What are the styles of children’s dining tables and brand recommendations

What are the styles of children’s dining tables and brand recommendations

Our daily dining tables and chairs are designed according to the size of adults. It will be too large for children and is not convenient to use, so some people now buy children’s dining tables and chairs. Today, let us approach children’s meals. Table to talk about what are the styles and brand recommendations for children’s dining tables and chairs.

What are the styles of children’s dining tables and chairs

1. Multi -function portable type

This dining table and chairs have detachable and adjustable dining plates. Parents first put the baby room, and then tied him on him with seat belts; in installing a meal plate, you can choose to be loose freely according to his child’s head. This dining table and chair liberated the mother’s hands, exercised the good habit of eating the baby independently, and enjoyed the atmosphere of a family to eat together. And the safety of this children’s dining table and chair is average, and parents should accompany the children to eat at any time. The only disadvantage is that this children’s dining table chair shelf is too high, and the active baby will easily turn out!

2. All -solid wood environmentally friendly dining tables and chairs

Solid wood is the highest standard for home. Similarly, the parents of solid wood dining tables and chairs are urgent to get it. This all -solid wood dining table and chairs also have the use of ergonomic design principles, so that children will not affect his growth because of sitting position when eating. There is also a dining table and chair made of whole solid wood, whether it has reduced you another worry about your child’s health. The material color is relatively elegant, and there is no color for children, but choosing a solid wood dining table and chair is important for the solid wood children’s dining table and chairs whether painted.

3. Stainless steel steel frame structure

Use stainless steel steel pipes to make the skeleton, then with a soft cushion, and a wide back, no matter naughty children, it is impossible to jump out of the “palm of the hand” of the dining table and chairs. Each red button is a switch, which can conveniently shrink and fold, don’t worry about going out to eat children to eat. The stainless steel material is also considering the nature of the child’s love to bite the surrounding things, and will not swallow too many bacteria because of this to hurt the health of the baby. And the height of this children’s dining table and chairs is not very high, and the surrounding design can effectively prevent falling.

Children’s dining table and chair brand recommendation

1. Kangbei

Kangbe’s dining table and chairs declare the attitude of the company with “the movement of childcare and the partner who assisted parenting” and designed to convey the “happiness and high quality”. Its products belong to the middle and high -end grades of infant products. They have both the price of end products and the quality and practical effects of high -end products. They not only allow parents to afford it, but also make babies happy.

2. Love Yin AING

Aiyin is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Sanwei Industrial Corporation in China. It is a company that integrates design, sales and brand management. Mainly engaged in the production and operation of children’s dining chairs, strollers and cribs series. Among them, the quality, luxurious, strong, and high -end of the baby’s dining table and chairs are all perfect. The details of handling human nature reflect human care, which is perfect.

3. IKEA tall chair

IKEA tall chairs are simple in structure. Its inner seat width is slightly narrower than other models, so the service life will not be too long. However, for young babies, the width is right, it is not easy to sit crooked, and its price is very cheap and economical.

4. Xiaolong Hispi

Xiaolong Hispi is a baby brand under good children Children’s Products Co., Ltd., and its main product is a stuff. With world -class professional manufacturing equipment and strict quality system, various international products of international first -class brands are continuously transported from here every day. At present, the best -selling children’s solid wood dining table on Taobao is from Xiaolong Hispi. It can be freely combined as a dining table, desk, seat, which is very practical.

After understanding this article about the children’s dining table and chair style and brand recommended, do you have a certain understanding of children’s dining tables and chairs? I hope it will be helpful to you.

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