Liu Yifei does not follow the stunner route, but wearing a neck dress with long curly hair is super beautiful and feels heartbroken.

“Sister Fairy” Liu Yifei’s beauty is well -known. She and her innate temperament make her a god -like existence. When attending the event, she also changed her former immortal temperament and began to try more. style.

This time she wore an orange hanging neck suspender skirt and made a stunning appearance, showing the perfect upper body curve.

, Also outlined her waist that she was not holding, the whole person looked elegant and dignified.


Orange is a very bright color. Not only can it be easily gone in the crowd, but it can also set off the skin tone of the wearer more white and clear, which is easy to control for yellow and black skin eyebrows. This is a relatively light -colored orange tone, so it looks very tender and the age reduction effect is good.

The design of the hanging neck is full of new ideas, and the strap skirt is similar to the same work. It can show the exquisite collarbone and fair and round shoulders of women. It is an excellent design that highlights the upper body curve. , Full of sexy and charming femininity.

The waist design is obvious, outline Liu Yifei’s thin waist, and shows the perfect S -shaped curve. It can be seen that she is really thin, so she can control such a dress with such a figure. The skirt of this dress is very long, and it has been dragged to the ground, and the material of the tulle is also used, giving a sense of light and aging, just like a fairy, full of girlishness. If you want to show the style of age, you must choose a gauze long skirt.

The solid color dress must be combined with some small details to make it colorful. In the upper part of the part, the three -dimensional decoration embellishment can be added, which can add a bit of elegant and playful feeling. The fusion is together.


It is also necessary to properly integrate some fold elements to improve the overall level. Be careful to arrange neatly, otherwise it will bring a messy visual effect, and it is easy to wear a sense of oldness. nature.


Liu Yifei’s matching rules are worth learning, especially those who like to take a sweet route, try to wear texture, do not blindly pursue a shed to wear. Liu Yifei will also choose other types of dressing. If you want to learn, please continue to watch.


With the development of the fashion industry,


The suit has already subverted the inherent impression, which is no longer synonymous with stereotypes

At the same time, it has also become an artifact for urban beauty.


For the beautiful eyebrows who do not choose to wear, a suit is the best choice

No matter what occasions can show the nobleness and solemnity of women,

Fusion different ways to wear can also show completely different effects.

The white suit is fresh and dignified, and the black suit is low -key and calm,

Properly fused pink lapel

, Also make the whole look more colorful,

Bring a sense of girl.


Novel way to wear jeans

The appearance rate of tight jeans has always been very high,




Simple white top

Matching, give people a clean and neat casual taste,


You can also show the long leg curve, showing a full sense of girly.

Of course, you can also integrate other new ways of wearing, like Liu Yifei adopted

The way of gauze skirt and jeans is full of layering, showing a fashionable and foreign charm


At this moment outside


With a short leather jacket, it is cool.

Gorgeous skirt

For those who often attend important activities or participate in the company’s annual meeting

, Be sure to have a highly designed Chinese suit,

At this time, you must consider your own actual situation to choose a skirt that suits you.


If you want to give people a fluttering dynamic, then bold choice


The long gauze skirt with a puffy skirt can not only make the whole feel gorgeous and noble. The golden embroidery or small flashes on the top can also make you show different glory.

“Little Fragrance” coat

The popularity of “small incense wind” has always been very high, it can bring noble temperament through exquisite weaving crafts

It is a design for the selection of ladies and ladies competition. For mature women, it is completely possible

The “small incense wind” is used to show the sexy and charming femininity, which is suitable for older eyebrows.

Liu Yifei’s style is changeable, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the goddess of the ancient spirit is strange. She must learn her dressing skills with her eyebrows with her eyebrows to wear her own style.

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Liu Yifei does not follow the stunner route, but wearing a neck dress with long curly hair is super beautiful and feels heartbroken.

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