Lin Xinru is in a good mood to travel abroad.

On October 17, Lin Xinru took a recent photo.The text is the text on the sign behind her “Love is the Answer!”

In the photo, Lin Xinru is wearing a beige knitted jacket, a light pink T -shirt inside, a brown shoulder -length short hair, a beach of the rice white hairball knitting hat, a large frame of sunglasses, and a light purple bag on the shoulders.Lin Xinru held a pink hello kitty pattern with both hands and took a photo against Einstein’s portrait behind him.The portrait holds a sign in the hand, which is just written on the brand “Love is the Answer”.Lin Xinru smiled, the dimples were obvious, and the ring on his hand was also very mirror.

Judging from the picture environment and surrounding pedestrians, Lin Xinru came to foreign travel. I wonder if her husband Huo Jianhua and her daughter’s little dolphin went together.


Lin Xinru’s knitted hat and mobile phone case fully showed her girl’s heart.However, of course, this is not an exaggeration. If the mentality is young, the years are not old. Lin Xinru’s good state also comes from her love of life, hard work, and self -confidence.

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