How charm is the charm of Fang Ling even? Elegant is thin and thin, and the retro style is popular this summer!

What are the popular elements this summer? Kazakhstan, cold wind, street wind, or purple, blue, yellow? In fact, this year’s fashion trends are getting more and more back. Retro style has become the style of people’s pursuit this year. In fact All kinds of totem prints have also become a symbol of retro style.


Today, I just want to talk about a few square collar dresses. The elegance and retro taste they expressed are not lost to other items at all, and it has a thin effect! Let’s follow the editor together!




The first is a red checkered square collar bubble sleeve dress. When the small and fresh grid collisted with red, it shows an elegant style. Good -looking, paired with a pair of white flat grandma shoes to make retro feel to the end, it can show the perfect matching effect!



The light -colored printed square collar dress that I want to say next can be used as a tea break skirt. The elegant and retro taste naturally emits. With a pair of retro -casual black flat -bottomed grandma shoes, you can show the perfect figure!


Every fairy should have a small black skirt, black can best show the perfect femininity! This black chiffon collar small black skirt with a slim -fitting version, wearing a quiet and elegant style, does not require other decorations, can it be bursting to wear on it? Does the fairy like it?


The white square -necked sleeveless vest dress that I want to say next is that there is only the decoration of lotus leaf on the strap. The simple and elegant skirt has no decoration. If it is too monotonous, you can add a blue silk scarf to the neck. The decorative effect is very good. It shows a perfect temperament. With a pair of pointed thick heels, it shows charming charm!



Compared with the first grid element dress, this gentle bean paste color grid -colored square collar dress can better show the retro and elegant temperament style. The design of the bubble sleeves adds a thinnerness. , Use a modern personality style to decorate the skirt, so that you won’t be greasy!


In the hot summer season, how can you get a mysterious and elegant and summer tulle item? This sky -blue small flying sleeve vest tulle long skirt, which is a light -skinned inner lining, is more fresh and stylish together. Elegant taste!


Although there are many diverse styles in summer, there are few people who are really suitable for them. These square collars contain many fashion elements. Controlling your dresses in this season, fairies get up!

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