What should I do if my home interrupted electricity?

Sudden power off at home, you can do this:


First turn on the flashlight function of the mobile phone, or use other light sources to illuminate, find the general switch (leakage switch) in the home switch box, turn off the control switch, click the leakage protection button, then pull the general switch, and then check which road electrical appliances in turn.The short circuit caused.

Push the control switch up one by one in order. If there is a control switch pushed up and immediately goes out, it means that the line is short -circuited, and then repair it.At this time, some of our home consumption recovered, and it also saved the maintenance time for the maintenance master.

If you have a single house to break the electricity, and the above operations are not useful, you can contact the property or dial the 962121 hotline to repairs.

If it is a regional power off, it is recommended that residents contact the property and power repairs at the same time, and the power company telephone 95598.

(Source: Shanghai Property Management Affairs Center)

(Bo Kelin)


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