Tanabata gift list? No, it’s a straight man given gifts to confuse awards

Tanabata gift list? No, it’s a straight man given gifts to confuse awards

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

24 hours of Zhejiang-Qianjiang Evening News correspondent Mei Xinying

Looking forward to it, looking forward, the pace of Tanabata is approaching.

In this era of “no matter what festivals can become a shopping festival”, Tanabata rarely retains the theme of “love”. However, the dual attributes of “love+festival” have undoubtedly increased the difficulty of straight men who originally lacked romantic genes.

Qixi is a straight man with a girlfriend, which is equivalent to the end of the period to the elementary school students who have not reviewed well -they face the Qixi Festival, such as the enemy, but when choosing a gift, they still do not learn from the perspective of “the questioner”. The problem is still immersed in its unique romance.

Straight Men Aesthetics

Practical first, what to make up for

If you show “straight men’s gifts”, you will find that the best gift in the eyes of boys is the most practical gift. And the most practical gift? Summary is three characteristics: Bluetooth, multifunctional, and lack of supplement

You talk about eating chicken net speed too slowly, it is very likely, you will receive a router;

You mention that you are uncomfortable every day, it is very likely that you will receive a waist pillow and neck pillow;

You complain that you have been angry and have acne recently. It is very likely that you will receive a smart water cup with Bluetooth and reminding regular reminders, and always show your boyfriend “drink more hot water”.

You encounter small problems such as the bulbs, water pipes, screws, and so on. Then this year, you will definitely receive a hardware toolkit.

Because the boyfriend thinks that it is practical, it is the first. I am a charcoal in the snow, which is much more practical than those who are bullish!

Straight men aesthetics

The idea is clear, the same as the (wu) crowd (FA) does not (li) the same (jie) (jie)

In fact, straight men are not completely on the end of pragmatism. Sometimes they also have some small romance.

However, it seems that their thoughts have never been on the way with their girlfriends -you will never guess where the romantic point of the straight men is.

For example, a boy sent a girlfriend to a gazette card ulnar, because the rigid kakyo is inestimable (lonely).

Although this explanation could not help but make a question mark slowly, at least there were boys with cuteness and careful thinking in it. As for those who send leeks for a long time, and 502 glue apartments are never separated, people have to be amazed. The thinking between straight men and girlfriends is about the underground river that will always be dissatisfied.

Straight men aesthetics

Big red and purple, you are the brightest cub

Straight men are not without aesthetics. If you do n’t believe it, you also value the face value when you choose gifts for themselves: the shape likes smooth and design; the color likes black and white, gray, and a sense of technology. But when I arrived at my girlfriend, how ugly came. The silk scarf sent by a straight man must be the most bright red, or the most luxurious purple, and the richest peony flower is embroidered on it. In an instant, I could feel that my soul was worn in the 1990s and jumped into a two -person duo in the vast land in minutes.

Of course, straight men also know that they will like to send cosmetics for girlfriends. In a large number of big names or opening products, they will choose the eye shadow and blush like a palette, red orange, yellow, green, blue, blue purple, and you can think of the colors, that is, without you can use it.

The Declaration of the straight man is -to be my girlfriend, you must be the brightest cub on the street!

As mentioned earlier, the straight male also had a headache when choosing a gift. After all, who doesn’t want to send a gift from his girlfriend. In fact, as long as you find out the careful thoughts of girls, there is really a big choice to choose a gift that girls like.

For girls, gifts are of course important, but it is more important to let her know that she is valued, and it is the starting point for gifts. Huashu 4K provides a variety of coaxing girlfriends for straight men:

Want to feel a sense of ritual? You can cook a table for her in person. When you are hungry, you can buy fresh ingredients online, and your girlfriend will have a big meal at home.

Want to be a little romantic? TV Taobao online ordering flowers cake, this little surprise will never be outdated. If you want to tailor it elsewhere, you will never make mistakes in sending bags.

Want to be small? The city’s brain summarizes the scenic spots of Hangzhou City, and customize the travel planning, so that you can only rest assured.

In the evening, you can also watch a movie with your girlfriend. Huashu 4K TV platform covers a large number of sources, and the 4K high -definition feast is more immersive and more enjoyable.

I hope everyone can have a sweet Tanabata!

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