These four morning sweaters, you must buy

Hi Little Fairy Grandma is good at night! It’s really mad ~ Do you know how many times we are today? 37 degree!

But I want to write it to everyone’s voice to write it to you

Sweater sharing in the early autumn

La (Crying ~ There is really no way for the sisters to ask for the background, there are so many wives ~


In fact, I know too, after all, although the temperature is not available, but now the major brands are all brands


The first wave of autumn


It has been out for a long time, and everyone is so beautiful. Adhere to

Buy it early and buy

Anyway, a certain treasure is also slow -minded ~


So I’m here! Come and take a look at this year’s sweater popularity ~



What are you worth starting!


In 2021, as the hottest “hot girl style” year, sexy will never be affected by the slightest due to the decrease in temperature ~ Even if it is not a suspender, back, and off -the -shoulders, we can still choose to show your waist.

CROP TOP sweater




Compared with ordinary sweaters, CROP TOP sweater

The length is basically shorter in the navel position

It is the short top of the sweater.

It can be said in length

The shorter the hotter


If it is a CROP TOP sweater in the chest position, you can also wear sports vests or fashion tube tops. For

This season in the late summer and early autumn is very applicable




Little girl

If the sweaty sweater is swollen and short, the CROP TOP sweater is definitely a choice that can’t be wrong with closed eyes, and it is easy to wear 2 meters long legs.


Only solid -color hooded cock loose casual sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ oymjxo8t8yl ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 189

Gentle wind striped hooded sweater loose and thin salt system thin coat

Tao password: 1 ¥ NNYMXO8LNFT ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 59.88

Sweet and cool short waist sweater female spring and autumn thin loose shirt female design sense

Tao password: 1 ¥ 2ndaxo8oahl ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 52.99


Frying street loose solid color student short hooded thick sweater female long sleeves

Tao password: 1 ¥ DU92XO8O2BX ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 59.9

Design Senior Jacket 2021 New Autumn Ultra -short Umbrella

Tao password: 1 ¥ XCJAXO8LWP5 ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 29.98

In addition, I have a hunch. With the rise of major tide brands this year,


Classic Polo sweater

It must be a large number of popular options.


Compared with the daily sweater, the Polo sweater added POLO

Small lapel design

, Make the original simple sweater version, look more lively ~


Student party or cute cute girl

In terms of, the POLO sweater is definitely a must -have in autumn wardrobe!

Upper body reduction and versatile

, Don’t pick people, whoever wears it well ~


When choosing a POLO sweater, the freshman Xiaobai can choose more


Striped or solid design


At the same time, it is more classic, even if you wear it for a few years, it will not be out of date ~

So I want

Choose a sweater as a couple dress

In terms of, the POLO sweater is also suitable for salt and sweet, men and women are suitable for wearing!

Black and white striped POLO shirt short V -neck top casual sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ RQA0XO8MFEQ ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 179


Sports and casual set POLO leading short sweater+wide -leg pants shorts two -piece set

Tao password: 1 ¥ 3rhmxo8ody6 ¥/


Reference price: ¥ 149


Freedom constructing Golden Matrx Loose long -sleeved T -age sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ GRMCXO8NFCS ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 199


Milk Yellow Walf Polo lapel sweater retro couple clothing


Tao password: 1 ¥ sqnzxo8nzxx ¥/


Reference price: ¥ 118


Loose semi -zipper POLO lapel gray American retro sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ i6bexo8mdwt ¥/


Reference price: ¥ 74.9

Like the POLO sweater, the same age -reducing function is

Hooded sweater

I am a loyal fan of the hooded sweater myself. In my opinion, whether this year is 2021 or 3021,

The hooded sweater is YYDS!

No matter how simple and basic sweaters, as long as you add the hood

Youthful vitality

Essence And relatively compared to ordinary clothes, hooded sweaters

Short neck star and thick neck star man

It’s really friendly ~

Especially for

Thicker on the side


For sisters, the hooded design can be very good


The role of “cutting meat”!

Of course, not all hooded sweaters can be!

It is recommended that you choose as much as possible when choosing



Loose, a slightly larger style

Essence not only

Comfortable to wear and thinner

Essence Think about if it is a small neckline+a small hat, it is just to focus on the neck and public sentence!

Loose Korean version of the hooded hoodes printed jacket autumn tide ins long sleeves

Tao password: 1 ¥ jobxo8fcqi ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 139

Milk Orange Women’s Long Loose Korean Edition Thin Hooded Orange Jacket

Tao password: 1 ¥ 4jpbxo85VBO ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 69.9

Japanese ancient Hong Kong flavor zipper jacket hooded sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ E9cuxo8g8LH ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 58.9


Hooded sweater women’s loose tide retro stitching design BF wind thin jacket

Tao password: 1 ¥ 98CPXO8T5I8 ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 49

Little fresh niche hooded sweater.


Tao password: 1 ¥ JSHBXO8TU5A ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 115


In the end, I really do n’t know what sweater to choose,

Round neck sweater


Basically, it will be your choice of closing your eyes ~ Simple style and leisure,

The tolerance of various different fashion elements is also higher

Whether it is combined with stripes, English, tie -dyeing, gradient, etc.

The neck looks good or a tall sister

In the case of, the random laziness of the upper body of the round neck sweater is unable to replace other items in autumn.

But like a hooded sweater, unless it is a real face shape and a full neck line, otherwise I suggest that when you choose the style, try to try to


Choose a slightly larger neckline, even thinner!

In addition to the CROP TOP sweater, it is also recommended that you choose when you choose a sweater size

Leave more space

, Dressing effect

It should not be too close

Otherwise, it is easy to show the body defects.

in the case of

Little girl

If you are too loose to press, you can buy a big size directly, match


How to wear the lower body

Arrange a pair of Martin boots or other boots directly, super beautiful! Two strokes ~


Taiping Bird Ouyang Nana, the same style leaps, united names of round neck matching sweaters

Tao password: 1 ¥ ZO1RXO8Song ¥/

Creamy sweater women’s loose design sense round collar top


Tao password: 1 ¥ O7WEXO8SW9C ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 69.99


SSUR*Plus joint PCMY letters gradient paint sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ whlxxo8hb3n ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 95

Abstract tulip printing round neck casual long -sleeved thin sweater

Tao password: 1 ¥ SW3FXO8VTOD ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 64.9


Couple dress INS retro lazy wind Korean version loose round collar jacket

Tao password: 1 ¥ qvwfxo8vlk2 ¥/

Reference price: ¥ 129


Well, that’s here, today’s sweater sharing is finished ~

Interactive today:

What else do you want to see to recommend grass?


Come and tell me in the comment area!

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↑ Don’t wear “safety pants” in the skirt! 2021 The most popular wear!


↑ What can be called “Fox”? The bad woman in the entertainment industry is so embarrassing!

I want to see the shirt recommendation


Reference price: ¥ 199

Especially for

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