Traditional handicrafts+modern sales methods, Ulat Zhongqi herdsmen Ao Dengri selling milk food annual income of more than 60,000 yuan

With the acceleration of the modernization process of pastoral areas, the construction of infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads, and networks has gradually advanced, and the traditional production and lifestyle of herders has changed. Ulatzhong Qikawa Aki Mudi Ao Deng Ge’s traditional milk food was blessed by modern sales, and annual sales reached 60,000 yuan, becoming an important source of family income.

Adenger has more than 8,000 acres of grass fields and has more than 200 sheep and more than 20 cows. She grew up in the pastoral area and mastered her skilled traditional milk food production skills. In the past few years, she made milk foods such as cheese, milk skin, etc., and was praised by the editors. Nowadays, Adengeri is sold through WeChat platform to expand customers from local parts to all parts of the country. The sales are open, the business is becoming more popular, and the product supply is in short supply. Last year, her income of raising herdsmen was 100,000 yuan, plus milk food income of more than 60,000 yuan, and an annual income of 200,000 yuan.

In order to promote the pure natural green food of the local area, Adenger expanded its business scale, created her own brand, registered the “Pentium Specialty” trademark, and was good at innovating. People purchase her products through WeChat ordering. Seeing Adenger’s milk food business booming. In 2020, Su Mu actively explored the innovation path of the production and operation system of animal husbandry. The milk food processing plant helps her milk food industry, and has opened up a channel for the local herdsmen. Regarding the future development, Adenger plans to expand the scale of breeding scale to ensure milk sources and increase the production capacity of milk food. At the same time, through new media and live broadcast methods, we will continue to broaden the sales channels, play the brand of hometown, and let the traditional milk food in the hometown allow the hometown of the hometown. Entering more and more people’s dining tables.

Bayannaoer Daily Correspondent Sa Ren

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