“Slowly” gives him the best Valentine’s Day gift, Switch, the National Bank of China Fortune Edition 1946 yuan

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day is coming. Haven’t you give him/she choose a good gift?

「手慢无」给他的最好情人节礼物 Switch国行续航版秒杀1946元

In Nintendo Switch’s official Jingdong self -operated flagship store, the Switch long battery life game console has a limited time spike, the price is only 1946 yuan, and the order is given to the Ferrero chocolate gift box, which is definitely the best Valentine’s Day gift.

The Switch game console is a game handheld launched by Nintendo. The National Bank version can be associated through WeChat accounts and pays the game through WeChat.In addition to linked domestic exclusive servers and games, the National Bank version of Switch can also run the vast majority of overseas game cards to allow you to fully experience the fun of Switch games.In addition, Switch can also link TV, projection or game with friends. It is a very good game entertainment device.

「手慢无」给他的最好情人节礼物 Switch国行续航版秒杀1946元


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