Teach you to quickly understand the fabrics

Teach you to quickly understand the fabrics

01 What is Kezhong?

The heavy weight is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. T-shirts are generally between 160 grams and 220 grams. If it is too thin, it will be very transparent. If it is too thick, it will be stuffy. Generally, it is better to choose 180-280 grams. (Short-sleeved is generally 180-220 grams. This thickness is just right. Long-sleeved T-shirts generally choose 260 grams of fabric, which is a thick type)

02 What is the number?

Definition: The number of lengths of a pound of cotton yarn with a public weight.

Coarse gauze: 18 cotton yarns of 18 and below are mainly used to weave thick fabrics or ploated cotton fabrics.

Mid-branch yarn: 19-29 cotton yarn. It is mainly used for knitted clothing that requires general requirements.

Fine yarn: 30-60 cotton yarn. Mainly used for high -end coneaper cotton fabrics. The higher the number, the softer, the T -shirt is generally 21 and 32.

03 What is a combing comb?

T -shirt cotton yarn can be divided into general combing and combing yarn.

Pujia gauze: refers to the yarn with the spinning technology of the general combing gauze, also known as the no -combed yarn.

Comb with combing: refers to the yarn produced by using high -quality cotton fiber as raw materials, which is produced by adding a combing process to the combing gauze during the texture. The surface of the fabric is relatively neat and soft.

04 What are the techniques of T -shirt printing?

T -shirt printing is basically divided into two types of printing, transferring printing.

Silk net printing: The technology is relatively complicated, mainly with design, from the Philippines, sun version, printing, drying a few steps. The advantages of silk screen printing are high color, durable, and washing resistance. The cost of the screen printing version is high, so mass production is required to reduce costs, and it cannot meet the single or small batch printing.

Transfer printing: Also known as hot painting. The advantage is that the color is bright and the technology is simple. The disadvantage is that the durability of the pattern is poor, not tolerated, and not washed.

05 What is burning hair treatment?

The characteristics of burning hair are removed from the hairs formed by the unspoken fiber and protruding fiber on the surface of the yarn, making the fabric more smooth and beautiful, and the fabric color is uniform, which can printed clear and fine patterns.

06 What are the advantages of cotton fabric?

The characteristics of cotton fabrics are good feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly, but easy to wrinkle. Adding a small amount of spandex wire can significantly change the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increase the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, adding spandex with the neckline can prevent large deformation of the neckline and keep the neckline lasting elasticity.

How many types are there in T -shirt fabrics

01 ordinary cotton fabric

Casual T -shirts mostly use ordinary cotton fabrics. The T -shirt of this fabric is comfortable, but it is slightly worse. It’s easy to wrinkle, and it is easy to deform after launching.

02 silk cotton fabric

Silk cotton fabric is made of cotton as the raw material, which is made of high woven gauze by refined texture, and then produced with special processing processes such as fur and silk to make a smooth, soft, soft anti -wrinkle high -quality silk gauze. The high -quality knitted fabric made of this raw material not only completely retains the fine natural characteristics of the raw cotton, but also has silk -like luster, the fabric feels soft, moisture -absorbing and breathable, and the elasticity and vertical feeling are quite good. Random, fully reflect the temperament and taste of the wearer.

03 Cotton dual -silk fabric

Cotton dual -silk fabric is a “double -burned double -filament” pure cotton product. It uses the filament yarn of filaments and light as the raw material. It quotes the CAD computer auxiliary design system and the CAM computer auxiliary production system to quickly weave the design of the design After burning and light the gray fabrics, after a series of tidelies, this high -grade knitted fabric is produced. One, but because of the two light sorting, the price is slightly more expensive.

04 Ultra -high -supporting yarn pure cotton fabric

This kind of fabric is rarely used because its price is very expensive. The price of cotton T -shirts of 120 yarns is as high as 170 yuan per kilogram, while the price of cotton T -shirts of 200 yarns is higher. One kilogram, and the 250 -yarn cotton T -shirt fabric needs 1800 pounds, and my country has not yet produced this fabric process.

Washing common sense of various T -shirts

01 Print T -shirt

1. Do not pull the printed position, do not rub, twist

2. Do not iron the printing position to prevent the print from falling off

3. The elasticity of the roman cloth is better, and the printed position is prone to fall off when it is pulled too much.

02 Elastic T -shirt

1. Elastic fabric should not be ironed at high temperature to prevent the elasticity of the fabric from damage the fabric

2. Do not drift, it will damage the elasticity of the fabric

3. Some elastic fabrics are knitted with core gauze, the yarn is more fluffy, and the cloth surface is more plush. Be careful not to be too heavy to prevent too much hair.

4. Do not expose the exposure to prevent the elasticity of fabrics from being damaged

03 Sotyle light T -shirt

1. Do not overweight when washing. Do not wash with other thick clothes to prevent deformation, excessive hair, and scraps, scratching, it is best to wash it alone

2. The light and light fabric tissue is relatively sparse and the fabric elasticity is low. When Nissan wears, pay attention to prevent hard objects from hooking yarn, causing holes

3. Light and light materials are easy to deform. Be careful not to pull too much when you wear

04 Other fabric T -shirts

1. Because the tissue is loose and there are long floating lines in the opposite side of the fabric, try not to wash with other thick clothes and zipper clothes to prevent hooks and scratching fabrics. Don’t wash it on the reverse

2. The adhesive knitted fabric (such as Modal-women’s clothing), the feel is soft and thinner. The wet strength of these fabrics is low, and it is prone to raw fibrosis in the water. Therefore, it can only be washed softly.

Different fabric clothes drying skills

The principle of drying drying is:

Different drying methods should be adopted according to different fabrics and different colors, so that the clothes can be kept without deformation and do not lose color.

Silk fabric clothing:

After washing, put it naturally in the cool and ventilated place, and it is best to face the opposite side. Because of the poor performance of silk clothing, it cannot be exposed directly in the sun, otherwise the fabric will fade and the strength will decrease. Dark colors or colorful clothing should pay special attention to this. In addition, do not bake silk clothing with fire.

Cotton, cotton and linen fabric clothing:

This type of clothing can generally be placed directly in the sun, because such fiber has almost no reduction in the strength in the sun or a slight decrease, but it will not deform. However, in order to avoid fading, it is best to go outward.

Chemical fiber fabric clothes:

Chemical fiber clothes should not be exposed in sunlight. Because Qinglun fiber is easily yellowed after exposure; under the exposure of the sunlight, the fiber is prone to aging; the fiber and Velle will accelerate the fiber’s liberation and cracking of the fabric life under the action of the sunlight. Therefore, chemical fiber clothes are better to dry in a cool place.

Food fabric clothing:

After washing, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry it naturally, and facing the opposite side. Because the surface of wool fiber is a scale layer, the external natural oily film film gives wool fibers with a soft luster. If it is exposed in the sun, the surface oily film will deteriorate due to the oxidation effect of high temperature, which will seriously affect its appearance and service life.

Source: Textile dry goods, network

The above is the introduction and description of panton de roman, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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