Winter is here, how do you catch a small wandering home to warm your feet?

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Written in the front: At the beginning of the month, the author rescued a stray cat infected with herpes, cup -like viruses and accompanied by severe oral inflammation. From grabbing cats to medical treatment to home isolation treatment, I stepped on a lot of pits during the period and accumulated some experience, so I want to summarize these experiences, hoping to help friends who have adopted stray cats in the station.

This article briefly introduces the precautions for adopting stray cats, involving cats, physical examinations, isolation and disinfection, etc., about how cats infected with herpes and cup viruses will open a new article.

I want to streamline the article as much as possible, and I am worried that writing too much will persuade some valuable friends who have adopted ideas, but I am afraid of ignoring some important details. You can selectively read according to the directory, and you can ask questions in the comment area.

Why encourage adoption instead of buying


Channel for adopting stray cats


The basic conditions for adopting a cat

Do you spend a lot of cats?

What to prepare for adoption of stray cats

How to catch cats

What to do after catching the cat


About cat parasites and cat ringworm


Recommended for the disinfection


The living environment of stray cats is very harsh, individual humans, harsh weather, and powerful stray dogs. Various factors have caused the average life of stray cats to be only about 3 years. And stray cats are also a threat to the ecological environment itself. Birds and other small wild animals may become his prey.

Some friends are worried that stray cats are difficult to domesticate and have strong aggressiveness. This can take the initiative to screen when you choose your goal. If you catch a cat yourself, you can choose those loved ones to be alert to humans (the smaller the more socialized the cat, the easier it is). If you adopt the containment, you can communicate with the other party and specify the cats who are sticking to people.

Of course, if you have obsession with a cat, you can avoid buying a healthy variety of cats in the backyard.

PS: I have three cats in my family. One pastoral and two varieties of cats. I personally prefer the pastoral and interactivity.

The small stray in winter is difficult

Students with strong hands -on ability, and those who have their favorite goals can catch the small stray of the small wandering directly home. As for how to catch the cat, they will talk about it later.

If there are no stray cats in the community, you can pay attention to the adoption information of the same city (small yellow croaker, DY, WB). Cat adoption is generally free, but now some black -hearted pet shops will use the banner of free adoption to ask you to buy their high premium products, pay attention not to be fooled.

Adoption information on a certain fish

Stable residence

If you want to raise a cat, the most basic thing is to have a stable residence. If you are renting a house, you must first confirm whether your landlord is allowed to raise pets in the room and check whether there is a clear prohibition of pets on the rental contract. If you have a roommate, you want to communicate whether the roommate can accept cats. If you live with your family, make sure your family does not oppose your cat, and no one in the family is allergic to cat hair. Don’t think that cats can be scoiled after picking up home, and they are deceived in fairy tales!

This is a fairy tale

This is reality

Stable job

Every year, a large number of pets are abandoned. Most of the reasons for their abandonment are related to the mobilization of the owner. Therefore, if you want to raise a cat, you must think about whether you are willing to take it away when you are facing work. Although pets are very convenient to consignment now, it still costs energy and money. If there are special reasons, you can’t raise a cat anymore, and you must find a reliable owner for him, and you must not throw it away.

Window, windows, or windows

Many cats raising parents do not attach great importance to blocking the window, causing the tragedy of cats to fall from time to time. The lucky cat experienced a small internal organs, and the owner’s wallet was lucky enough to retrieve a life, and his luck was directly died.

In fact, it is very simple to block the window and the cost. From the installation method, it can be roughly divided into three types: punching and non -perforations, and the magic gauze screens.

The steel mesh screen will jump out of the relevant merchants directly on a certain degree or a moral map. It is said that you want to install the steel mesh window to prevent the cat from jumping from the building. Taking the small city where the landlord is located as an example, the price of a punching steel mesh screen is about 70-100, and the non-punching steel mesh screen is more expensive. The lowest price is the screen window of the magic gauze, but because of its material and installation method, it is not very recommended. The above three screens can also be customized in a certain treasure. You can choose according to your actual situation.

The screen product on a certain treasure

Installing the screen will not only prevent cats from jumping off the building, but also to prevent mosquitoes.

Does it cost a cat to raise a cat?

There is no standard answer to this question, because some people have a cat for only dozens of yuan a month, and some people spend thousands a month, everything is determined by your budget. If there are not many budgets, just take a little bit more.

Here I only list some necessary costs.

Vaccine cost

300 yuan/first year (due to the impact of the epidemic, the shortage of imported vaccines caused the price to rise, the normal price is 260 yuan/3. Generally, the first vaccination needs to be vaccinated, and then the antibody detection is performed. 3 stitches do not need to be vaccinated. In the future, 1 needle can be vaccinated every 2 or 3 years.

Deworming cost

30 yuan-200 yuan/year (low-profile version: internal drive uses compound chloribinnamine with pyrathium tablet tablets, 4 times a year, cost 16 yuan. External drivers are used for the first time in the domestic non-Porononi drop, the cost is 15 Yuan/support, followed by Avinyin permeable solution, 4 times a year, cost 10 yuan, totaling about 30 yuan. High -profile version: internal driver uses Haile Miao Cheng Cat, the price is 18 yuan/grain 72 yuan. Foreign driver uses Fulan Fuki Drops: 30 yuan/branch, 4 pieces per year, cost 120 yuan, totaling 192 yuan.)

Sterilization cost

200 yuan -1000 yuan or higher (sterilization costs are different due to pet gender and surgical plan. Generally speaking, male cat prices are lower and the price of female cats is high. Breathing anesthesia is higher than injection anesthesia. The price of absorbing the suture is high, and the selection according to the budget.)

Cat food cost


25 yuan/month-150 yuan/month (Eating amount is calculated with an average amount of cats in a cat, and cat food is 7 yuan/catties of good prices in the domestic domestic production without grains and importless grains desire the price of 40 yuan/jin of chickens. Calculate. If you feed cans, the cost is higher)

Cat sand cost

30 yuan/month or more (cat litter takes mixed cat litter as an example, 2 bags of cats/month, cost is about 20-30 yuan, individual brands are higher)

Demoded and sterilization are important. Even if you choose low cost, the benefits of cats are obvious. Cat food is better to choose in your own budget, because cats have a small amount of food and can not eat too much.

What should I prepare for a stray cat?

Necessary tool

Cats and other foods

(Capture cats, the more seductive agents, the better)

Grab cat gloves

(Use cats)

Cat bag

(Catch the cat, check and see the disease)



(Non -must, test situation depends on the situation)

Cat sand pot, cat sand

Cat utensils, water sets

Disposable gloves, shoe covers

(Use during isolation)

Rubber gloves

(Daily cleaning can effectively avoid being caught)

Internal and external drugs

(If you are worried that you ca n’t get it, you will take it in the hospital)

How to catch cats?

If the cat is sticky and the alert is very low, you can interact with him a few days in advance and let him trust you. After the timing matures, you just need to open the zipper on the side of the cat bag and seduce him slowly with food. (It is recommended to cover the cat with a towel and so on to soothe the cat’s emotions)

If the cat is very vigilant, the above methods do not work, you may have to use a cage or a cat rod. These are priority to see if there are second -hand locally. If not, go to a certain treasure. Regarding how to use the cage and cat rods, I recommend a blogger@关于 关于 关于 关于 关于 关于 关于 关于 often uses the traps and cat rods to catch cats. Everyone can learn through his videos. There are also numbers in the station, but there is no update in the near future.

Great will also publish some adoption information, Chengdu’s value friends can follow

What should I do after catching the cat?

This involves a question, do you have a cat? If there are cats, the problem will be more complicated. Without a cat, the problem is much simpler.

No cat

Many stray cats may carry a variety of viruses with strong infectious viruses for cats, but these viruses have little effect on people. So, if you have no cats, you don’t have to worry too much. You can group a cat blood routine examination (focus on checking the number of white blood cells, if it is low, use the test strip to check whether it is infected with cat plague) and dung examination (focus on checking whether the parasitic is infected), and then let the doctor use the Woodee lamp to check whether there is any cat for the cat. Cat rington, if you don’t worry, you can perform scraping detection, and the results are more accurate. (Meituan is basically between 1 yuan and 20 yuan, and the scrape detection is slightly expensive)

Of course, if there are conditions, it is recommended to have a catalog screening for cats.

Regardless of whether a parasite is carried, the internal and external deworming must be carried out. Students with strong hands -on ability to buy insect repellent themselves.

After the examination, some doctors may say that cats lack nutritional Balabara and may open some nutrients for cats. At this time, it is best to refuse euphemistically, go home with the physical examination form, and then ask for help, and then make a decision. (Novice friends must pay attention to avoid spending money out of money)

A medical examination package of a group


If you have a cat, then I suggest you prepare for the disinfectant (recommended later), disposable gloves, rubber gloves, shoe covers, and these will come in handy during isolation.

After catching the cat, the cat is taken to the pet hospital for blood tests, feces and infectious disease screening, and check whether the cat has diseases such as infectious viruses and ringworm. If you are unfortunate and the cat is infected, you must strictly implement the isolation measures when you go home. If there is no infection, after doing insect repellent, go home for a few days to make them familiar with each other.


If it is not convenient to take a cat to the pet hospital, then take the cat to go home strictly. Observe the appetite and spirit of cats during the period, and whether the organs such as eyes, nose, and mouth are normal. If there is a strangeness, it is best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

PS: Some hospitals have a discount of 7-8 % to stray cats and can communicate in advance.

PCR can detect whether to carry herpes, cups, coronary, chlamydia, mycoplasma virus

Whether there is a cat family or a cat -free family, the newly -home cat should not take a bath before the vaccine, and the consequences of the stress may be serious.

Stray cats are very prone to skin diseases such as parasites and catthrophus. Whether there are cat families or cat -free families, this cannot be ignored.

For stray cats for the first time, it is recommended that external and internal drives need to be performed twice or more within a month. And it is necessary to clean up the cat litter used in time and disinfect the clothing and water tools. Stray cats for the first time, and without the infection of mites, all drivers are not recommended. Even if the mites are infected, a non -Podononi drop should be supplemented after using the great pet or Avin.

Cat rington often represents a problem with cat resistance. You can choose the treatment plan according to the condition of the cat, and supplement VB moderately. Mild cat ringworm can generally heal at about a month. Although catthrophus can also be transmitted to people, it is not too nervous as a shoveling officer. As long as the immunity is strong, it can resist cat ringworm.


Heavy cat ringworm takes medicine and adds medicine, and he will heal for a while. However, it is recommended to take VB during the cat treatment.

Catless family

For cat -free families, isolation is relatively simple. Usually the cats who are new to the new home are nervous and afraid of people. It is recommended to prepare a solitary room for him, putting the cat’s clothing and water tools and cat toilets in it. Cat sands are recommended to use the puffed soil first, because this toilet condition when the cat is close to the cat is more likely to accept.

Cat family

For cat families, if the adoptive stray cat is infected with infectious viruses, such as cat plague, cat cup, etc., it is necessary to implement strict isolation policies, because these viruses are very dangerous, and they cannot be completely immune even if they have vaccinated vaccines. Therefore, to prepare a separate room for the newly -home kitten, it is recommended to prepare a cat cage in the room, and use a cat cage to limit his activities if necessary. Aboriginal people and stray cats have disinfected every day. Every time I enter a small stray room to clean, I use a glove to match the disposable shoe case, and I will put rubber gloves on the outside of one -time gloves, which can be described as fully armed.

Jingxi pays for 29.9 yuan for a single pen, saving money card users for free reception

It is still necessary to emphasize that although the injection vaccine cannot be completely immune to cat plague, herpes and cup viruses, the cats who injected the vaccine will be mild after being infected, so they should vaccinate the hairy children in time.

If a small stray is infected with cat plague virus, after the cat is cured, it will also be isolated for at least 6 weeks. After the isolation, this room will be disinfected for a long time.

If it is a infected cup virus, then after the kitten is cured, the cat is separated for more than a month. After the isolation, the room is empty for one month and disinfected during the period.

If you have pets at home, try to avoid using alcohol disinfection and 84 disinfectant.

Because cats and dogs such as cats and dogs cannot metabolize a large amount of ethanol, high concentrations of alcohol can easily lead to pet alcohol poisoning. The main component of the 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, which has high irritation and corrosiveness. After the cat licks, there will be obvious symptoms of poisoning.

Recommended Use

High -purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant

As well as

Hypochlorite solution

Potin hydrogen sulfate composite salt soaked tissue, dual -chain monuer ammonium salt products

To disinfect the environment and food and waterware, use it

Single -chain monopoly ammonium salt disinfection solution

Disinfection of clothing.

: Note that you must buy high -purity chlorine dioxide disinfection, otherwise it will be toxic! However, this type of product is generally imported from Japan, and the price is slightly more expensive. I bought it with a good luck. After using the coupon, it is about 60 yuan, and the price is about 40 yuan or lower.

Bloodylchloride solution/bubble tablet

: It is much cheaper than the high -purity chlorine dioxide products, and the effect is also very good.


Why encourage adoption instead of buying

Channel for adopting stray cats

The basic conditions for adopting a cat

About cat parasites and cat ringworm


Recommended for the disinfection

High -purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant

As well as


Potin hydrogen sulfate composite salt

: There are usually two types of powder and foam tablets.Powder, such as Langsheng Weiko and DuPont, has a lot of fakes. Pay attention to identification.Paeteng film recommends Witley Sword, a barrel of 500 pieces, about 60 yuan, it is very suitable for mopping the cage and cat sand pot.

Daily ammonium salt products

: Ductoony of ammonium salt products can be divided into two types: single -chain monuer ammonium salt and dual -chain monumented ammonium salt.Single -chain monuer ammonium -salt products are the most common is the monopoly ammonium salt disinfection solution of Jing’an. The antibacterial spectrum range of these products is small, and the sterilization takes longer. It is suitable for clothing disinfection.

Double -chain monuer ammonium salt products, such as Oirida pet disinfection agent, have the advantages of extensive antibacterial spectrum and fast results.But the disadvantages are also obvious, expensive!The price of 1L is about 170.

The author uses a high -purity chlorine dioxide solution+hydrogen sulfate composite salt soak, single -chain monopoly ammonium salt disinfection solution.

Regarding the disinfectant, I will write an article separately in the future.

I hope the article is helpful for friends who want to adopt stray cats.

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