Zhang Tianai’s neckline is too big “glowing”? These 3 summer anti -light artifacts quickly prepare

In the summer, refreshing clothing is indispensable. For girls, there is a good opportunity to wear beautiful skirts and can show their figure by the way. But the cool style also has a lot of trouble. It is easy to “go light” that is an embarrassing and headache. picture


The most common suspension and off -the -shoulder tops in summer are one of them. Some large neckline styles dare not have the larger movement.


Facing the refreshing costumes such as the summer collar, even the female stars should be careful.

At the award ceremony, Zhang Tianai had the time when the neckline was too big “glowing”. Facing the refreshing style that could not be abandoned in summer, these three summer anti -light artifacts were very useful. Prepare!

What details of the neckline should be taken to avoid glowing?

1. Bend over and wait for the chest under dynamic

To avoid glowing, first know what is the easiest part of the summer neckline. The first most common is the loose and large neckline. If it is matched with thin fabrics, bending down or bowing may be unexpectedly gone, and you want to pay special attention.

Zhang Tianai is like this, but many spoils with elasticity will be better.

2. Sliding shoulder straps

In addition to the luster on the chest, the part of the shoulder strap and shoulder should be easy to appear, but it is also easy to appear but often ignores the details. It is necessary to mention the shoulder strap once in a few seconds. It is troublesome and inconvenient to think about it. It affects the mood and affects beauty.

This must also be considered before choosing or dressing. It is more comfortable to prepare to wear light to prevent light, and it will also make the wearer more comfortable.

So what are the anti -light artifacts?

1. Anti -take -off tape


Aiming at the highlights mentioned above, the most popular part of the big neckline, the hottest way to solve the wind in recent years is to “post” directly. If you do n’t have a double -sided sticker with a dehydrated and skin -friendly skin, you can make the clothing position fixed.

Posted on the neckline in the picture like the picture, it can make the clothes firmly close, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about glowing.

This type of sticker has a wide range of applications. It is like many shoulder -shaped and tube top styles, which can not only prevent the light, but also prevent decline by the way. There is a style with a strap, which can also be fixed on the shoulder strap.

, Very practical. Because it is a transparent matte material, there is no exposure problem.


Second, anti -walking light buckle 光 光 光

In daily wear, there is also a deduction top like shirts. If it is a large V -neck, it may be easy to go, especially the more loose and large styles such as the popular Oversize.

At this time, it is recommended to prevent the light buckle. It can be used as an accessory like a broom itself, but the back buckle can be pressed at the neckline to adjust the level of the neckline to effectively avoid too much lit in the neckline.


Many girls with full bust have problems with thin shirts in summer, especially the gaps between buttons, which are easy to get out of the side. At this time, it is also recommended to use this type of mouth embellishment.

It will not look strange, but also add a layer of protection between the buttons to avoid the effect of avoiding light.

Third, tight inside

If the style of clothing is not particularly cool, you can also choose to use tight underwear to prevent light. Many girls with skin adhesive tape love allergic girls are more recommended to use this more basic way to prevent light, comfortable and convenient.

This type of style has anti -sliding strips, which can avoid the dislocation of underwear. Choosing nude color is also invisible. It is very safe as a base.

If it is a clothing with a sense of perspective, choose the color of the meat or the color of the clothing color. If the neckline is an arc design with tube tops, you can also choose such cup -shaped tube top underwear. It is simple and versatile and practical, and is as comfortable as ordinary underwear.

But the only disadvantage is that girls who are particularly plump should be cautious, and there may be a risk of sagging without a strap.

If the chest shape itself is very good, the clothes itself also has the effect of underwear or tube tops and is very refreshing. It is recommended to try the chest sticker. The small area is not hot, and it can prevent embarrassment, especially many tube tops with smaller area, and there will be no embarrassment to expose the edge of the underwear.


It will be more practical and you can choose according to the needs of wear.

Fashion summary:

The neckline and off -the -shoulder style are very refreshing summer styles. There is no need to give up in order to be afraid of glowing. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of Zhang Tianai’s almost glowing and the trouble of covering his chest at all times, try the three types of anti -light artifact mentioned above, you can avoid embarrassment as much as possible. You can wear a better temperament without worrying about glowing. Hurry up and try it.


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Zhang Tianai’s neckline is too big “glowing”? These 3 summer anti -light artifacts quickly prepare

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