Planting grass list: 5 non -freezing autumn and winter ride gloves recommendation

Some people are happy to worry about the autumn and winter cycling season. Some cars in cold areas have been washed up with their cars and hung up their clothes. They may have to wear short sleeves in a heating room to spend this winter. The final decisive battle. There are also some riders who are still an outstanding representative of the “Dare to Frozen China” in the cold wind. So how can we ride warmly in autumn and winter? Today, will take you to see a few riding gloves suitable for autumn and winter.

1. Jieku EVO long finger gloves

The choice of cycling gloves mainly depends on two aspects: seasons and cycling types. In the cold weather, gloves with lining can better isolate the cold. If you are a road driver, this EVO windproof and warm gloves may be very good for your taste. The relatively elegant design sets off the designs set off. In terms of materials, the three -layer composite windproof and warm fabric allows you to ride calmly in winter near the freezing point. EVO long finger gloves also have cotton models to choose from. The setting of non -slip pattern on the palm can increase the friction when holding the handle.

▲ Jieku EVO long finger gloves

2. Cat Eye Star Tale Finger Gloves

If your area is not so cold, you can choose the cat’s eye long finger glove. The reflective LOGO and the reflective strip on the wrist let you take care of warmth and safety when riding at night. A towel fabric on the back of the thumb can allow you to wipe away the sweat on your face and lightly describe the people next to the people next to it. Said, “If you don’t work hard, you can ride casually.” At the same time, the three silicone palm pads located at the palm of the palm can better filter the vibration of the road surface.


▲ Cat’s Eye Star Tale Finger Gloves

3. Merida autumn and winter long finger riding gloves


If you have a pair of big sweaty hands and have not sweated on your body, the handlebars are soaked. It is still recommended to choose a glove to keep warm in the winter, otherwise the sweat will come out and the wind blows. Sour. At this time, you need a glove with excellent sweat performance, such as this long finger ride gloves in Merida. The full palms of the gloves are used with breathable fabrics, sacrificing comfort, removing the shock -proof material. Fortunately, you can also wrap the double -layer to wear or ride a mountain car. It is a good choice. This simple design of this Merida glove also allows you to use daily gloves in urban commuting.

▲ Merida autumn and winter long finger riding gloves


4. Decathlon AMD3O mountain riding gloves

For mountain riding scenes, in addition to heat preservation, it is best to choose a protective glove to avoid scratching handles such as branches and leaves in the woods. Decathlon AM D3O mountain gloves are filled with non -Newtonian fluid materials, which will become solid when they are impacted. Compared with thin road cars riding gloves, it can better protect the safety of the driver. The material of the finger gauze can keep the hand dry after riding for a long time. The palm of the TRP thermoplastic rubber and special texture wear -resistant fabric can protect the hands in high -intensity mountain riding, provide cushioning and increase friction. The two buckles on the wrist can allow you to store the two gloves together when you store your gloves, without the embarrassing situation of only one glove.

▲ Decathlon AMD3O mountain riding gloves


5. Menland Harry Winter Fingers Riding Gloves


The above -mentioned gloves can meet the vast majority of the riding environment, but if your city is as good as home for the same year, you can choose Harry’s Harry’s winter thickened fleece gloves. The three -layer composite windproof material, coupled with the internal fleece design, allows you to have the destruction of the cold wind in the middle of the winter. The wrist guard uses a height closure design to prevent the cold wind from pouring and achieve the effect of keeping warm.

It is worth mentioning that this type of winter gloves will have a lot of fabric surplus at the stitching due to the large number of layers, and it will be tied up to wear. , Ensure the comfort of wearable. Different from the above -mentioned various gloves, the Gloves of the Marsonland are not equipped with conductive contacts. Therefore, if you want to update Strava or get a phone call when you go out, remember to adjust your phone to the glove mode in advance.


▲ Menland Harry Winter Fingers Riding Gloves

These five autumn and winter ride gloves, which one is your dish, welcome to speak in the comment area, and talk about your favorite and most commonly used cycling gloves together.

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