Doubt is “vase”

Axi -suspected “vase”




Actress Axi launched a photo album “The Most Invincible of the Ponytail Girl”. Several beautiful photos were released recently to get a high evaluation. In the face of pre -order, she was about to start. Can’t hide the chest, admitting that the current body fat has dropped by 4%. And Axi’s personal coach Zu Xiong has been regarded as a new centeredcius in the entertainment industry. He said with a smile that he thought that the other party was a “vase”. He did not expect that he was still perseverance and admiration after receiving training. Axi has a developed nerves since childhood. After entering the showbiz full of work, there are fewer opportunities to sculpt the body. The reporter will be strong and say, “I really thought she was a vase.” After three months of dense training, he was moved by the woman’s seriousness and talent. The results of kilograms are satisfied. The two became friends from the masters and apprentices, and made multiple professional actions at the scene. After Axi sprayed sweat, they did not forget to pull up the clothes of Zu Xiong to help sell the “bullet muscle”. The interaction was enthusiastic. Axi quickly rejected, claiming to be full of hate, even when she went out to the middle to steal the scenery of strawberry hot dogs, she continued to receive a series of messages from the man. It is impossible to have further ideas at all. In addition to the photo album, the three cup fate dolls will open pre -order on the 12th, the same list will also premiere on Hit FM. (Source: Nownews)

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