The baby is at the age of 1 to catch the “week”.

Hello, everyone, I am Qixia. When I was about to catch “Zhou” at the age of 1, I was a little annoyed, and I just found the items and meanings that I could grasp the “week”.

Many parents choose to grab the baby “Zhou” when they are 1 year old, and they want to see what the baby will catch and what kind of person will be.


Of course, catching “Zhou” does not mean that the baby will be a person who will catch what you caught. This is not only a celebration for the baby’s age, but more importantly, there is a sense of participation with the baby, there is a record, it is also worth it to be worthy of Recalling things.

Look at the following items that are grasped “Zhou”, are you all ready?

It is recommended to collect it and keep it for later!

The baby is ready to catch the items:

1. Dictionary and the like: representatives or scientists, knowledgeable talents.


2. Books and pen: It has the meaning of formulating, representing calligraphers, literati, and cultural work.

3. Glore: It has a scale meaning, representing lawyers, judges, and revolutionaries.

4. Calculator, abacus: Represents merchants or businessmen.

5. Renminbi: The meaning of the rich represents a rich man who is good at saving or rich.

6. Bank card: It means that it may be engaged in bankers or financial industries in the future.

7. Seal: Represents official positions or power, with unlimited potential, there is a lot of action!

8. Watercolor box, color pen: Representative painter and artist, talented talent!

9. Wool group and fabric: Representative clothing designers can engage in design work in the future.

10. Various rackets: representing sports -related occupations, like sports, and infinite vitality. Maybe it is a athlete in the future!

11. Harm, sound, etc.: Representing singers, in the future, you can engage in occupations such as broadcasting, musicians, dancers.

12. Chopsticks, shovel: Representative chefs, proper snacks!

13. Small shoes: representing travelers, future explorers.


14. Skin care products such as cream, lipstick: represent beauty, care about their appearance, and the future will be a delicate person. In the future, you can engage in the beauty industry, maybe it is also a proper beauty master. In the event of being a spokesperson for a certain brand, it is very wow!

15. Mobile phones, keyboards, game machine handles: Represents the IT industry, high -tech, and communication industry. These are all brain -burning occupations. Babies are different!

16. Earth: Representative geography scientists, explorers, in the future is an adventurous person, can be engaged in geographical teachers, geographical explained speakers, air pilots and other occupations!


17. Medical items such as cotton swabs and band -aids: On behalf of doctors and nurses, they can work in hospitals in the future or teach in schools.

18. Tools such as screw knives, pliers: representative engineers, architecture!

19. Toy car: It means that there are vehicles and drivers.

20. Building blocks: Represents the construction industry, designer, etc., choose it, the baby’s ability to do well, you can be an architect or designer in the future!

Well, it is enough to sort out the items and meanings of “week”, which is enough for the baby to choose!

Interested friends, you can also try to give your baby. It is best to take a video. When you take it out in the future, it is very memorable!

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