How to change the 48 volt charger to 12 volts? What are the methods?

How to change the 48 volt charger to 12 volts? What are the methods?

The nominal 48V is for the battery pack. The actual charger output is 59V. If you want to reduce it into 12V, this voltage is too large, and the related parts in the circuit are difficult to withstand the temperature difference. It can be reduced to a dozen volts, but the pulse voltage is formed, and the current decreases, because the voltage is lower than 30V, and it cannot reach the constant voltage and constant current. It is not advisable. You can try:

1⃣️ Weld the largest high -frequency output transformer and re -extract the number of winding turns at the 12V output end. Of course, this is just a enthusiast exploring practice. There is no success or no value.

In addition, the drawing head should be reorganized and reorganized, and the original circuit does not output with the original circuit. This can get 12V low -voltage, and the original 59V output will not move.

2⃣️ This is just the process of testing the fine -tuning at the optical coupling at the optical coupling. I did not do a coil test.

Because the optical coupling is fine -tuned to change the coil voltage, the first level of the mobile phone 5V charger outputs 29V, the positive and negative impedance of the optical coupling can be reduced to 5V, and it can be reduced to 1.5V, because the output of the mobile phone charger is only simple. The rectifier circuit has no other auxiliary circuits.

3⃣️ There is also a way to imitate the mobile phone charger, simplify the circuit, and scal the circuit under the output end of the battery car charger. Temporarily shake the integrated circuit of the electric fan and the indicator light (because this block The circuit is a special pipe charging balance protection and fan, green light). You adjust the optocouplery and fine -tuning, measure the voltage while measuring the voltage, and then light up with a bulb with a light bulb to measure the output voltage and current.

4⃣️ If you can adjust it to 12V and have enough current, you can imitate the mobile phone charger, and connect the low -voltage end of the optocoupler to a 12V voltage diode in series. I successfully restructured the mobile phone charger to select the output 29V via 12V and 6V voltage voltage voltage stabilization diode to convert different voltages (its antihypertensive multiple is more than 6 times, and the high -frequency transmission of the electric vehicle charger will also have a high voltage and more voltage. of)

I haven’t tested this restructuring. It is not difficult. In short, if you want to test, don’t be afraid of annoying. The second is not afraid of burning the parts. You can only practice boldly under the guidance of no one.

I think 3⃣️ and 4⃣️ can try first! Greek enthusiasts offer suggestions, please do not blame, because it is exploring experiments, there is no experience! Thanks!

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