The combination of grid and dresses, the beauty between balanced, will not make a mistake if you wear it

The skirt must be an indispensable item for girls in the summer. Most skirt design is bold and elegant. While girls can fully express their personality, there may be some disadvantages that are too flying. In the between, the grid and dress can be combined to wear a balanced beauty, and it will not make an error in how to wear it.


1. Lope -style style


Not all dresses can be made into a grid style, and finding suitable plaids is even more eye -catching.


Simple plaids can be divided into large plaids and small grids. The smaller the grid, the more densely the skirt will appear more delicate. The larger the grid, the more casual.

First of all, it is very small, and dense grid skirts. Such skirts are very similar to solid colors. It is more suitable for mature girls. It can generally be used for workplace wear, and then with some bow of the bow to prevent old -fashioned decoration.

Different from the exquisiteness of the small grid, the larger grid has a strong sense of presence and is more suitable for daily matching. It will look a little eye -catching if it is used in the workplace.


But at the same time, when we choose a large grid, don’t worry too much about the presence of wearing, even the most versatile and simple black and white grids are very eye -catching. If some monotonous, you can add some cute small accessories to create sweetness and sweetness. The feeling of salt again.


In addition to a single grid, some skirts mix and match are also particularly eye -catching. The small grids are exquisite and large grids are casual, and the two grids are mixed together to show the right beauty.

The gentle and fresh blue is definitely the main color of the early summer seasons. Even the mix and match between the square and the diamonds will not feel messy at all, but there is a hint of unexpected small playfulness.

Second, color selection


No matter what season wear, color choices are very important, let alone at least two colors with grids.


The basic black and white lattice does not need to say more, but in the summer, it is better to try bright colors. Pink is always the inspirator of the girl’s heart. La.

Red is the color that many girls want to try but are discouraged. When they don’t pay attention, they will wear tacky red. It is indeed a test of matching.

It is recommended that you try the red skirt. Although the red is beautiful, there is no fluorescent sense at all, even if you are yellow skin, you can wear a good temperament.

In addition to the pure color grid, I also recommend solid color+grid coordination, especially in commuting and workplace wear, the grid sometimes appears a bit messy, and the pink color is incompatible with the workplace grid. At this time Such solid color+grid.

The combination of solid colors and grids is definitely a must -have girl. When you wear it, you will have a gentle and mature temperament. You will not make an error in any occasion.

Third, grid skirt stacking

In the early summer seasons, the stacking of skirts is also very common, and stacking can make the skirt more layered.


The brown plaid skirt seems to write the college style on the skirt. The brown has a strong retro atmosphere. It is also a common item that we choose to wear and wear. The grid skirt, full of school confession, the combination of Japanese+retro is too good.

On the outside of some tights, choosing some loose jackets for stacking is also romantic, and loose thin coats can also play a sunscreen effect in early summer.


The lattice dress is not picky in terms of eye -catching and aesthetics, so I recommend some solid -colored products!

In terms of color matching, in addition to the price of solid color, you can also try to cooperate with shades. The dark color jacket+bright color grid dress can perfectly highlight the characteristics of jackets and skirts. It will never make mistakes.

Compared to the solid color dress, the advantages of the grid dress are really prominent, sisters, let’s try it together!

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