Good things recommendation: Baleno Tony Road trend retro denim shirt, type male must -have

Recommended reason: This Baleno Men’s men’s lapel denim shirt. The body is designed, casual loose long -sleeved shirt, and youth simple and comfortable jackets, so that solid -colored shirts are no longer monotonous.

Material: The body is very comfortable, breathable, not the kind of cheap!

Whether you slim: It’s very fit, just right. looks good.

Collar: This Baleno Benny Road trend retro male youth fashion style is just right! Very handsome! Edition: The same as customized.

Try the idea of ​​trying. Anyway, it is more than a hundred dollars. I didn’t expect it to buy hundreds of pieces of clothes before. The material of this clothes is very comfortable. This product available coupons, the price is beautiful and worth starting!

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Baleno Benny Road Trend Retro Cotton Pure denim shirt Male youth fashion style casual loose long -sleeved shirt youth simple and comfortable jacket 03d xl


¥ 199


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