The essence of the French style was originally on the trousers, lazy and fashionable

Hello everyone! As soon as spring, the sisters took off the cotton jackets and pants, and it was time for the annual popular French style ~

In the fashion trend of continuous reincarnation,


French style

It is just a few decades

Not changing

Clear stream.

Retro items can also become new popularity today.

High utilization rate

It’s not that there is anything bad for other styles, but one thing you have to admit, watching the French blogger’s wear, you

Not easy to be anxious



No need to show your waist and legs, let alone stepping on the fine heels, but also


Will not deliberately show your body

It is a tasteful woman’s daily life. After reading it, we can still draw a combination of actual matching skills, and everyone can try it!

Because of this, French style

High tolerance for body figure

Essence Slimming is more beautiful, and slightly fat girls can also be confidently controlled.


Moreover, the French style items have a certain amount of loose. You don’t need to stuff yourself into the trumpet, and you don’t have to wear Oversize to cover the meat.

Little belly? Things thick? You don’t need to care about these bugs at all, French style can build you


Comfortable and beautiful

In fact, it is

Consistent medicine for commuting

It also takes a comfortable hanging. Compared with the minimalist style, many classic styles of the style of the wind have a strong Vintage style. Although simple but unique, they do not change their faces to everyone.


The items used are basically in the wardrobe


The essential funds of evergreens in the four seasons

After the matching is quite fashionable, I feel: “I’m OK again!”

However, doll shirts, bubble sleeves, and soft glutinous sweaters, once they reaches themselves, still

Can’t wear the blogger’s taste

After all, it is actually

The pants and shoes are not right!

(I didn’t say that the American style was not good, you can choose freely according to your preferences)

Today, let’s talk about how to match French -style pants and shoes, so that the essence of the French style is the easiest to wear, and it is beautiful and comfortable to grab it with both hands!



Micro La is a very mysterious angle.

The proportion of knees and pants and feet is just right

, Will not make the presence of the lower body too great,

It is better to control the little man

And there is no meat in the knee place,

Micro -pants cleverly close in

, Will be more slender than loose pants legs ~


But the pear -shaped sisters are somewhat width of the buttocks, and we plant grass rationally according to our body.

And wear this kind of pants, just

I have to wear shoes with root

, Pull your legs, and then expose your toes and instepes to be thinner.

Since ancient times, red and blue out of CP, French


Once it appears, simple items are very atmospheric.

A white T -shirt, a micro -La Nipka, and then stepped on a pair of light -and -light small leather shoes, elegant and fashionable!


Brown micro -trousers

The upper body is also very beautiful, with a sweater and beret with small bubble sleeves, the feeling of French style comes instantly.

Now the weather is not warm, and the treasures can also match


Coarse ankle boots


Keep your ankle, cover the autumn and autumn, keep warm!


You can choose

Thousands of bird pattern micro -pants

, With a pattern with French elegance, a pair of rough ankle boots increased the retro feeling, and it can also appear good, and the upper foot is more comfortable ~

Vintage poisoned sisters can try ancient retro items–


Fish mouth

Although it is a fashionable item for grandma, it is matched with micro -trousers, which has more French retro style.

Coupled with the unique package of the shoes,

Sisters who are not good -looking to toes can also wear it with confidence.



In the fashionable atmosphere of the current popular mop pants, cone pants seem to have been eliminated by the times.


But as long as you open the French blogger’s ins, you will find that they still like to wear such feet pants.

It is comfortable and beautiful with flat shoes


But the shape of the cone leg is a bit particular,


The trousers are too close to the Korean system, but it looks Korean

There is a certain amount of loose, so that the toes shake around the pants.

In addition to the pants mouth, it should be slightly loose,


Well, you need to keep the widest part of the loose amount.

I have time to go offline to try it on the best, I can only buy it online, just buy it, just

Buy hips and pants with big thighs

, More suitable for pear -shaped!

Choose a retro blue leg pants, with flat ballet dance shoes, the French atmosphere comes

With metal jewelry, the entire look looks more delicate, and it is very suitable for the atmosphere of early spring, warm and beautiful ~

With flat -bottomed loafers, French retro small -frame sunglasses, who wore a look at it without boasting a taste!

Another thing to pay attention to this kind of pants is that you can’t buy it.

How much is a bit sloppy when I roll my pants legs

Although it is said that the beauty is “effortless”, it can’t be so bad.

Clean pants and feet are the essence

The clever combination of shirts, ballet shoes and cone pants is very well balanced between practical and fashionable. For more exquisite, you can tie a scarf on your head, with a metal earrings, the French atmosphere is grasped

Especially suitable for small sisters, don’t wear mopped pants anymore, this


Short cone pants

Help you open


The door!


Nine -point straight pants


All kinds of pants with a slightly exposed ankle are different from the version of the cone pants. Its waist and hip ratio is not much different.

The trousers are also more open

, You can put in ankle boots, suitable for wearing thick heels,

Very friendly to sisters without ankles

It is also very suitable for the rough heel shoes with the wind, and the heel will appear thin when the heel is high.

With the French classic lantern sleeve cardigan, a low -necked camisole base, the white and green color is fresh and soft, jeans and red and white grids are very spring atmosphere.

It is also the season when wearing a sweater and suit. French striped sweaters are comfortable and beautiful, matching

Nine -point straight pants and Maryzhen

Walking dogs and work will not delay.

Can also match

Polyhead cat heel

Baozi with thin and ankles can try. The whole person is elegant and slender, and it is thin if you do n’t need to show your waist!

As for the little fat feet and the treasure without the akle, you can still choose

Ankle boots

, Conservative output, without losing the French atmosphere, and the proportion of comfort at the same time ~

Loose straight pants

Loose straight pants are different from wide -leg pants. Straight pants are not as long as American daddy pants, so on your body

Will not form stack folds

And straight pants are not as loose as wide -leg pants, but it is enough to wrap the flesh.

Elegant and comfortable found balance in the middle

Loose straight pants, with a pair of thick ankle boots to modify the proportion.

The combination of the whole body tannin echoes a brown belt to ankle boots, fashionable and daily ~

Many of the sisters of apple figure dare not show their waist, and they specialize in the long jacket to cover their stomachs and cents. This kind of match is not coincidence.

Instead, put the shirt into

High -waist straight pants, will not show your stomach, but also look long legs

, A pair of Lefu shoes below, comfortable can also modify the body proportion.

This season is also highly recommended that everyone uses a suit with a V -neck sweater and a pair of straight pants underneath.

The suit is covered with a sharp trouser foot with ankle boots, elegant and exquisite and warm, commute and interviews!

The small sisters can rely on this kind of weight height, because this kind of pants type itself is very





Wearing thick heel boots will not look clumsy

When the weather is hot, you can also replace it with Maryzhen. The classic red comfortable and versatile. Pure white clothes can also be lit with a touch of French red, which is very eye -catching!

If you choose red on the upper body, you can replace it with a more versatile black Maryzhen, and it will not appear obtrusive with black socks.

Conversely, red ballet shoes are also very suitable for black tops. This depends on which color tops in your wardrobe, buy shoes with the opposite color (

Buy black shoes if you have more colors, buy red shoes if you have more plain color

), Improve the utilization rate of single items ~



As a popular item that has been popular in recent years, the legs are long and can cover the meat.

But French beauties can always take down

Hard items wear a gentle feeling


, Sweat+white shirt+trousers. The length of the pants will not mop the floor, but reveal a small ankle, match


Oxford shoes


, Knowledge Women

White socks are also standard in spring. The socks echo the shirt and the vest, and it looks more overall.

It’s better to try to wear a set of suits, it’s better to try

Wide -legged suit pants



The length to the ankle is even more neat


Below with thick heel

Shallow high heels


, Put on a top


, French style west is not “business” at all, but it is fashionable!


Beef shoes and trousers can take out one


YSL poster feel

The red pointed high heel echoed the red sweater, the black pants were thin and high, and it looked like


Strong professional ability and woman

Taste, but remember to buy a double comfortable shoes

Sisters with good -looking feet, you may wish to buy this pointed strap sandals, seamlessly connecting in spring and summer, more design than the word belt.

Replace ordinary white shirts with a more feminine French bubble sleeve shirt, switch dating in one second.

I feel that the strap shoes are not comfortable enough, you can try French style

Fish mouthhopper footwear


, Match with suit pants,





You can also wear French -style fashionable sense of fashion ~

French brand recommendation


French blogger

Jeanne damas


The brand, she usually likes

Flower, knit sweater, straight jeans


This element, so integrating this brand is an old representative of the classic French style.

Its makeup, clothing, and shoes are famous, sweaters and dresses are famous. Many French shops are copied by a certain treasure.



Jeans series

The version is very good. First of all, she used a lot of beautiful women who seemed to be a slightly fat body, and they were very beautiful to wear.

Especially friendly to pear -shaped figure

The thighs are not afraid. The version is also a French classic, and the right color will not step on the mine.

There are pop -up shops in the domestic cities, and domestic French -style bloggers have all went to check in. Don’t look at these pants are European and American versions. At first glance, it is really suitable for Asian figures.


Rouje’s accessories are also very chic. This year’s new classic straw bags and shoes have made a small design on the retro version.

the way of buying


: Offline physical stores (LOOK Now Buyer Stores are available), WeChat mini -programs, purchasing.



SR is also a retro brand. Compared with Rouje, the price is the zero of the eldest brother, and there is no pressure to enter.

Its dress is also famous, but it is unstable. This color is the most worth buying, and some of the others are ordinary or black.

@石 石-

Jeans are mostly

Loose straight version


It is more friendly to flesh, the color choice is relatively single, and it will not pick the eyes.

There is also a high -waist and multi -buckle version worth paying attention to. Those who want to start with white pants may wish to try it.

: Treasure shop.

Other & Stories

Other & Stories as a little more expensive

Fast Fashion Brand


Buy when discount

More cost -effective.

Some sweaters and shirts are very good, but it is not recommended to buy a regular price!

Its denim trousers are also good, and there are more choices. It is faster to return and change. You can buy a few more versions to try it.

There are many styles, and sometimes you can dig from the purchase of the treasure. It is recommended that Baizi have time to try on the offline physical store. It is easy to match a set.

: Baodian, offline physical store.

simple rainbow

After talking about the pants, let’s talk about the shoes, Simple Rainbow’s handmade ballet shoes, the face value is really high. Because it is



The price is a little expensive at about 800.

Its shoe type is more beautiful, just say more

Suitable for thin feet, thin bottom

, But winning in the good looks, there are many good colors. There are shops in Wukang Road in Shanghai. Sisters who are close to you can try it!



The bottom of this shoe is more realistic, the inside is the bottom of the cowhide, and the bottom layer is an injection mold. Compared with



, Cost -effective.


And there are many more

Classic alternative


, I ca n’t spend two or three thousand to buy big names. I can enter this one. It is not too expensive to wear every day.


The color of her family is not much, all

Classic color schemes such as wine red, brown, black, creamy white

Essence Win

Many styles


It is also worth the price. Sisters who like this style may wish to pick it up.


Besides, a fast fashion brand, mango. There are a lot of his family

Retro boots

It is cheap and comfortable, and it is more confused to make shoes for fast fashion, but Mango is indeed more serious.

Little @jaafreedom


Many French -style bloggers will use his shoes to match. Although the heel is high, most of them are rough, versatile and easy to walk.


And this kind of retro



Style, because it is an old model, it is more difficult to find on the market.

Finally reminded Baozi that the reason why French style is loved by everyone is not only because of the delicate beauty of French beauty, but also because of them

Accept your defects completely, love life

So everyone must

Self -confidence

, Can we hold the essence of French steady!
























the way of buying

the way of buying

the way of buying

: Baodian, offline physical store.

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