Novel: Mask Dance

Wang Yi was funny by Li Xiaohua’s shy touch. He was thinking that this was really a pure little girl. Suddenly Wang Yi remembered Ma Qian. Ma Qian in the university was also a character of Li Xiaohua. Not restrained.

“By the way, have you contacted Ma Qian?” Wang Yi remembered Ma Qian, remembering Ma Qian and his long -lost contact, thinking that Li Xiaohua and Ma Qian had so good feelings, and I should know Ma Qian’s whereabouts.

“Qian’er?” Li Xiaohua stunned, and she shook her head and said in shock: “Qian’er hasn’t contacted me for a long time after leaving. I thought she had been with you. connect?”

As soon as the words fell, Wang Yi’s face suddenly turned white. Ma Qian didn’t contact anyone, left? Does Ma Qian want to hide in his life?

Wang Yi didn’t understand, but he also knew that Ma Qian was definitely not the kind of person who had no connection and disappeared for a long time.

“Could it be that something happened to Ma Qian?” Wang Yi widened his eyes, and he looked at Li Xiaohua suddenly saying such a sentence.

Li Xiaohua was also worried. She was a little messy in her heart. She stood up and walked in front of Wang Yi. Suddenly, she was surprised to Wang Yi: “By the way, I received a strange one two days ago. SMS, what to say to save me. “

“What? You also received this information?” Wang Yi widened his eyes incredible.

Wang Yi quickly pulled out his mobile phone and put it next to Li Xiaohua’s mobile phone. The two of them contracted and found that the information was from the same number, but who was not signed. The signature came over.

Now, Wang Yi and Li Xiaohua are thinking at the same time that those who can send the same person to their mobile phones at the same time, except Ma Qian can’t think of who or they know together.

Wang Yi had no clue at all. He had to look at Li Xiaohua and asked him seriously. “I don’t have any way, and I can’t contact Ma Qian. I think it must be related to Ma Qian. Find out, can you? “

Even if Wang Yi didn’t say, Li Xiaohua would definitely go out of the water that investigated the matter. She saw Wang Yi so anxious, and she was distressed. She couldn’t help shaking hands Wang Yi’s hand, “Don’t be excited, I’m so excited. Will be investigated. “

After receiving the agency of Li Xiaohua, Wang Yi finally showed a smile at ease. Li Xiaohua was fascinated by Wang Yi’s smile. Essence

Wang Yi watched the time early. After saying goodbye to Li Xiaohua, Wang Yi returned to the villa and found that he was not suitable for a dinner, so he had to buy a set to the mall.

The time passed quickly, and soon at the evening, a banquet that gathered the business elites, Wang Yi, who was neatly worn, asked the driver to plant the banquet.

Wang Yi did not call a female companion. He came to the banquet place alone. His appearance made many people’s attention, which also included Chu Xiaran who had met recently.

Chu Xiaran thought that she had no chance to meet the man she met at the bar that day. She did not expect to see the man god appearing at her not far away at this banquet.

She didn’t need to inquire about Wang Yi’s identity. People with gossip around her stated that Wang Yi’s background said all.

In fact, Wang Yi noticed Chu Xiaran’s figure, but he deliberately greeted Chu Xia Ran without passing, because this would appear very much, and he would appear beside Chu Xiaran at a time.

Although the news of the Wei Group had a crisis news during the previous period, under the power of Wang Yi’s power, the Wei Group was still operating well, but it was possible to face bankruptcy at any time. Gambling Wei’s last survival.

The banquet became more and more lively. After Wang Yi entered most of the people, the banquet arrived at the mask ball.

The mask dance is wearing their favorite masks without knowing each other, and then in half a minute when the lights are dark, choose the dance partner around them, and then start the mask ball tonight.

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