How does the Brazilian butterfly wings fan the global tornado?

Text/Zhou Dewu

▲ Amazon Rainforest encounter a lot of fire

“A butterfly patting wings in Brazil can lead to a tornado in Gosas a month.”

This is the theory proposed by the famous American meteorologist Laranz in 1963. It was not until 1972 that he gave this speech at the 139th meeting of the American Science Development Society, which attracted the attention of the world. From then on, this scientific theory spread.


Recently, the hot Amazon rain forest fire always felt that it was a long distance of a thousand miles away. But with the deepening of various reports of the world, I also became uneasy. In Hong Kong, the “butterfly effect” of this rain forest fire was really felt in the ground.

Western media began to blame the fire of Amazon rainforest on China and Hong Kong. Their logic is that Brazil is the world’s main beef producer,

The beef imported from Brazil in Hong Kong and Mainland China accounts for 24%and 19%of Brazil’s total exports, and the third is Egypt, with 11%. These two big powers consume almost half of Brazilian beef exports.

Each time I went to the supermarket to purchase, I picked up the marinated Brazilian steak. I felt that the price was cheap, and it was very easy to process, but now I have to consider adjusting the diet structure. Reducing the consumption of beef is to reduce the stimulus to the development of Amazon rainforest.

▲ Brazilian beef is favored by Chinese consumers

Although it is difficult for us to accept the practice of western pots in China, as people’s economy and living standards increase, it is an indisputable fact that Chinese people become “carnivorous animals”. What surprised me even more is that cities with only 7.5 million people in Hong Kong’s projectile land occupy such a large amount of imports.

This could not help remind me of India. Two years ago, the country’s population had 1.34 billion, chasing China. In April 2018, the leader of China -India held an informal meeting in Wuhan. Indian Prime Minister Moody’s also promoted its agricultural products to China. In 2018, China -India bilateral trade volume was as high as US $ 95.5 billion, but India had a deficit of more than $ 50 billion in China.

According to reports, India will export high -quality agricultural products to China this year to reduce the trade deficit. The reason why India can do this,

First, the two agricultural “green revolution” in India succeeded, and basically solved the problem of self -sufficiency. Do not need to raise cattle -soybean meal.


In April 2010, I was sent to Brazil to interview the BRICS Summit. Due to the severe volcanic eruption incident in Iceland, the entire European was shrouded in volcanic ash, and aircraft transferred from Europe could not take off on time. I stayed in Brazil and I flew to the Amazon River for an interview.

It was in the afternoon from San Paulo to reach the largest city of Amazon Basin that day. Because of the heavy rain in the sky, the Amazon River in front of him was just a little turbid, and he was a little disappointed.

Early the next morning, the sun was like a fire. For the first time in my life, I came to the equator for the first time. I really felt the care and enthusiasm of the sun.

The Amazon River in front of him was magic, and Amazon was judged as “river” and the first day of Amazon.

I was stunned by the wonder of this nature. Where is the river, it is clearly the sea!


After overnight precipitation, the bottom of the Amazon River, in the refraction of light, the river water completely turned into an endless blue, just like a ocean. I had to sigh the magical, powerful repair and purification ability of nature. Amazon has become the best in the world, and it seems that it is really not a fame.

▲ The beautiful and vast Amazon River

In the Internet era, seeing that it is so convenient to see it, but the seeing may not be true, and there is no necessity if there is a picture.

如果我当天离开亚马逊的话,我想我对它的认识只停留于混浊,但第二天见到的亚马逊完全改变了我对它的认识,体会到了它的美、它的奔放、它的宽阔及It is tolerant of all things.

In Brazil’s tourism market, the specimen of butterflies is the most. The colorful flowers butterflies are lifelike. Although their lives have stopped, these specimens carry the beauty of Amazon’s subtle and biological diversity. From time to time, the Indian tribe passed through my eyes, and the big trees floating in the water presented Amazon’s original and wild in front of me.

A friend who has worked in Brazil for many years told me that the area where Kotaus is located is only Amazon’s tributary, and the wider the lower. Every year, the Arab countries are fighting with Brazil. Because the freshwater resources of the Amazon River are very rich, they account for one -fifth of the human beings. The huge amount of water flows to the vast Atlantic Ocean every day, and it is a freshwater area within 150 kilometers of the estuary. Amazon’s flow rate is 7 times faster than the Yangtze River, and the width of some river sections exceeds 12 kilometers.

The Amazon River is completely different from the Yangtze River, and there is no embankment. With the natural rising and falling season, the rivers rose naturally, and the biggest gap between the two seasons was as high as 18 meters. With the arrival of the Fengshui season, the water surface is naturally rolled out, and flood prevention and drainage are difficult to find in the Brazilian dictionary. The Arab countries secretly returned to China in the sea of ​​freshwater, which is much lower than the local seawater desalination cost.

This move caused dissatisfaction with Brazil. After all, it belongs to the exclusive economic zone of Brazil’s 200 nautical miles, which is suspected of infringing Brazil’s economic interests.

Listening to the local people of Brazil, the main crops of Brazil were coffee, corn, etc. Later, with the help of Japanese people, Brazil developed 16 soybeans that can grow and produce well in tropical. Since then, the planting of soybeans has become the main agricultural product of Brazil. After the Sino -US trade war started, China also turned its eyes to Brazil. It is said that Brazil’s soybean production is also mainly controlled by US capital.

▲ Brazilian farmers harvest soybeans

Spring in South America is coming, and the annual spring plowing is about to begin. According to the United States Cable Television Network, farmers’ arson is for many years of farming habits, “so that new crops and livestock can survive better.” This year’s fire has become an international incident, and even becomes an international crisis, and has to use two summit meetings to solve it.

Once was the seven -nation summit at the France; the other was a summit meeting that will be held in Colombia on September 6th, and countries that are directly related to Amazon’s fire will discuss the countermeasures to extinguish the fire.

Brazilian President Bosonaro has ordered it to burn land from 60 days from August 29.

UN Secretary -General Gutres told the international community on the 29th that it is not enough to do it at present. “We are communicating with countries and whether we can hold a UN meeting against the Amazon fire.”


Brazil’s national name is a foreign word, which means mahogany. A large number of mahogany returned to Europe from here to make various furniture. The place to produce rosewood has become a place name.

This is just like China (China )’s English calling. In addition to the claims of the Qin Dynasty, there is also an explanation: Chinese porcelain is constantly transported to Europe, becoming a luxury goods for European nobles to collect Essence The porcelain comes from Changnan (CHINA, which is later named Jingdezhen), and CHINA has since spread.


What kind of statement is closer to the truth, the academic community is still attentive.

But in any case, China and Brazil, a porcelain and a mahogany -producing mahogany. For the European nobles of that year, having these is still worth showing off.

In April 2010, Brazil became the first country to host the BRICS Five Kingdoms Summit. It was officially invited to join South Africa after Yekaterinburg’s first four -nation summit in 2009. The concept of the “BRIC) proposed by Goldman Sachs Group’s chief economist O’Neal in 2001 has officially become on the international stage

The regular meeting mechanism of the BRICS (BRICS) has become a major symbol of the rise of the group of emerging powers

Essence During the Brazilian interview, the Brazilian was strongly proud of the BRICS mechanism.

Brazil’s large -scale land, covering an area (8.51 million square kilometers) and the population (215 million), ranking fifth in the world, with huge development potential, but also caught in a “resource curse”. The flag of Brazil is a three -color flag, and blue represents the blue sky. Green represents the forest (Brazil’s forest coverage is as high as 60%), while yellow represents minerals.

Many iron ore in China comes from Brazil. During the 2018 election, Presidential Candidate Bosonaro accused China of “


Not buying Brazil’s products, but buying the entire Brazil

“Instant Brazil’s populist emotions. Bosonaro has also become the first Brazilian presidential candidate to visit Taiwan for decades. The party in the party who take turns to sit in Zhuang is prone to misjudgment in the election language too much.


▲ Brazilian President Bosonaro

The Brazilian is enthusiastic, “entertaining to death”. From the end of February to early March each year, a carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro. Regardless of gender, age, personality, and origin, they will jump and jump with the parade. Samba’s sexy and wild blooming makes all troubles behind.

▲ Brazilian Carnival

The soil in Brazil is acidic. The proportion of women in the entire country accounts for about 97 to 103. Many families have a “middle -aged crisis”. Reorganizing families are very common, which is very unfavorable to children in adolescence. The crime rate is high.

Dating with Brazilians is not important on time. The important thing is to be happy. “Only when you are happy is the best time to meet each other.” At least a few cups of coffee are tissue. Chatting with Brazilians must not show confusion, otherwise they will end up until you have a satisfactory answer. The Brazilian is the “Moonlight”, and the beach, the beauty, and the bikini are the standard of Brazil’s landscape photos. The carnival of life is vividly reflected here.

Chinese people often talk about joy, which has been confirmed in Brazil in recent years. In the 1970s, it reached the middle income level, but it is still unable to extricate itself.

In 1985, Brazil ended the military governance and entered the so -called democracy era. But the immature democratic system also paid Brazil a heavy price.

During the ruling of Lula (from 2003 to the end of 2010), Brazilians enjoyed a rare good time. Lula gave up the new liberal economic policy, vigorously increased exports, increased infrastructure construction, and strived to solve the problems of education, employment, housing, and the disparity of the rich and the poor, and was also very friendly to China.

In 2007, the price of oil and iron ore reached its historical peak, and Brazil’s income increased significantly. This time, the welfare of workers has also been greatly improved, even beyond the country’s tolerance, and laid a disaster for the later Brazil crisis.

▲ Former Brazil President Lula was arrested in 2017, but his supporters still want him to participate in the election in 2018

Roseov, who was governed in 2011, was no longer lucky. The US financial crisis is fermented globally, and the price of oil and iron ore has rapidly decreased. In order to meet high benefits, it has to impose high tax rates, which leads to a large number of foreign capital escaped and the factory fails. In 2014, Brazil’s GDP increased at -3.5%. This year, Brazil’s inflation rate reached 10.4%, and the sovereign rating was BB, which became a garbage level. Rayal fell as high as 70%in the following year and a half. Brazil’s benchmark interest rate reaches 14.25%.


The father of the BRICS, O’Neal, pointed out that if Brazil has not improved in the next few years, it will be kicked out of the “BRICS country” in 2020.

The chaos in Brazil is worried, and the BRICS is lost. The main reason is that the Brazilian votes have been linked to the welfare system in recent years, and the pension standards have been too high. In the past 10 years, Brazilian pensions have increased by nearly 90%, and government expenses have been overwhelmed. The power of the union is too strong, which greatly suppresses the enthusiasm of enterprise development.

The British “Economist” magazine pointed


Popularism is more like an explosive, either a tyrant or riots.

The 2016 Rio Olympics has greatly reduced the image of Brazil in the minds of Chinese people. President Roseov was fired for misappropriation of funds. Although she repeatedly argued that it was a “judicial coup”, the support rate of Xiaye’s time dropped from 70%in 2010 to 8%in 2015, which was sighing.

▲ Some rooms in the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro did not even make good decoration

What surprised the Chinese was that Brazil had no enthusiasm for the Chinese. Especially in the volleyball game that Chinese people love, there are still booing for the Chinese team from time to time. In fact, many people do not understand that there are many Japanese people in Brazil. At the time of tension between China and Japan, these people cannot stand on the side of the Chinese team.

According to historical records, Brazil had negotiated with the Qing government at the end of the 19th century and planned to immigrate to 1 million people to Brazil to engage in agricultural production. However, officials of the Qing Empire replied that “the Chinese enter the sea, and they are raped by non -theft.” Later, the official arrived in Japan, so

In 1895, he signed the Treaty of Japan -Pakistan Commercial Friendship. It was divided into three large -scale immigrants and went to more than 200,000 people in total.

After nearly a century of reproduction and attach importance to education, the Japanese have long changed from serf to the middle class. Now the number has reached more than 1.7 million

Essence Some people have entered the Brazilian cabinet, and many members are also Japanese.

At a highly anticipated moment, Brazil lost ugliness in front of the world. President Roseov was suspended and presided over the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games by the acting President Telmel. Facing the depression of the economy and the continuous deterioration of social security conditions, after a few years of tossing, Brazilians are tired of corruption in politics, tired of party competition, and tiring clichés of officials. main color tone.

As some scholars have pointed out, although the Brazilian people do not understand what they agree, they know what they oppose them. I hope that there will be new faces in politics and bring new changes and new weather to Brazil.


The election of Bosonaro in 2018 marks the end of the Political Age of Brazil and starts the new era of the right wing of Brazil. Bosonaro is known as “Brazil Trump”, not only because Bosonaro proposes the slogan “Brazil’s interests higher than everything”, but also in personal social web pages, without concealing his worship of Trump.


▲ Posonaro presented a jersey to Trump when visiting the United States

Bosonaro supports national intervention and controlling some strategic enterprises, which involves state -owned enterprises such as Brazil’s National Petroleum Corporation and Electric Power Corporation. He was born of a soldier, and he even emphasized nationalism, and he even threatened that military management could be implemented if necessary. Instead, he not only did not cause a sense of resentment, but won the applause of many Brazilians.

Brazil is the vane of Latin America’s politics. It was a banner of the left -wing movement of Latin America. It has long -term disagreement with the United States. Under the leadership of Bosonaro, all this is changing. In November 2018, National Security Affairs Assistant Bolton met with Bosonaro, and the two discussed trade and security cooperation. Bolton praised “Bosonaro is a like -minded leader.”

In terms of trade issues, Bo, like Trump, holds an anti -globalization position. On the Middle East issue, it supports Israel to move the capital to Yale. On the issue of climate change, it is believed that environmentalists hinder the development of Rainforest in Brazil. On racial issues, more discrimination against women. In 2015, he said to a female member, “You are too ugly and have no desire to rape you”, which has caused public opinion.

Around Amazon’s rain forest fire, he broke out with French President Macron. The host of the Seventh -way Group Summit tried to advocate the issue of Amazon’s fire as the topic of the summit, which caused the resentment of Bosonaro.

According to reports, Brazil’s fire has been as high as more than 87,000 this year, and it has spread. The oxygen warehouse around the world may become a “carbon dioxide warehouse”.

▲ Amazon rain forest turns into scorched soil

On August 30, Bosonaro asked his son to lead the delegation to visit the United States, hoping to get emergency assistance from the United States to extinguish the rain forest fire that burned for dozen days as soon as possible. A while ago, Bosonaro did not avoid his relatives, and publicly called his son to serve as ambassadors in Washington, because he and Trump’s son were good friends, and he had effectively communicated with the Trump administration.

▲ Bosonaro’s son visited the United States on August 30th

Due to the dislike of environmentalists due to Boisonaro’s unfriendly words and deeds in the environment. Especially not long ago, he fired Garwan, director of the Brazilian National Space Research Institute, and accused him of singing Brazil and the release of the rainforest data. The satellite data released by the institute earlier showed that the number of trees in the local Amazon rainforest has decreased significantly in the past year. It lost 920 square kilometers in June this year, 88%more than the same period last year.

Some analysts believe that Bosonaro has obtained the host of the agricultural community that advocates the development of Amazon in the election. In the name of developing the economy, he indulged in Amazon’s rainforest.


The British “Guardian” calls on the EU to include the Amazon Rainforest conservation issues and include the negotiations with the free trade agreement with many South American countries. The Norwegian and German governments have announced the freezing of donations to Brazil’s tropical rain forests. In response to the Norwegian government, Bosonaro said,

“Norway itself has a bad habit of hunting whales and cannot become a role model for Brazil.” “Brazil does not need German funds to protect Amazon.” Bosonaro said yesterday that Europe is not qualified to guide Brazil in environmental issues.


There is no doubt that Amazon’s rainforest fire cannot be removed from the agricultural and animal husbandry development here. Although this fire happened in Amazon, each of us was a victim. Since the start of the trade war in Trown, the exports of soybeans in the United States have been in great difficulty. On the one hand, the American soybeans accumulated like mountains, on the other hand, is that Brazil is anxious to cultivate soybeans or breed cattle and sheep.


In the past, China has imported more than 32 million tons of soybeans from the United States, allowing American farmers to earn a lot of money. The annual output of Brazil has reached 110 million tons, and exports are as high as 67 million tons. It is an important source of foreign exchange sources in Brazil. As Trump destroys the global trade and industrial chain, it will inevitably lead to an increase in demand for South American agricultural products, which objectively stimulates the development of Amazon Rainforest.

Humans have only one “lung of the earth”. From this rainforest fire, we once again felt the importance of establishing a consciousness of “community of human destiny”. Although the fire burned “the lungs of the earth”, if it can really touch our soul, this scar may still be repaired.

Just like a fire in the Brazilian National Museum last year, although most of the collections were destroyed, the grandmother’s grandmother “Lucia” (the skull fossils from 11,000 years) escaped. Is this warning Brazil in the meditation, not to forget where we come from, and where will we lead us?

(Note: From the public account “Public Review World”. The author of this article Zhou Dewu is the deputy editor -in -chief of the Hong Kong Grand Pao)

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