Uniqlo’s grid shirt, it looks very ordinary, why is it high -level to wear?

In terms of wearing, the basic model has the versatile attributes of “one clothes more”, which is very popular with people.


However, in the basic model, the grid shirt is the only item with a greater controversy in the outside world. Most people are tired of its “tacky” and even known it as “programmers standard”.

Is the plaid shirt really so earthy?

Otherwise, Uniqlo’s plaid shirt is obviously an exception. Whether in terms of style or overall design, it obviously looks ordinary, but it is still loved by people, and it can also easily wear a sense of advanced.


It’s not a plaid shirt not look good, but you can’t make it!

Next, take Uniqlo’s classic grid shirt as an example to see how to break the stereotype of “programmers” and wear a sense of fashion?

Tip 1: Stacking

The basic model is best at “stacking”, and the grid shirt is no exception. Whether it is inner or as a coat.

Putting a T -shirt in the grid shirt to create a simple and stylish stacking effect, but in order to obey

“Combination of complexity”

The principle of matching,


T -shirts try to choose the basic style of solid color system


The bottom can be paired with jeans or casual pants, simple and casual, and a little cooked style, and you can wear daily commuting.

If you want to achieve a better shaping effect, it is okay

Putting pure color sweater inside

The style

Cigarette pipe collar

In order to increase the neck lines to create a temperament -type stacking effect, the low -collar or high collar can easily appear to be single or bloated, lacking a sense of fashion.

In autumn and winter, you can also use a grid shirt to build

Multi -layered stacking shape

The combination of three items is warm and fashionable.

Piece shirt with a T -shirt and a hat -connected sweater

The overall shape is fashionable and has a slight calmness. Men 2 or 30 years old are suitable.


Piece with a T -shirt in the plaid shirt plus down vest

Using the vest’s version advantage to increase the display space of checkered elements, the shape is thin and comfortable and warm, showing sports and leisure style.


Tips 2: Color matching

The grid shirt itself is more eye -catching in color matching and elements. Therefore, pay attention to the color matching in the matching, otherwise it will cause a sense of visual confusion. The overall shape seems to be messy, bringing aesthetic fatigue.

Choose the matching clothing, the color should be the same as the color of the grid shirt or the same color

For example, a blue -gray plaid shirt, with dark gray lamb hairy jackets and blue jeans, the overall color matching will not appear abrupt.

Or with the versatile clothing, like classic black and white, it will not make an error.

Light khaki color checkered shirt, paired with black lamb cashmere jacket and white casual pants, is impeccable in terms of styling color and fashion completion.


Tip three: wear jewelry

In order to get rid of the rigid impression of the grid shirt, it can be added with some accessories embellishment.

Because the design of the plaid shirt itself is relatively complicated, the color matching of various colors has created a strong visual sense, so


The choice of accessories must not be too fancy

Like black sunglasses, orange knitted caps, just click.

You can also wear a complex design sense of the necklace’s weak grid shirt, but it should be noted that the necklace style is mainly delicate and small to avoid those styles that look tacky and bulky.




Never look down on those ordinary basic models, let alone be limited by some so -called “earthy products”. As long as you learn to match and pay attention to the overall color matching, you will not wear bad clothes.

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