2020 Spring Day “Chinese Wind” windbreaker wearing: temperament, retro, elegant, foreign gas

2020 Spring Day “Chinese Wind” windbreaker wearing: temperament, retro, elegant, foreign gas

In recent years, Chinese style clothing is relatively hot. Chinese style fashion clothing is based on Chinese elements. It is based on Chinese culture and oriental culture. It combines fashion with Chinese elements and adapts to the global economic development trend. It has unique cultural charm and personality characteristics. After the 2008 Olympic Games, it started to become popular. Chinese style costumes have a strong national consciousness, and they always maintain a distinctive national personality and unique national connotation. In addition to classical beauty, they can also wear a unique sense of fashion. I recommend a few Chinese windbreakers today to see everyone likes or not.

Temperament suede printed coat

This Chinese style coat is exquisite retro print, versatile, loose version, casual, loose and lazy, cute … the pursuit of girl heart! China’s windproof neckline, simple and comfortable cuffs, lace nodules, high -quality suede velvet fabrics, wearing a retro style, plus the beautiful print pattern, it is easy to see the explosion!

Elegant long suede printed jacket

The fashionable and elegant long suede coat, wearing a comfortable and thin version, is a new product of this season. Short slim -fitting version, do not pick up figure, improve affinity and comfort. Temperament collar design, fashionable and low neckline, retro plate decoration, elegant and intellectual. Loose straight cuff cuffs, comfortable and stylish. The design of the opposite side -to -side pocket, simple and practical, coupled with beautiful national printing, wearing a unique sense of national fashion, do you like it?

Fashion retro embroidery trench coat

This trench coat retro style, versatile temperament, fashionable tone, personality is free, covering meat is thin, trendy style, fashionable and high. Classic neckline, simple V -neck design, concise and generous, cooperating with the entire embroidery design, highlighting temperament. The stealth pocket design, the side lines are more perfect. Aesthetic and simple waist design, simple and generous, thin waist. The waist lines are simple and generous, with dark buckles and exquisite needles to show the graceful posture, which highlights personal temperament. This trench coat is beautiful and generous, making you more confident.

Suede retro printed long jacket

This suede jacket, fashionable and elegant, likes it very much. Fashionable V -neckline design, retro plate buckle decoration, and a smaller face shape. Simple and comfortable cuff design, beautiful atmosphere, modify the arms lines. The temperament of the hem design, the retro print decoration, the decoration of the body, and the fashionable national printing, showing the beauty of Chinese women, it is too good. Don’t you want to have such a coat? Good -looking!

Well, today I recommend these Chinese style coats. Each one has its own style and characteristics. Friends who like Chinese style should not miss it! Everyone has more and more fashionable Chinese style costumes. You can also share it in the comments below. Finally, thank you for your reading, support and follow me a lot!

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