50 leggings, pantyhose authoritative test! The general problem is …

Leggings and panty stockings are full of beautiful girls who love beauty

The needs of wearing skirts in different weather

It is the “necessary choice” in the girl’s wardrobe

March 18th

China Consumer Association announced 50 models

Comparison test results of panty stockings and leggings products

The more common problem is

Label labeling irregularities

Anti -hook silk performance is not ideal


In the comparison test, choose 25 samples each of leggings and pantyhose socks, all of which buy major e -commerce platforms online. Among the 25 leggings samples, 20 are clearly marked with the brand. Other samples are not marked or the brand cannot be determined. There is no labeled brand on the product packaging, ranging from 3 yuan to 40 yuan.

Below comparison test sample

Pastel stockings compare test samples


Most leggings have good thermal insulation performance

Some samples are slightly fade

In the trial of coloring fastness, the coloring fastness of 25 pantyhose samples is within a reasonable range, and the different samples are not much different, and it is not easy to fade. Fading a small amount, one type of sample is slightly faded after washing, and the others perform well.

The comparison test also tested the hair removal rate of 25 samples according to FZ/T72003-2015 “Knit Woven Velvet fabrics”. The results showed that 25 pantyhose samples were not easy to lose hair after wearing.

The insulation rate of leggings products is related to the raw materials, structural process and later finished style of the fabric. The preservation rate of conventional chemical fiber raw materials is generally higher than that of cotton and linen fiber; the fabric is thick, density, and fluffy and other processes, which will be better insulated. The insulation performance of a single layer is generally not as good as the double -level material insulation performance. The 25 leggings samples of this comparison test test are suitable for winter wear, mostly internal velvet products. The test results of 12 samples were higher than 45%, and five stars were evaluated. A leggings of Jerriemock have the lowest insulation rate at 29.9%, and the sample is a single layer of material, which is relatively thin.


80 % of sample fabrics are poorly extended

It may affect wearing comfort

The extension of the fabrics of leggings and panty stockings affects wearing comfort. The elongation and reply rate test of leggings show that the extension of the 25 samples is significantly different. The elongation rate is divided into straight extension and horizontal elongation rates. The nine fabrics are well performed well and horizontal elongation.

By testing the extension of the two parts of the four parts of the waist mouth, upper trousers, lower trousers, and hip width of the bottom pants, and the extension of the two directions in the horizontal stretch of the straight part of the crotch, comprehensively consider the extension of the leggings performance. Generally speaking, the larger the extension of the five parts, the more comfortable the wear, the smaller the restraint. Generally, the factors of the horizontal extension of the leggings are: the performance of the raw materials, the organizational structure, and the density. By analyzing the stretching test data of each part of the sample, the extension of most samples is not ideal, and only 4 samples perform well.

In the samples, nine fabrics such as 1#, 9#, 10#, 11#, 12#, 14#, 16#, 23#, and 24#have performed well in the straight and horizontal extension rates.

The extension test of pantyhose shows that the hip extension value of 1 sample among the 25 samples is very low and it is almost impossible to wear. The greater the elongation and recovery rate of the socks, the greater the elasticity, it is not easy to deform, it is not easy to fall off, and the durability is high. The test results show that the elongation rate and response rate of 25 pantyhose sample fabrics are relatively significant. Only the elongation and response rate of only 5 pantyhose samples are well performed at the same time.


There are many label labeling problems

No trademark, non -product name,

Labels do not have Chinese, not explicit ingredients and content, etc.

Source: China Consumer News

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