Case Chengdu’s semi -self -service self -service room is managed like this

Now many places have emerged in the wave of studying in the study room. These paid self -study rooms are committed to creating a comfortable shared space. Whether it is self -improvement, sprint preparation or seek independent places, it can help people to complete the task without delaying the task. Essence Chengdu Green Hurry Space is such a self -study room, so how does this store achieve the praise rate of 9.1? Come and see!

“Green Hurry” years in Chengdu

The store of the Qing Huruating Space Self -study Room is located in the SOHO Business Port in Jinjiang District, Chengdu,

Convenient transportation, near the subway entrance

There are also many buses passing over there, navigation to Soho Business Port, and go directly to the office building. Even if you learn it late, you don’t have to worry about the remote and unsafe.

The name of each self -study room has a certain meaning. The owner of the Qing Hurbing self -study room, Qing Hushuo, introduced this: “Green Hurry is the meaning of shame the years, and the logo is to show


The breath, and it is designed as a green leaf corresponding to the “green hurry”. Worried that others will not remember the fancy and multi -pattern design, so logo will improve recognition in a simple style. “

What I feel very amazing is that every detail of the self -study room was created by Qing Hushuo’s handle. even

Even the design drawings are painted by Qing Hushuo


It is hard to imagine that she just had a longing for the self -study room and liked the atmosphere of learning.

Start immediately

Open the self -study room.

A super spacious self -study space

The green rush self -study room has a spacious space of 210 square meters, but only 58 seats are designed. You know, I have seen 50+ seats with less than 100 square meters. This comparison is really considered

Large investment


The self -study room was divided into

Immersive format area and open self -study district

, To have obvious light and dark partitions, there are independent three -color tone lights on the seat, the socket is five heads, which can charge the notebook. And the grid desktop reaches 90cm wide (basically 80cm on the market), the chair is in line with ergonomics

Transit chair and bow chair

Seating for a long time will not feel uncomfortable.

The lounge is an energy supply station. Tea coffee snack bags are all available. The electrical equipment has a refrigerator microwave oven water dispenser printer to meet the diverse needs of members of the self -study room.

When you are tired, come here to get a U -shaped pillow, cover the blanket, lie on the lazy sofa for a while, and relax the tight nerves

In addition to ensuring that the self -study room is a bright and bright space, the attitude of Qing Husujun’s management space atmosphere is very tough. She asked the room to be completely mute and not to eat. If she couldn’t follow, don’t come again. I do n’t know why, I do n’t be disgusted, but I also like it!

Some thinking about the self -study room

I think it’s very novel, and Qing Husujun said

I belong to the whole position

Because the store has basically achieved consumer self -service and management intelligence through YYDS self -study room software. The store business hours are 08: 30-22: 30, but the service time of the manager is nine nights and six, and the rest are self -service time.

Members of the self -study room can make an appointment for seat selection in advance, and the system automatically locks after placing an order; if the door is not opened for half an hour late, the system will automatically release the seat.

She said that the only place to step on the practice room is furniture design. She has to think about how to make the learning atmosphere sufficient from the design and layout of furniture. Specific in the operation of the self -study room, the self -study room is not a difficult business.

Is the difference in self -study room software very large! Although Qing Husu feels purely artificially human, everyone has an extra campaign. Everyone is very sensitive to small programs and micro XIN, and they prefer to use applets to operate;

For herself, it is relatively easy -going management, the difficulty coefficient is low, and it does not take much time. This is one of the reasons why she is semi -employed.

After reading the Qing Hurbing self -study room, what do you think of the semi -self -service self -study room?


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