Finally understood why 076 must use a 30 -ton -level side -to -side lifting machine

Although it is also called an off -side lift outside the shipping outline, the lifts outside the ship on the veneer on the outer carrier of the regular aircraft carrier and the outer side of the outer and American -level amphibious attack ships are still very different. The lifting machine on the regular aircraft carrier actually has a wire rope and wheel tooth to increase on both sides. After the promotion is in place, except for the side of the sea, the other three sides have stretching and firm fixing the hull. When you need to sink to the plane of the hangar, first get rid of the three -sided cards of the flying deck, and then sink to the flat position with the ground with the hangar, and then stretch out the 3 -faced card. Therefore, on the Nimitz -class aircraft carrier, its four major lifts can increase the weight of the maximum of 65 tons, that is, at the same time, it can increase the two heavy fighters at the same time, or a large number of weapons, ammunition and personnel equipment. Moving up and down. But all the two -attack ship outline is completely different from the aircraft carrier. Almost 80%of the two -attack shipping machine is completely highlighted from the straight flying deck; therefore, there is no balanced on both sides.


Steel rope and wheel tooth system. In fact, only under the board of the lift, there is a small triangle bracket only under the board surface of the lift, which rely on the fixation and improvement system of the side wall of this bracket and the side of the ship’s side to operate these lifts. And in order to cross the Panama Canal’s old ship gate, these lifts can also be turned up directly. Reduce the actual passing of the entire ship. In this way, several comprehensive factors lead to the connection between the two -attack side lift and the hull itself. Its maximum improvement ability is less than 20 tons, and can only improve F35B without refueling. The improvement ability is less than one -third of the regular aircraft carrier lift. And because most of the two attacks do not have a large volume of aircraft carriers; the lifts are too obvious that the outside of the ship is high. Once the sea conditions are not good, when the two -attack lifts are relatively low at the glory level, it is likely that a large wave can directly hit the lifting machine and cause it to cause it and cause it. ACCIDENT. Hanhai Langshan (Xiongnu Langshan) believes that after the self -produced 17 ships, it is not the ability to make a large out -of -outliner lift in its own ship. However, these two -attack lifting machines have weak capacity and poor anti -wave resistance.


It is not appropriate to adopt the current 075 pursuit of fast mass production. On the planned larger tonnage 076, although there may be an aircraft carrier or semi -aircraft carrier -style heavy -duty ship outside. However, it will definitely retain a 30 -ton heavy -duty -internal lifter. In addition to the consideration of anti -waves, another important factor is that any shipbuilding from the shipping outsiders cannot penetrate the dock compartment near the waterline. Because this is equivalent to directly posted on the sea, only the inner lift can be done. Therefore, the 30 -ton heavy -duty -internal lifter of 076 is directly connected to the three major planes of the dock, the hangar, and the flying deck. At present, there are no such settings and capabilities at the Hornets and the United States. This is a huge benefit. It can be used dual -use for the dock compartment and huge glory. You can choose 3 modes for daily loading and combat. One mode is the normal task mode. That is, the hangar, including helicopters, fixed wing carrier -based aircraft and unmanned attack aircraft; the dock compartment still has LCAC and other pan -water attack vehicles and small ships.


The two do normal amphibious assaults without interference. The latter two loading and combat models cannot be done by the US Navy’s existing two attacks. The second mode is to assault the amphibious landing vehicle, which increases its attack capabilities to land under the circumstances that has seized air control. All the docks are LCAC. In addition to a small number of aircraft in the hangar, it is more of an amphibious attack vehicle. Raise and decrease through heavy internal lifts to the dock compartment operations. The third model is more valuable, so that the 076 is dominated by air -control mode and airborne assault. In addition to all the planes, a large number of aircraft and drones are also brought in the dock compartment, so that the aviation combat capabilities will exceed any traditional amphibious attack ship, which is almost the same as the authentic large aircraft carrier.

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