The “Double 11” has not arrived, and a patented battle has set off in a non -stick pan.

When it comes to non -stick pan, we can’t get familiar with it.

But it is annoying that the non -stick coating coating is very easy to fall off. If you eat it with the food, it feels bad.

As a result, a new type of non -stick pot appeared in the market, which perfectly solved the above problems. So far, this pot has developed to the third generation and is deeply popular.

The annual “Double 11” is coming, and the merchants have also acted with their fists and entered a state of preparation.


Just at this critical moment, the non -stick pot market set off a patented battle.

The Eight Declaration of the National Congress launched a patented war


On October 21, a “thank you letter” published in the entire version of the Yangcheng Evening News caused a heated discussion. The above -mentioned striking big characters wrote: “Subaier, thank you, if it wasn’t for your imitation, no one knew that the original inventor of the honeycomb non -stick pot was me” and attached a patent number. The money is the German pot brand Conobach.

If you thank the “Subbell” in the letter and reminiscent of Supor, then a statement issued by the Conobach website can be fully proved.

As mentioned in the statement, Kangbach has the invention patent of “a manufacturing method of a stainless steel or composite steel non -sticky pot”. It is a patent owner of “honeycomb non -stick patent technology”. right. Other manufacturers or individuals, production, promotion, and sales of “honeycomb non -stick patented technology” products have constituted infringement!

Supor is not authorized by Kangbach

, Calculating Conobak’s “Honeycomb Disar -Sticky Patented Technology” and selling a series of infringing products (including but not limited to the Supor CC32JA1 set) around the patented technology, which seriously damages the legitimate rights and interests of Conobach!

On October 23rd, two days after the “Thanks to the Letter”, Kangbach held a press conference on “Witness to the Original”, announcing that it would officially sue Supor’s suspected patent infringement, and to the 10 billion losses caused by the suspected patent infringer, and a huge amount will be filed for a huge amount. Capture. It also focuses on the eight words “huge claims of tens of billions of losses”.


In this regard, Supor has not responded at present, and it is said that it may sue in Germany Conobach on the grounds of “improper competition” or “reputation infringement”.


What is a honeycomb not sticky?

The traditional non -stick pot is actually adding non -stick layers to the surface of the stainless steel pot, isolation of food and the bottom of the pot, and solving the problem of food paste and sticky pots that are prone to occur during cooking. However, when using strong acid, strong alkali or food during the cooking process, it will cause unstable coating and be easily shoveled by a spatula. Based on this, the German brand Conobach has developed uns sticky honeypot in the honeycomb. Through the German etching process, the uneven texture is carved in the pot wall, which effectively solves the problem of the traditional non -stick coating.

The textured texture is similar to the shape of the honeycomb,


Honeycomb is not sticky.

When the food enters the pot, the steaming water vapor will combine the honeycomb convex point to form a barrier, so that the food is like “suspended” to avoid direct contact with the pot body. Such as the lotus “out of the mud and not dyed.”

Seven years of “casting” a pot, patent to escort

Zhou Heping, chairman of Conobache, has been farming the Minghuo cooking utensils for many years. He himself loves kitchen and cooking. He often studies all kinds of pots and put forward his own thinking. For non -stick pots on the market at that time, Zhou Heping has been struggling with the problem of how to solve the problem of easy to fall off without sticking to the coating. Zhou Heping visited Germany, known for its manufacturing with thinking.


During the German, Zhou Heping visited the Soringen Museum with a history of hundreds of years. Various medieval armor and knife’s beautiful patterns caught his attention. These patterns are completed by the etching process using etching process, allowing metal products to meet people’s pursuit of beauty on the basis of maintaining structure and stability. This etching process immediately stimulated Zhou Heping’s inspiration, and the prototype of the uns sticking technology of honeycomb came to his mind.


Subsequently, Zhou Heping established a R & D center in Hamburg, Germany, and formed a German R & D team. In the end, the German team used advanced etching processes to create a honeycomb pot, announcing the first honeycomb non -stick pot.

In 2012, German brand Conobach entered China. This non -stick patent was applied in 2013 and was authorized by invention patents in May 2015. In 2017, he won the first throne of Tmall pot brand sales. Patent inventor Yan Satellite is currently the company’s R & D director.


There are more than one suspected patent infringement

It is reported that the appearance of Supor’s suspected patent infringer honeycomb series is really similar to the Honeycomb non -stick pan in the German Cumbach patent product. Vocabulary such as “carved honeycomb patterns” and “physical anti -adhesive structures” and other words are very similar to the description of the uns sticky patent of honeycomb in Germany.

However, products that are similar to the German Conobacle Honeycomb are not suspected of patent infringers. They search for “honeycomb non -stick pots” on the e -commerce platform. There are many other brands of products. In addition to product plagiarism, there are many direct

“Brand plagiarism”

Essence This is a merchant


Intellectual property awareness is weak

It has a lot to do.


“About April and May this year, we found that a large number of SMEs were imitating our honeycomb on the platforms such as Tmall and Later, we found that Supor was also imitating Kangbach’s products in a large number and harshly. At this time, we realized that we should safeguard our legitimate rights and interests. “Zhou Heping seemed a little indignant in an interview.

According to Conobach, the prosecution of the infringer was also to further promote the healthy development of the kitchenware and pot industry, and maintain the industry’s technological innovation power and quality reputation inheritance.

What is the basis for claiming tens of billions?

Although Conobach claims that he has a “invention patent, from Germany”, etc., his reputation is far less famous than that of Shuangli and Supor.


In 2018, in the list of Tmall’s “Double 11” pre -sale list, the sales of living appliances were first, Supor ranked second, and Jiuyang was third. Supor successfully ranked among Tmall

“100 million yuan club”

Essence In Tmall


Daily use

In the top10 sales list,


Supor is still ranked second


In 2019, Tmall’s “Double 11” has launched pre -sale, and various merchants are also increasingly fierce. Therefore, in the industry analysis, in the case of lack of brand influence in the brand and lack of offline sales channels, it was aimed at the “big guy” of the kitchen and appliance industry in Supor, which made its fame, and also released its wanting to “dominate” honeycomb. Market, seize the signals of high -end markets.

In fact, Supor also pays great attention to technological innovation,

With five major R & D manufacturing bases

: Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shaoxing, Yuhuan, Vietnam.

6320 patented technology

(As of March 2019), there are no shortage of patents without sticking to the pan.

Consumption upgrade, from price war to patent warfare

The development of non -stick pots in my country began in the late 1970s. After nearly forty years of development, industry development has gradually entered the mature stage. The traditional industry in the pot is also changing in a more technological content. Smart, technology, health, and safe high -end pots are very popular in the consumer market.

For enterprises, the core technology patent is a major advantage to stand out in fierce competition. In foreign countries, companies have used patent warfare to encircle competitors. Behind the various types of patent disputes is a positive and fair contest between enterprises. Only by protecting originality can we provide motivation and guarantee for innovation, and encourage more and more companies to concentrate on scientific research and use technology to promote social progress.


Intellectual property has long risen to the national strategic level, and

Continuously strengthen the construction of legislation, justice and credit systems, severely crack down on patent infringement, and conduct punitive compensation.


In this context, while enterprises are independent research and development, they should strengthen self -discipline.

As for the infringement of Supor, it depends on whether its products fall into the scope of the patent protection of the other party.

Let us continue to pay attention to the development of the incident.

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