Trendy girl Zhang Xue usually dressing, mesh shirt with lattice skirt, full senior sense

If you want to match the sense of age and high-level feelings through simple clothing, you can learn from the trendy girl Zhang Xue to wear the style. She has sunned a set of age-proof, transparent mesh, a mixed fabric, simple mesh, simple mesh The basic matching method shows the taste of fashionable and sunshine, with classic lattice skirts, highlights the atmosphere and advanced charm.

First, the grid costume is very fashionable


Many girls feel that the grid’s costume will bring a strong retro feeling, may result in the embarrassment of the old gas, as long as the profile distribution is not limited, but not only non-sunset is more advanced.


The mesh can bring vague feelings and sorrowful feelings through translucent properties. If you use a black mesh, you will reach a thin and awkward effect, but if you use a white mesh, you will bring it because of perspective Refreshing and texture, just white expansion characteristics is relatively fit for the arms. The shirt of Zhang Xue Yingying also used the “fishing net” element in the collar, with a small vest of the retro fabric, which reflected in a classic retro feel, showing a stable and foreign little woman posture.


Because the vest uses a gray design, it will be more cautious when choosing the lower body skirt. If you use a slightly shallow style, you will bring your head and light, if you use a black skirt, you will use a deeper tone because of the upper and lower tones. Bring a dullness, while the black and white gray three-color plaid half-length skirt can be used to form a set of suits with the upper body, and it will also reflect the superior Fan and simple feel because of the combination of darkness and white.

Classic plaid may wear the earth’s taste, a lot of hipster girls chooses the style of the classic thousand birds, and the white lines are echoed to the formation of the grille, which will bring a very fresh and fresh. Effect, with a metal button design, it can also add a few of the official sense. The location of the collar uses the splicing method, but white joins not only allows the brightness of the clothing to increase the whiteness of the skin. Due to the design of the big triangle, you can have a good-looking neck line, when the collar is hanging on the chest, is like a bow of a bow, full of personality charm.


When choosing a plaid jacket, try to use a concise inner, the design of the classic costumes will bring a retro feeling. In fact, when choosing this type, many girls will be easy for the skirt of the noodles, let the slim The little waist was blocked, causing the fattening defect. At this time, the personality girl will join the belt on the waist, but because the color of the costume is not a simple type, the slender belt will be hidden, so the wider waist is premiere for the first choice, if not the personality like the waist, then add Powder is also a good choice.

The medium and long lattice jacket can also stand out in the crowd, this kind of clothing can be a minute, if it matches the perfect, if it is not perfect, it is a minute, so if the girl is not strong, try not to choose a long version of the plaid top. Zhang Xue Ying will choose to match the white t-shirt with the leather skirt, create a feeling of youth, and expose a slim leg line and excellent body proportion, with color gloves and shoes, fashionable and personality.

Second, the display of personality girls

To wear colorful clothing or choosing a personalized element, adding embroidery or personal printing clothing, will bring a special visual impact.

The solid colorful clothing is very temperament, but it has always chosen the solid color clothing will make girls lose color beauty, but those colorful costumes are not suitable for every girl, with big earth or very stable hue will bring a handsome. . By adding an elements of embroidery in the back to make the retro jacket more advanced, this jacket will echo and cooperate with the bag of large flowers.

The white T-shirt is a classic costume, and the hundreds of taps have also become a single item of manpower. The girl will match different styles throughout the white t-shirt, Zhang Yingxue, the white t-shirt, fresh and elegant, the decoration of the pen, the formation of plants is full of nature, this choice The six-skinned trees embellished, the overall style has formed a perfect unity, and the design of the leather waist seal highlights the simple and handsome fashionable beauty.

White decorated with black spots in the background will bring a strong retro feeling, Zhang Xue Ying’s clothing also uses a very trend of the trendy sleeves, showing the girl is very temperament, plus Black minimalist belt and black button, let her second to change the temperament goddess. At this time, the elements that integrate into the classic hood can also add a few more elegant.


Autumn is very suitable for a handsome style, white T is in a casual pants to make a simple inside, with a long suit jacket, will bring a very handsome sunshine, and this suite of Zhang Xue Ying uses short sleeves. Design, it will not bring seriously and formally, it can also show a sense of layering, with a personalized small bag to form a super fashionable effect.


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