. And the lazy sweater combined straight jeans, it is easy to wear a five or five -point sense of vision. In addition to a tall girl, everyone still needs to choose cautiously.


Black down jacket + white cropped pants + short boots

The classic Miss Han Fan’s dress is handsome and playful. Even the black and white match has no dullness at all. Black and white match, classic advanced, whether it is minimalist or literary style, or Han Fan wearing it, you can easily get.


Black down jacket combined with black knitted in the black knitting, slim sweater and loose down jackets better echoed the tightness, white cropped pants are beautiful and eye -catching, it will not be so depressed. The cool and playful aura.

Knitted sweater + T -shirt + beam sports pants + sneakers

The stack of knitwear and T -shirts has a more fresh atmosphere and has a strong sense of layering. It is a daily comfortable match. The wearing of sports pants is neat and unpleasant. The combination of sports style and leisure style is full of youthfulness.


Such a combination is not only suitable for young girls, but even mature women, they will look fresh and age -reducing. Middle -aged women do not want to be dull and depressed. They can try more sports pants to wear, and combined sports shoes are more energetic.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose and match the pants in autumn and winter seasons, do you share the fashion trend knowledge every day? Hurry up! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)






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