The Liuzhou snail powder has been on fire for a while.

-Wind monarchy-

In a blink of an eye, it’s here again

Put the clothes into the autumn pants


It doesn’t matter if you are fashionable

The important thing is that the food must not stop

Say goodbye to the small freshness of summer


The “heavy taste” of autumn and winter


Let’s talk about Guangxi today

The enduring “Internet celebrities”

——Buka powder. The Guangxi people around said that every time they introduced themselves outside, they said that they came from Guangxi, and they had to talk to people with people. For some people, these three words are already a big killer with a full attack.

People who love it love to die, those who hate it hate death

, And the Guangxi people in the middle seem to be

Scho -sour bamboo flavor


A bowl of snail powder is served on the table, a sour rotten flavor with a snail flavor with the fried yuba scorched fragrance

, Take a sip, fluttering, unable to extricate yourself

Essence The kind of squeezing nose and frowning, was not from Guangxi at first glance.

Of course, as a well -known “Internet celebrity” in the country, snail powder has a large number of

“Dead loyal fan”

For example, Zhao Wei, Ah Sa, Li Chen and other stars all praised it.

Huang Zongze

It can be called it

“President of the Fan Council Support Association”


Give the snail powder to your fans

Huang Zongze Weibo Screenshot

The invention of the snail powder is not available. According to the information currently, it is

Origin from the 1970s and 1980s


Liuzhou Night Market

Essence Specifically, no one knows who is made, but it does not prevent it from being popular today.

The soul of the snail powder is


Essence A bowl of delicious snail powder is the essential of that bowl of sour and delicious soup base.

Wash the screw meat and stir -fry, and then add a variety of spices such as pork bone, star anise, amomum, grass fruit, cumin, perilla and other spices for more than hours to make the soup base.

The ratio of various stores is different from the selection of materials. Looking at the personal preferences of diners alone.

The snails selected by the snail lion soup bottom are

Local specialty stone snail

After collecting it back, pour them into the water and spit mud and clean it, and then cut off the filth of the tail with scissors. Of course, they are grinded with machines, and then poured into the pot for the second time to clean it. The soup boiled like this,

The color brown is red and clear, fresh and refreshing, and the aftertaste is endless

After eating the powder, drink the snail soup clean and clean.

Just collected stone snail

Speaking of snail powder


, I have to mention sour bamboo shoots. use

Big head sweet bamboo shoot


Mountain spring water

Pickled sour bamboo shoots, in

Soaked in the large tile tank for more than half a month

You can smell a sour smell together. Sour bamboo shoots smell “stinky”, and it is really crispy and delicious. It’s just that Guangxi has always had the habit of eating sour bamboo shoots, so

The native Guangxi people do not think this taste is “smelly”

Instead, we are used to it. It is precisely because of this ingredient that the snail powder has itself

Unique taste.

▲ Pickled sour bamboo shoots, nasal cavity, and taste buds. Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

Unlike the round/cut rice noodles in many places in Guangxi, the authentic snail powder uses

The thin round powder made by Chen Mi

When eating, soak in cold water, and then put it in the pot to cook.

Chen Mi lost the glue, and it is more flexible after processing it into rice noodles

, The entrance is more chewy, it tastes like

Soft and glutinous bomb

In addition, snail powder also owns

Luxury ingredients package

Essence Apart from

Peanut rice, braised eggs, fungus shreds, sour beans, green onions, coriander, Robin

In addition to common matching, there are also

Bamboo, red oil (chili oil) oil, duck palm, trotters, chicken feet, quail eggs

Wait for the unconventional package, and put it in the hot and sour soup to suck in the mouth and then put it in the mouth.

There are more than that for snail powder. Liuzhou people still like to join in the snail powder

Spiny spoils and water -wheat vegetables

, Suck enough

Snail flavor

Chili oil

, Poly, sour and sweet in one sip

, Rich in taste, distinctive level, make people appetite greatly

The snail powder is authentic

A bowl of snail powder, hidden merit and name. Will

Stink, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour, hot, refreshing

All kinds of flavors have gathered together, sweating all over the body, and their noses and tears flow together. You may have to ask this,

Where can I eat the most authentic snail powder?

Want to eat the most authentic and most traditional snail powder,

Must have to go to Liuzhou, Guangxi

Essence Although each powder shop in Liuzhou has its own advantages, there are several shops worth trying.

Aimin snail powder

▲ I heard that everyone who loves snails is proud of the people to love the people? Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

this home

Name for the founder’s wife

The snail powder shop originated in 1979 and has a history of 40 years. It is Liuzhou

First batch

The store that started selling snail powder, which tastes like a day for decades.

Most classic

That’s the bowl

The original soup snail powder plus duck feet

Essence The taste is biased towards the taste of the locals,

Too much pepper oil

Even if it is “not spicy”, it will make tears spicy, and the friendship of foreign people is not too high.

▲ Aimin snail powder. Figure/Figure Worm · Creative

Huang’s Zhenwei snail powder

▲ Huang’s snail powder, known as “Liuzhou 1st flavor”.

Huang’s Zhenwei snail powder is another old name of Liuzhou, with a history of more than 30 years. This shop

Snail soup is sweet

The aroma is fragrant, the side dishes are sufficient

, I ca n’t put it in the bowl before I stopped

, Keep you “Big”!

Essence Every day, the shop is also surging and swarmed.

West Ring Fat Tsai snail powder

This is a family


The snail powder shop, unique flavor,

Spicy, hot, fresh, refreshing, fragrant, sour, the soup base is thick and clear, the rice noodles are smooth, the sour bamboo shoots are refreshing, and the amount of side dishes is rich

Then pour on the store

Secret hot pepper

, The hot belly is extremely satisfied. The shop is also very intimately prepared for sugar and finge, which can be happy.

The snail powder is the best to go to Liuzhou. When will you set off?


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The picture of the source of this article is not marked from the Internet

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