The winter of Japan’s “Dafa”, all depends on versatile small pants, which is too worthy of reference.

Everyone also knows that Japanese women are generally petite. There are many small people with a height of less than one meter. In order to make them look more elegant and tall, Japanese women have accumulated a lot of high skills and experience. If you are worried about the lack of height, you may wish to refer to the “high Dafa” of this small Japanese winter, and it depends on wild pants, which is too worthy of reference.


Small pants only refer to the trousers that are tight and fitted with pants. According to different colors, materials and specific styles, they can be divided into various types, such as black leggings, white pants, blue small pants, denim small feet feet Pants or leather fabrics small feet pants, and black leggings are the lowest -key versatile and practical, and the visual and thin effect is better.


In addition to the combination of various winter jackets, black leggings can also create a tight visual experience in the upper width and downward, and create a layer of winter wear. Military green short waist jacket stacked in black semi -high -collaring bottoming shirt, black small pants pants are thin and narrow, and slender leg lines are not desperate. Successful color, the vision extension is high and thin, with a pair of black medium thick heel boots, which shows the length of the legs.

The down jacket is a magic weapon for the cold and warm in winter, especially the short down jacket with “over the waist but not knee”. If you want to get rid of the thickness of the short down jacket, you will never make mistakes with black tights.


Blue short hooded down jacket stacked with beige knit sweater, short down jackets are open and more casual and comfortable. Black pants on the lower body modify the leg shape. The loose down jacket and knitted sweater are set off, the upper width is super thin. With a pair of white sneakers, the age is reduced.

Blackfoot pants are different, and the effects of the upper body will also be different, such as cotton elasticity, low -key and comfortable, but not suitable for legs with bending; small feet leather pants are fashionable and warm, but they are very sophisticated. If you are not careful, you may fall into the vulgar set; and denim’s foot pants to modify the legs are the best. It can also add a sense of leisure and fashion.

Dark camel -color short -sized velvet jackets are warm and comfortable without losing sense of gentleness. As a popular item in winter, the shredded velvet jacket can also quickly enhance the fashion atmosphere. Essence


The black -footed jeans in the lower body echoed the inside to further highlight the proportion of the figure, and the little woman was full of breath.

Although the black foot pants are versatile and practical, it is not as good as leisure and fashion. Or coat.

Gray -purple knitted cardigan stacked twisted patterns, gentle and playful, serving as a white shirt in the inside, rampant into denim’s pants at will, the casual elegance came out instantly, with a blue little foot jeans, casual and age -reducing.

In addition to knitting cardigan, small feet pants are also good partners of coats. This method of wearing just exposes the calf part. It can also be easily controlled by hidden meat and thin women or pear -shaped figures.


The beige long coat color is gentle and elegant, and the blue -footed jeans highlight the slender legs. Is it very elegant and high?

For a petite woman, the most important thing is the waistline problem. Only when raising the waistline can we improve the proportion of the body without hardening.

The short jacket designed by the horn buckle is stacked with a black half -high -neck sweater, which is simple and gentle and warm. It’s thin again.


In addition to high -waisted pants and high -waisted half -body skirts, short coats are also small and thin tools, such as short shredded velvet jackets, short down jackets or short denim jackets.

Blue short denim jacket lined with stitching plush material, neat and warm, black high -necked long -necked sweater connects black bottom socks, and the upper width is tightly displayed.


Looking at the dress of this little blogger, she can find that her way of dressing is very fixed. Almost all the items adopted are daily basic models, close to life, and have a reference value for the public. If you are worried about the insufficient height, refer to her wearing it!


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