Men’s shirt is so worn, the temperament is refreshed, Duan Yihong, this uncle’s penetration

Some of the clothing style is everyone can see everywhere, and even if you feel more.


I don’t like it. Like a shirt, everyone sees a lot of clothing, too often, I can’t see it.

The stylish of the shirt


But the men’s shirts are so wearing, temperament changes


. Duan Yihong This uncle is better, watching his shirt, you can know why, Xiaobian recommended to everyone’s shirt.

The shirt is really too practical, there is a very good refreshing temperament, anyone can easily control,

Practice is very high.

No wonder, there are so many women, even if it is very simple, it is also a man taste, the shirt is also quite temperament in his body, and his choice shirt is not


Simple shirt

In addition to everyone


In addition, he also passed through a unique style, and each design is quite cleverly.

Men’s taste,


Each of them

Fashion sensation

The shirt is in touch with a man taste, and it is not good to put on the head. It is not greasy.

Hui’s blouse is also recommended



Xiaobian recommended shirt main reason is the refreshing of shirts, even if the special unique style can also play similar effects, and

Fashion is higher


Colored shirts compared to pure white shirts

It is more distinctive, and the eye effect is good, it is more


. For match angle analysis, although there is a certain


It is not very complicated.

As long as the color is paired, it will not be difficult. For example

blue White

In the same shirt, when you match, you can choose jeans, jeans don’t need to break holes or wear old, etc.

Pure blue jeans

, With blue-white blouse, you can see the feelings of layers, and it looks more

Stylish young.

If there is a jeans

Cavement design

Or a large amount of grinding design, it will appear to have some greasy. This situation will not only appear on the woman, but also appear on the man’s body, it is necessary to carefully.

Style recommended

The style of the shirt is actually different from ordinary, mainly this shirt is used.


The version seems to be more relaxed.

The sleeves of the shirt are more hypertrophy, making the location of the shoulders look more fluffy.

The neck has opened a few buttons.


It is more relaxed, and the overall gas field is more young and relaxed, and it is very suitable when everyday.

This style is not high, and it is more comfortable.

Classic casual shirt.


Color recommendation

Shirt color

It is also more than, everyone is common is a classic white shirt, or a handsome black shirt, a solid color shirt.

The flower shirt is actually very good, the gas field is more


, Like a dark blue and white shirt, using striped and gradient as a pattern, the effect of displaying is

Gorgeous and generous

Not only does the eye effect is good, but it is very temperament.

Slightly a little chaotic line, for highlighting oneself


Have great help. When choosing a unique pattern, you must remember to have a certain


There is no law in the shirt pattern,

Easy to appear greasy


. The Hawaiian shirt is a kind of dressing, wearing the wrong greasy costume, and people who don’t match it carefully.

● Pure white shirt

White shirt is more common

It is very good to match, everyday clothing can be matched. But I chose different styles.

The way in match is also different.

When you want to wear

Steady and gorgeous

The effect is to match it. And with a tie, it is a common kind of business style. When you are in your daily, you have no bow tie, no tie, and the costumes are not in the suit, one

White shirt

A variety of wearing methods can be said to be practical.


● Black shirt is also very good

Mainly the color is relatively deep.

Looking at very handsome

Single wear, it is obvious, equipped with a suite to choose deep blue suit, which is highlighted

Steady and handsome

The gas field is very helpful.

Everyday wear can choose more

Unique fashion skills,

Take the dark blue high collar bottoming shirt to increase the sense of fashion level, improve warmth effect, and so on.

● Dark blue shirt is more

Dark blue shirts and black and white shirts are still different, and the effect of dark blue shirts can be more refreshing, fresh color,

The achievements are more obvious.

Match with a suit

It is also very good, whether it is a black suit or a red suit, it can show a unique effect, and the blue shirt is a better



It can easily take off the greasy costume color.

● There are patterns of shirts

There are many styles in the shirt, it is recommended to be trendy and impressive costumes, other shirts plus



Then the eye effect is also good.

Black shirt with spots on white

Point, look more


, White shirts plus some pockets, it will be more handsome, simple, but compared to

The lotus shirt is better to control.


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